Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ultherapy - Skin Updates!

Hello Lovelies!!

So as the title states, I'm back with some updates on my skin after I last had my Ultherapy session done at Halley Medical Aesthetics about 1 1/2 months close to 2!

You can read the blog post I did previously on the details and procedure here:

Just a brief recap on what Ultherapy is all about:
Ultherapy is the only US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved non-invasive, no-downtime skin tightening treatment that uses focused ultrasound and the body’s own natural healing process to lift, tone, and tighten loose skin.
Using ultrasound technology, Ultherapy works from the inside-out to lift and tighten skin non-invasively so you do not need to go through the nerve-wrecks of going under the knife to get your youthful looking skin back!
The use of ultrasound enables the practitioner or doctor to clearly see the layers of your skin (just like how gynaes takes an ultrasound scan of the foetus) and ensure that the energy is delivered to the correct areas. Our body in response to this energy will recondition tired skin by stimulating the growth of fresh, new collagen. 

As mentioned in my blog post previously, I did the Ultherapy treatment on my problem areas such as my smile lines, eye bags and loose skin around my cheek area and jawline.

Although the soreness around the treated areas are pretty much gone already, I still strongly believe it's working since Dr Terence Tan said in most case the effect of Ultherapy will go on up to 3 months and if I maintain it, I only need to go back once in a blue moon if I really want to enjoy the full benefits of Ultherapy and get back my very very youthful look again!!

As you can see from the very first picture of me which was taken about 3-4 days back WITHOUT editing except for lighting, I can cover my eye bags almost completely!

My mom and a few of my closer colleagues and friends have also commented that my jawline seems more defined now which I didn't really notice since I look at myself in the mirror everyday. 
But it seems like I've been saving a little more time trying to find the right angle to take my selfies now as compared to previously when I had very very loose skin around my cheek and under the sides of my chin. I had to take a bazillion photos before I find one nice one.

Skin updates done, now on to the next topic!

If you have any questions or doubts about Ultherapy whether be it the procedure, price, discomfort level etc, leave me a comment here or send me an email to because.......

I'll be filming and uploading a video soon on an Ultherapy Q&A session with Dr Terence Tan from Halley Medical Aesthetics to help all of you with your questions and doubts!

So if you really do feel shy about leaving comments here, feel free to email me!

Please stay tuned to this space for the video and don't forget to visit Halley Medical Aesthetic's social media platforms!


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Monday, October 6, 2014

Grand Plastic Surgery Korea - Part 1


Yes I'm very very excited AND nervous!!

I've finally decided after such a long time to get down to doing plastic surgery!
And I wanna thank The Grand Plastic Surgery Clinic in Korea for giving me this rare opportunity!

 It's gonna happen in just less than a week! Can you imagine how nerve wrecking it is for me?! Although I'm super excited about it cos I know for sure I'll look a lot better!!

To be honest, I didn't actually expect myself to decide on this so quickly and neither did I expect that everything was gonna happen so fast too! But I guess it's probably because I know I am gonna be in good hands which made my decision so much easier to make.

Ok ok~ Before I go on about me making my life turning decision and what I'm looking at to change and improve, here's a little bit about The Grand Plastic Surgery! You'll know why I'm so confident that I'll be in safe hands!


Grand Plastic Surgery is Korea's No.1 Plastic Surgery Center and aiming to become a world's leading plastic surgery center which is visited by numerous celebrities from Asia. 

 Grand ensures to provide customized and qualified medical service to its patients and 30 medical specialists such as plastic surgeons, dentists, anesthesiologists, dermatologists and physicians collaborate together to enhance patient's safety and customer satisfaction.

Grand can perform any type of plastic surgery such as eye, nose, facial contouring, body shaping and anti-aging surgeries. 

Grand has a special patient safety system which is controlled by 4 anesthesiologists, Uninterruptible Power Supply, High-tech Monitoring System, Air Shower System and Sevoflurane Anesthesia.

Grand provides customized post-surgery treatment for its patients such as high frequency, ultrasonic, O2, Vitamin, Moisturizing, Infrared-rays, Massages, etc depending on a type of surgery.

Grand is also highly equipped with specialized system for foreign patients like myself! 

Grand has been featured in media such as NHK, ELLE, Vogue and other media sources.

Grand Plastic Surgery has been considered as No.1 plastic surgery center in Asia and now aiming to be a global beauty leader!

