Thursday, December 22, 2011


Hey Y'all!

It's Golly here AGAIN. XD And yes, I'm blogging in the office again during lunch time while snacking on my dried apples. Hahah!

So anyway, this post is dedicated to Kumicky's collaboration with LOVES WIG to create her styles of hair wigs.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

An apple a day keeps the doc away~

Hey Y'all!

It's lunch time now but here I am blogging (useless post) ~ Lunch khaki couldn't make it for lunch=blogging on office ♪(´ε` )

Just a really short post to show you guys what I've been snacking on this past one month~ Dried & unsulfured apples from Made in Nature!

I've tried the cranberry ones and it was abit too sweet for my liking. :( but the apple ones are awesome! It's soft and just the right sweetness. Somehow it's rather addicting to eat this and I eat this non stop in my office. 囧

But it's probably one of my most healthy snacks by far~
If you guys wanna get it it's available at watsons for about SGD$7.90.

I'll see you guys soon~~♪ And stay tuned to my blog for my next giveaway!

And guess what? I won an Ipad2 from!!!! OMOMOMOMO ~~ I'm so excited I'm gonna vomit~ XD Will be collecting my prize tomorrow!!!


Saturday, December 17, 2011

[Sponsored Review] LEADERS Insolution Masks, Part 2

Hey Y'all!

Remember the review I promised to do after 4 weeks for the LEADERS Insolution Mask I got from Well, yeah it has been about 4 weeks since and I'm back with the review!

Just a refreshment course for you on what LEADERS Insolution Mask is all about!

- Adopts 4-“NO” : NO Paraben (preservative), NO Mineral Oil, NO Silicon, NO Pigment.
-  Adopts 4-key conceptsParaben (preservative) FREE, Relief Skin Irritation (made of chamomile extract), Natural Preservative System (made of Azaleaextract) and Natural thin & silky cellulose sheet mask.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

ViViD @ Sundown Festival 2011

Hey Y'all!!

This is the first time ever I've ever updated an event post so quickly, well not very quick~ but faster then I usually would XD

So just a few weeks back on the 27th December, I went to Sundown Festival 2011 that was held at the F1 Pit Building (?) near the Flyer. Mr Panda bought the tickets really early just in case they were sold out. We wanted to go for the VIP standings but well I think it didn't make much difference.

This year was only the two of us but it doesn't really matter cos I think I'm quite fierce and strong? when it comes to concerts or lives like these. I wouldn't compare myself to those in the mosh pits cos firstly I don't like getting myself bruised all over so kudos to those who can XD

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pre-Announcement:