Friday, September 19, 2014

[Aesthetics Treatment] Freeze my fats with Cryolipolysis @ Halley Medical Aesthetics

Hello lovelies!

I'm back again with another treatment review!
This time at Halley Medical Aesthetics, I did a Cryolipolysis treatment to literally freeze my fats and at the same time, I did an Acne Buster facial!

What is Cryolipolysis?
Cryolipolysis is a medical treatment used to destroy fat cells. Its principle relies on controlled cooling for non-invasive local reduction of fat deposits to reshape body contours. The exposure to cooling is set so that it causes cell death of subcutaneous fat tissue without apparent damage to the overlying skin.

Here's how it works:
1. This non-invasive cryolipolysis cooling treatment offers a controlled and localised way of targeting only the fat cells in your body, freezing them to death without damage to surrounding nerves, body parts or skin surface.
2. The body then removes these dead fat cells from your body.
3. The natural removal of fat cells over time results in fat loss.

It is that simple and if you think this is cool, wait till you hear about the benefits of this treatment:
1. It is non-invasive, so it's painless!
2. You won't feel cold or freeze; only your FATS will.
3. You can get a relaxing treatment facial done, read a book, or check your social media platforms all at the same time
4. There's no downtime! Go out and do what you need to do after the treatment!
5. It pairs perfectly with your exercise and health regime as it does away with areas of stubborn fat.

6. It not only shapes your body, it tightens your skin too!

Before I move on to the actual day procedure, just a disclaimer just in case you all might be thinking..
What the ?? "I'm not even fat, why do I need to go for Cryolipolysis?!" 

Cryolipolysis is not meant only for people with weight issues. As long as you are human with a normal diet, you will have fats.. Moreover, most people like myself has fats deposited at places we DO NOT WANT. 

I was born with a heavier bottom and have always had problems trying to slim down my bottom half. Plus I'm not a very active person, I don't like exercising.
But of course I'm not saying that Cryolipolysis will help you get rid of ALL weight problems, you still need to eat right to maintain!

Ok, enough of me. Now on to the treatment day!
As usual, prior to the any treatments or procedures Dr. Terence Tan conducted a detailed consultation and explained the A-Z of what I was going to do that day!
I always feel so reassured that I'm in safe hands!
Then it was time to take my measurements!
OMG. See my love handles?
So happy that Cryolipolysis will freeze all the fats!!

You won't see immediate results but definitely an improvement in your measurements after 2-3 months!
I changed out of my clothes and put on a comfy robe!
To start off the treatment, a cooling pad is placed on top of the area to be treated.
In my case. MY TUMMY!!

This is to prevent any direct contact of the applicator to the skin!
Cryolipolysis Machine
Sammie, Halley's very experienced therapist meticulously placed the applicators as instructed by Dr. Tan.

I was expecting it to be really cold but to my surprise, all I felt was a weird suction like a vacuum sucking on your tummy and after that once the area numbs up due to the cold, it just felt like a weight on top of the area. 
After the applicators are placed on my tummy, It was just a waiting game of about 45 mins.
There are 3 stages to the Cryolipolysis treatment as you can see on the left side of the screen shown in the picture above.

It goes from -10
°C for 5 mins, -7°for 35 mins and lastly at  -10°C again for 5 mins~

But as mentioned before, because it was sooo comfy and no pain at all, Dr Tan recommended me to do their Acne Buster treatment at the same time!
Talk about multi-tasking!

First step was to cleanse my face and rid of all my makeup I had~ This cleansing step also included a gentle exfoliation.
Next up is the highlight of the Acne Buster Facial! DPL aka Dynamic Pulsed Light Therapy!
This DPL Machine has 3 different settings to target different problems:
1. Deep Pore Cleansing
2. Whitening
3. Hair Removal
And for my case, Sammie applied the deep pore cleansing setting on my T-zone area where I usually have breakouts and the whitening setting on my cheek area!

I didn't feel any pain at all during the DPL treatment! Just a tinge of warmness when the button is clicked!
The 3rd step was the most relaxing! Sammie gave me a really soothing and relaxing lymphatic drainage massage~ So soothing that I fell asleep almost 2 minutes into it.

This lymphatic drainage massage might feel like as if your therapist is just using her fingers to touch the surface of your skin.
But lymphatic drainage drains the toxins to the correct place for elimination, so trust me, I've learnt a skill or two from an actual dermatology school and I can assure you, that light touch is more than enough! 

To end it off before the timer rings on the Cryolypolisis machine, Sammie applied a face mask to do a final deep cleanse, sooth and hydrate my skin! 

And I was done for the day!

I'm drafting this post about 2 weeks after my treatment of Cryolipolysis and although I've not seen any dramatic changes to my measurements, I can feel my tummy to be less bloated.

Before I did the Cryolipolysis treatment, my hip bones aren't that prominent when I ain't on any diet.
But 2 weeks after the treatment, even without any diet I'm able to slowly see that my hip bones are more obvious!

I can't wait to go back for my next treatment of Cryolipolysis and facial! I wanna get rid of my upper thigh fats! 