  • Selected as No. 1 reputable plastic surgery clinic in Korea by the largest Portal site – NAVER.COM
  • Designated Official Medical Institution for International Patient Referrals by the Ministry of Health & Welfare


And here's a side and front profile of my face that I'm not too happy with~ 
BEWARE! NO MAKEUP/ PHOTOSHOP AT ALL! My oh my I feel scared for you~
See all those red post-its? Those are the parts I want to have improved! These little problems here and there tend to make me look way older than my age or make me look really fierce and unapproachable! T^T

- Thin & uneven double eyelids
- Upward lateral eyelids = Fierce eyes
- Puffy dark eye circles/ bags

-  Wide nose alar =Big nose
- Low nose bridge

- Deep nasolabial fold aka smile lines
- Sunken areas around the cheeks
- Squarish jaw line


And because I didn't want to go there and know nothing about surgery, I've been reading Grand Plastic Surgery's website about their procedures. Thank God they have a PROPER ENGLISH SITE to cater to foreigners! 

And the below are some of the procedures I'm interested in but of course I'll need to have a face to face consultation with the experts at Grand Plastic Surgery to see if I really need to do it or if I should do another kind of surgery~

- Full Incision Method to achieve parallel eyelids
- Lower Epicanthoplasty to correct fierce looking upward lateral eyelids
- Under Eye Fat Repositioning to correct puffy under eye bags
- Rhinoplasty using ear cartilage to increase height of nose bridge
- Nose Alar Reduction to make nose look less bulbous
- Fat Grafting on cheeks, nasolabial folds and forehead for a young looking appearance
- Jaw Line Reduction

I know.. Looks damn scary to be doing so many things at one go right? But as I mentioned, these are what I think might be good for me but the experts will know best if I really need to do them.

And some references I've been looking online to show the doctor what I want to achieve~
Although I have many female eye candies I always look at but I definitely do not want to be a clone! I still want to look like myself but better!! So I started following lots of celebrities and non-celebrities who has really nice individual facial features in a particular photo:

L-R: Vickybabyswl, Nicole Abe, Sononui
L-R: *can't remember name - korean actress/singer*, Chloeneoh, Angelababy

And a couple of overall look I want to achieve!
Kim Tae Hee's sophisticated yet angelic look~

Jun Ji Hyun's ladylike and elegant appearance!
To be honest, close friends and people I know have told me umpteen times that I don't really need to do plastic surgery and that other people might look at me in a different way if they knew I went under the knife.

But really, to me I don't find why plastic surgery should be so condemned when all plastic surgery does is to enhance ones' beauty? Just like braces, why don't anyone condemn braces or judge people who has braces on like they judge people who went for plastic surgery?

I am very very glad that my parents especially my mom supports what I want to do. I know in their hearts that they are very worried about me going under the knife in a foreign country by myself but I reassured them that I'll be in good hands.

Thank you Le BF, momma, papa and friends who supports my decision! I'm gonna tear now....
But I hope all of you my readers will be supportive of my decision too because you're also part of my life!

I can't wait to fly there now and meet the doctors for my consultation and return with a beautiful face!!
Gonna say bye bye to all my double eyelid tapes, contouring nose powder etc!! I wanna wake up with a commercial worthy face in the morning hahaha!!

Stay tuned to my Instagram (@golly_locks) and Facebook Page because I'll be doing daily updates there!

And remember to visit Grand Plastic Surgery's links for more info!

I'll see you all soon!!


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[Hair Post] Jade Green x Ash Brown

Harlow everyone!

It's hair post day today!

Went down to Headlines Hairdressing again to look for my favourite stylist Jerry to pamper and touch up my hair!

Check out my previous hair styles and services I did:

As usual~ Due to work and laziness, my hair was in this state when I went in....
With my hair roots all growing out and hair all out of shape! >.<

Thankfully, Jerry being Jerry, he managed to turn my hair around and made me feel proud of my tresses!

You all probably are quite sick of seeing the process of me touching up my roots but in any case, Jerry AGAIN had to painstakingly apply the hair dye to my roots first to even out the hair color~ I didn't even ask Jerry what color he's planing to do for me, I just told him: "Make my hair pretty!" HAHA!

Once that was done, it was time to head to the washing area to wash off the hair dye and do my Mucota 3 Step hair treatment aka the ABC treatment! 

And talking about Mucota, Headlines Hairdressing has brought in a rather new range of Mucota's Anti-Aging Shampoo and treatment!  

Awarded the Best Conditioner in the Bazaar Hair Awards 2014!
I need this!!!
But of course.. Not is it only good for your hair, it smells awesome too!! Did you see it in the picture on top?? JUICY LYCHEE AND BERRY!! Yes! And that is totally what it smells like!
I just love Mucota products~

After the hair treatment, I had Jerry to chop off as much dead ends as he can and trim my fringe a little~ 
And here's the final result of my Jade Green X Ash Brown hair!
The color looks different with and without flash, outdoors and indoors!

Hair looks more brownish under flash~
My hair looks so bouncy and healthy too!!
And this was taken with a constant ringlight! Can you see the tinge of green? 

