Thursday, January 28, 2016

4D Volume Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions for X'Mas by KJ Studio!

 Super backdated post again since Xmas 2015! :( 

I wanted to head back to KJ Studio before Xmas last year to have my eyelash extensions done but they were SOOO packed I could only do 2 days after!

But nonetheless, it was still all good!

My eyes felt so naked for months since August cos I didn't have time AT ALL to head back. So I was kinda excited to do the Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions again to prep for the New Year!

If you haven't read my review on my previous visit, check it out HERE 

KJ Studio Facebook page 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

[Aesthetics Review] Customized Facial at Nu-Reflections

Hello there! How have you guys been doing?

I've been so jam packed with work and settling some personal issues but I'm back with another aesthetics review for you guys! A SUPER DUPER backdated post :( Bad blogger much :(:(

As you all know, I've started going to Nu-Reflections Face & Body Clinic for my facials and aesthetic needs and I'm totally loving the skin improvements I'm seeing!!