And once again.. remember.. Cryolipolysis is not a treatment you should rely on to lose weight. It's to sculpt your body shape! Paired with exercise and a correct diet, then will you be able to sculpt and lose weight~

Thank you Dr. Tan and Halley's team of skilled therapist for taking such great care of me once again!
If any of you are interested in the treatments I did, here's a view of the price list. Unlike most salons who have therapists hard selling you packages, Halley Medical Aesthetics lay out their prices very clearly:

SGD $380 per area

Acne Buster Facial: 
SGD $78 (30 mins), SGD $130 (60 mins), SGD $180 (90 mins)

Price for other packages for total body sculpting and facial services available HERE

I hope this review helps with your doubts!
Should you need more info, you can contact Halley Medical Aesthetics to know more!

Halley Medical Aesthetics
248 River Valley Road Singapore
Singapore 238302

Opening Hours
10:00 am - 9:00 pm

Tel: +65 6737 8233



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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cute Eyelash Extensions with KJ Studio!


Just a week ago, I had my eyelash extensions done again at KJ Studio!

If you've read my previous post (LINK HERE) on my virgin trip to Covo Salon to have my eyelash extensions done, you must be thinking why KJ Studio now and not Covo right??

Remember Jeane the lovely eyelist from Japan who did my extensions for me?
KJ Studio is actually her new start up! So no difference in awesome quality and service!
Only difference now is that because business is SO good, they have decided to expand and take a whole new unit upstairs of Covo Salon! 
AND! To be able to make more customers' eyes pretty, KJ Studio has a few more experienced eyelists just like Jeane!

So without further ado... Here's my new set of eyelash extensions done meticulously and single stranded-ly by Jeane the maestro of eyelash extensions!

TADAH! This time instead of a sexy or gorgeous style like the previous time, Jeane convinced me to do the CUTE style!

Forgive my lousy drawing~ 
But basically what Jeane did was to use 3 different lengths of individual lashes starting with the shortest (11mm) on the inner and outer corners of my eye followed by a 12mm and lastly 13mm lashes which are placed in the middle where my iris is to make my eyes look bigger!

And as usual, I opted for a CC-Curl just so that they can be seen cos I have fat lids *cries*

And to be honest? I REALLY LOVE IT!!
I was surprised I actually like the cute style better~ Maybe because I had people commenting that my eyes look so much brighter!

OH! And if you follow me on Instagram (@golly_locks) you might have seen my recent Summer beach nails I did at KJ Studio too! YEP! They have a new service just to do gel nails!!

Pearls, seashells and palm tree deco were all the rage at that time!

Just in case you're wondering how much all these will cost you, here's a price list for both Eyelash Extensions & their Gel nail services!

Quote "Golly-Locks"

Unlimited eyelash extensions: SGD $150 SGD $90 
Gel Nail Service - 90 mins (up to 3 nail art): SGD $100 SGD $70 

Do remember to call and make an appointment before you go down
Thank you Mamiko and Jeane for making my nails and eyes so pretty always!

Details about COVO SINGAPORE:




43 Keong Saik Road Singapore 089147
(Shophouse 2F, above Covo Hair Salon, entrance is a bright Orange door)
Nearest Station: Outram, Exit H

+65 6221 6209


Business Hours:
Weekdays: 12:00pm – 09:00pm
   Sat, Sun & PH: 10:00am – 07:00pm

Closed on Wednesday, 1st & 3rd Tuesday

Thank you for reading! I'll see you in my next post!


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Monday, September 8, 2014

[Aesthetics Treatment] Firmer Skin with Ultherapy @ Halley Medical Aesthetics

Hello lovelies!

I am really excited to share with you about today's topic!
It's all about lifting, toning and tightening loose saggy skin!

Yep! I finally got the chance to try out the highly raved treatment, Ultherapy!
This is definitely one treatment you should consider if you're not ready for a facelift.

So.. What exactly IS Ultherapy all about?
Ultherapy is the only US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved non-invasive, no-downtime skin tightening treatment that uses focused ultrasound and the body’s own natural healing process to lift, tone, and tighten loose skin.
Using ultrasound technology, Ultherapy works from the inside-out to lift and tighten skin non-invasively so you do not need to go through the nerve-wrecks of going under the knife to get your youthful looking skin back!
The use of ultrasound enables the practitioner or doctor to clearly see the layers of your skin (just like how gynaes takes an ultrasound scan of the foetus) and ensure that the energy is delivered to the correct areas. Our body in response to this energy will recondition tired skin by stimulating the growth of fresh, new collagen. 

Before I get started on the actual treatment (and photos of me that are so gross you might choke), here's a little history of myself and my skin!

I'm 25 years old this year and though many of you might be thinking why I would need to lift/tone/firm my skin. Here's a break down of all my facial problem for all of you to read easily and reasons why I personally think I'd benefit from Ultherapy:

Saggy Skin (Chin, Lower cheek area)
Jawline not defined - My jawline should end at where
the dotted line is!!
 I was kinda overweight when I was in my secondary school days and within a short span of time, I lost close to 25 kg. And when that happened, my skin was soooo loose EVERYWHERE including my face that I could literally tug on my cheeks and feel like Mrs Incredible .aka. Elastigirl.