Thank you Jerry and Headlines Hairdressing once again for always giving me such pretty hair!!

OH! And an awesome announcement to make!!
Headlines Hairdressing is expanding!!! 

I'm super excited cos they are gonna be located really really near my office plus the salon is gonna be way way classier and more comfortable!
 No more excuses for me to be lazy! And I'm sure a lot of you will also find it very convenient since it's so near an MRT! Just 2 minutes walk and you'll reach the place~

The salon will officially start its service some time this month, October 2014!
So stay tuned to this space and their FB page to know the exact date!

If you're interested to find Jerry to do your hair, you can go to the new salon soon to find him cos he will be there most of the time!

Here's the address:
International Plaza
#03-32, Tanjong Pagar
Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar (Green line)

T: +65 6223 3133
M: +65 9831 4134
Closed on Sundays 

But of course~ In the meantime you can still look for Jerry at the China Square Central outlet until their new outlet is officially open!

Go look for Jerry now and just quote my name  "Golly-Locks" to get 15% off all hair services &10% for Dyna treatments! (excluding promotions)

And just in case you're not too sure how to get there, here's a simple guide:

1. Take the MRT to "Chinatown", purple line aka north east line
2. Take the Exit F
3. Walk all the way straight and you'll spot China Square Central
4. Head towards Headlines Hairdressing located on the 1st floor!

Do remember to like their Facebook Page too for the latest promos!!

Headlines Hairdressing
Address: 18 Cross Street #01-15, China Square Central
Contact: 6221 6866
Hair Stylist: Jerry Chua (off on Tuesdays)

I'll see you all in my next post!!


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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

[Cosme Review] 3CE NURSING CREAM

Hi Hi!

I'm back with another cosme/ skincare review!


Before I get started on my opinion about this product, here's a few... or rather A LOT of snap shots I got from the StyleNanda website cos their descriptions are so cute and adorable!!


 And now my point of view with my own photos~ =D

Volume: 45ml
Price: USD $42.94

If you're staying in a country like Singapore where there's no dry seasons such as Autumn or winter and if you still are below your 30s, this 45 ml worth of product is gonna last you a long long time!

I got a friend of mine to get it on my behalf as she wanted to do a combined shipping. And that was a good 6 months! Up till now, not even half is used up! 
This is more or less how much I use each time for a glowy face makeup and as a lip moisturizer!
Yep! Just this much is more than enough for me each time!

I don't actually use it as a moisturizer since I always tend to have breakouts on my T-Zone but I've recently been using it once every week at night or when I turn on my air condition~

When applied, it gives a really glossy or close to oily skin texture but it works fantastically if you apply just enough loose powder for some glow to come through!
Below is a comparison photo of application and without provided on the 3CE's website:

Also~ Here's a video tutorial by the Stylenanda makeup artist doing a waterful, glowy makeup!

Conclusion: (Max 5 ♥)
(3CE - Nursing Cream)

Texture: ♥♥
As a moisturizer: I believe for people with dry skin, this will be a very good alternative for a moisturizer! For people with normal to oily skin like me, using it one weekly as a night moisturizer or if you sleep often in air conditioned rooms, the 3CE Nursing cream helps keep the skin supple.

As a base for makeup: It's a great product as a make up base for the glowy Korean look and also great because it helps my foundation glide on so much smoother!

Effect on my skin: ♥♥♥
As a moisturizer: Since I only use this as a moisturizer in the night/ when I turn on my AC when I sleep, I can only conclude my opinion on that. So far I've been loving it cos whenever I use it, my skin feels really soft and supple in the morning!

As a base for makeup: I love it as a base for my make up cos it gives me the Korean glowy skin so easily! I just had to make sure I apply a little bit of loose powder to set my makeup at first and touch up throughout the day when my face starts to secrete oil~

- A little too oily for a normal day use for normal - oily skin like mine. 

Again, based on where I'm living, it's only available for me online. People in Korea will be able to get it easily obviously.

Price: ♥♥
Priced at about USD$42.94 (excluding shipping), it's kind of pricey for me. I am willing to spend a lot more on products that I think works for me by going to the counters and trying out myself. But because 3CE products is only available to me online as of now, this is still considered expensive since I can use it only once or twice a week or before my make up. This product will probably last me a good 1 year or so but I'm quite anal when it comes to "expiry dates" so I tend to throw my skin care products out after a good 6 months. 
Product wastage = bad

Will I repurchase this again?
Maybe... If I ever go to Korea myself. But if not I can live with highlighters available here in Singapore at a cheaper price and my usual moisturizers.

Hope you found this review useful and I'll see you in my next post very soon!!
Love y'all!!!


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