Thursday, December 18, 2014

[Nails] Super Star x Graffiti by ShiningNails

Hey peeps!

I'm back again! I've recently tied up with an awesome nailist who is currently my nail sponsor.. And that is Shining Nails!

I was a paying customer before and because I loveeee Shining, the owner and artist of Shining Nails so much, I was so excited to have her do my nails from now on!!


Shining Nails is a home based nail technician, so her appointment times are pretty much flexible!
Just make sure you drop her a text via Whatsapp to arrange the timing beforehand cos her appointments are ALWAYS full!!


So anyway, I made my way down to Shining's place located at Woodlands Drive 50, Blk 886A, Singapore 730886 which is just beside 888 Plaza! It's really hard for you to lose your way there!


Just like before, Shining Nails's place has the most comfy and homely atmosphere!
And look at the stash of nail magazines (this is just a portion of them)! I had such a difficult time deciding which design to go for!


And here's the sitting area if you're doing a pedicure or if your other half came along to keep you company! Super cosy right?!


This time round, I didn't have much of an idea of what I wanted exactly unlike the previous time. So I decided to just pick one design out that caught my eye the most from a nail magazine that Shining has~ 

And this was it!! My Super Star x Neon Graffiti gel nails! It doesn't look too complicated but just enough bling and colors to attract some attention!


Yep, certified super star!  I just love how the neon colors on my index finger and pinky pops up amongst the black and silver blings!

It's been about 3 weeks+ since I did my nails and none of the blings dropped! (except for my thumb nail with the "super" bling came off cos I was in a rush to wear my stocking and I literally ripped the whole design off ='D)


I really can't wait to go back to Shining Nails again to dress my nails up again for Christmas!!
You'll be seeing lotsa nail articles from now on!! Thanks to Shining Nails!


Oh! And before I forget! 

Came just in time before X'mas eh!! 

And the prize........ *DRUMROLLS*

(Picked from Shining Nails's designs - find one you like from her Instagram!)

Here are some designs I picked out!!

X'mas Hello Kitty!

Or maybe a simple X'mas design?

Halloween is over but this design is just too cute!

Donald duck inspired.. Cuteness overload with Donald's butt!

A feminine set with flowers and bling! Suitable for Brides-to-be!

Water colour flowers~ Simple yet elegant


So if you'd like to join the giveaway, simply follow these 3 steps:

1. Follow @shiningnails on Instagram (Link HERE)
2. Tag 3 friends
3. Repost your favourite nailart design by @shiningnails on Instagram and tag #shiningnails

Winner will be announced on 24th December 1159pm. Before Christmas! 

All the best!!! And stay tuned to more posts!!

Details about ShiningNails:




Whatsapp for Appointment:
+65 8339 8640

Email (for purchase of nail products):

Woodlands Drive 50, Blk 886A, Singapore 730886 (Beside 888 Plaza)

Business Hours:
Advanced appointments only!
Open Daily: 11:00am – 08:00pm


Email Me!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Cute x Sexy Eyelash Extensions by KJ Studio!

Hey there! 

Finally! A month after my plastic surgery in Korea, I am able to go back to trusty Jeane from KJ Studio to have my eyelash extensions done!!


Thanks to Jeane once again for my absolutely gorgeous new set of fluttering eyelash extensions!
The lasting power of my eyelash extensions done by Jeane so far has never failed to amaze me. They usually last me for at least about 3 weeks until I go back for a touch-up or a new set of extensions!

But of course this is based on the growth cycle of your eyelashes as well! I'll not go into the technical and boring terms of your eyelash cycle but there are times you might experience dropping of your own lashes along with the extensions and you may be thinking that the extensions are causing your own lashes to fall off but fret not because if that happens, it is most likely that your new lashes are growing out and in turn, your old ones will fall along with the eyelash extensions!


This time round, Jeane recommended me to do a mix between the Cute & Sexy style with C-curl lashes!

I did CC-Curls the previous 2 times I did just because the extensions won't show up on my eyes and will tend to droop if the it's not curled up enough. But since I have a "different" looking pair of eyes now, I'll need a different curl!

The C-Curl lashes shows up just right on my eyes! My eyes looks SO MUCH brighter than before!


Pardon the empty space near the corners of my right eye (the eye on your left if you're reading this =D) For some reason, my lashes never wanted to try growing there. ='(

I bought a lash serum from KJ Studio cos according to pictures that were shown at KJ Studio, this lash serum is a MIRACLE product~ Still in the midst of trying it out so I can't say much!


Even lesser time taken to do my make up now!! I wake up with pretty pretty lashes on my pretty eyes!! HAHA!! 


NOW! It's closing to X'mas right?! 
X'mas = sharing joy!


Simply quote "GOLLY-LOCKS" when you make your appointment and you'll receive a special price of only SGD $90 for a set of gorgeous fluttering eyelash extensions! 
Did I mention.. UNLIMITED LASHES?   

And if you're in the mood for some colours to your pretty lashes, KJ Studio is gonna give it to you for FREE (U.P. SGD 20) only for my readers!!!

So call now and book your slots to have your eyes prettified!!


Details about COVO SINGAPORE:




43 Keong Saik Road Singapore 089147
(Shophouse 2F, above Covo Hair Salon, entrance is a bright Orange door)
Nearest Station: Outram, Exit H

+65 6221 6209


Business Hours:
Weekdays: 12:00pm – 09:00pm
   Sat, Sun & PH: 10:00am – 07:00pm

Closed on Wednesday, 1st & 3rd Tuesday


Email Me!
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