I was just THIS close to consider having surgery to remove all that sagginess from my face!

Smile Lines
VERY VERY deep smile lines.. Doesn't make me smile at all.
No pun intended  ='(
Ever since I don't know when, I've noticed that my smile lines were getting more and more obvious! Probably due to ageing and my slight under bite problem, my smile lines made my overall appearance dull, tired and aged.

Eye Bags
Without make up
The other problem I have and still am struggling with is my eye bags. Not just eye bags but eye bags that are impossible to conceal! Unlike most people with only eye bags with colour difference, mine has this line dented in which I've had since young. Boo me..
Even a famous make up artist I met previously told me that unless I go through some kind of lifting treatment/ surgery would it than be possible to conceal. I was devastated...
So you can't imagine how elated I was when Dr. Terence Tan told me that this problem of mine could be improved with the help of Ultherapy!

I was kind of scared at first since it was going to be on my eye area which is the most sensitive part, but Dr Tan reassured me that it is very safe because there is a new 1.5mm transducer that is beneficial for sensitive areas like the eyes!

Less talk more action! Let's start!!!

Prior to the treatment, I had a very detailed consultation done with Dr Terence Tan about how Ultherapy works, the procedure etc.. 
Dr Tan was very detailed and patient with my never ending questions! Scaredy cat much but I've learnt so much about my skin too!

While waiting for the medication to work, I got a thorough face cleanse by Halley's skilled beautician.

Lo and behold.. Evil makeup-less me..
See how bad my smile lines and eye bags are! T^T

Next step was to apply numbing cream on the areas that needed treatment.
While waiting for the numbing cream to take its effect, Dr Tan showed me the ultrasound of my skin layers!
So interesting~
And these are the different "cartridges" to treat the different layers of the skin!
From left to right:
- 1.5mm 
from surface of skin down
- 3.0mm from surface of skin down
- 4.5mm from surface of skin down

If you're wondering how the different transducers work its magic, I did some research for you AND found a video too!

How the Ultherapy Treatment Works .

Superficial Dermis (1.5mm)
Treats the most superficial layer (Dermis); for fine-tuning and immediate improvement in appearance

Deep Dermis (3mm)
Treats the deeper dermis layer (Fats/ Connective Tissue); gradual improvement in skin's condition with the formation of new collagen

SMAS/Platysma (4.5mm)
Treats the Platysma layer which is also the muscle that most plastic surgeons touch on when doing a surgical facelift; Gradual and long lasting effects.

The first area to be treated was my cheek area!
Next area, my double chin!! No more double chin!
Don't mind my poker face, I was probably day dreaming at the moment and thinking how I'll look without my double chin~ Teehee~
Last but not least, my eye bags!
That is the new 1.5mm transducer that Dr. Tan is using on me. The size of the transducer fits snuggily and is perfect for the eye area like the crows feet, eye bags and even the areas around the lips!

After about an hour of treatment, I was finally done!!

My immediate reaction when I looked into the mirror was =D
I could immediately see a difference in my eye bags! It was kind of swollen at first but it went down after just a couple of hours!

Now, I'm guessing most of you will be curious if it was uncomfortable/ painful. Well, I have an average pain threshold. It wasn't painful, only a slight discomfort when the application was done around my bone area. Imagine touching and pressing on a sunburnt area?

It was really nice of Dr Tan too because I was so uptight when he was about to treat my eye bags so every time he clicked the button, he said "Don't worry, it's not touching the eyeballs" over and over again just to ease the nerves in me. HAHA!

Dr. Tan also told me that there might be a bit of swelling for the first 1 week or so in which mine went down in about 5 days.

This photo was taken right after I got home from the treatment.
Not edited at all! Just a little puffy around the cheek and eye area~

And yes, you are not seeing it wrong..I have make up on in the picture as there is no downtime at all!
And this was taken a day after!
I can now completely conceal my eye bags!

Here's a basic timeline of what you will experience after the treatment! 

I'm now in my 3rd week and I'm still feeling a little tenderness around my eyes and cheeks despite the swelling being gone but it's all normal! Instead, I'm feeling happy that I'm still feeling the soreness because it means the treatment is still working its magic! Though you might not see results immediately, there should be a significant difference after 2-3 months.

 I'd like to thank Dr. Tan and the professional staff at Halley Medical Aesthetics for taking such great care of me and taking so much pride in what they do!

For all of you out there who are interested in doing Ultherapy, I'd say go for it! 
I had a great experience and am benefiting from it and at least for the next 1 year or so I'd have a more youthful face because one session of Ultherapy lasts from 12 - 19 months! Ultherapy at Halley Medical Aesthetics costs SGD$2,900 for a full face treatment.

I hope this review helps with your doubts!
Should need more info, you can contact Halley Medical Aesthetics to know more!

Halley Medical Aesthetics
248 River Valley Road Singapore
Singapore 238302

Opening Hours
10:00 am - 9:00 pm

Tel: +65 6737 8233


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