Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lasting Lipsticks to avoid embarrassment

Hi people!

Today, I'm gonna show you a recent favourite lipstick I got!

I've been into red hot lipsticks recently and I used to use my NYX's one but after a few times of my teeth getting stained by it, I got really embarrassed and never touched red lipsticks again.

Until I found L'Oréal's Infallible Longwear Lip Duo Compact Lipstick!

 I got mine in Shade 503, Golden Berry.

Here's a photo of me wearing it:


Now to the pros and cons of it (remember this is not an advertorial or anything so all I have said here is based on what i experienced from using it.)

-  Doesn't stain your teeth at all
-  Doesn't smudge (If you just wear it without kissing, rubbing or doing anything with your lips)
-  Very pigmented colour
-  Doesn't go on smoothly
-  Clots up if not applied properly
-  Flakes off in pieces if you start rubbing it (Really messy)
-  Not very comfortable to wear, you can feel the layer of lipstick you put on as it hardens up.

I would definitely recommend this product if you girls out there are just gonna go for a dinner or out to just look good.

If you're gonna go on a date and there's gonna be hot kissing, I would suggest to just apply lip tint. Best choice!

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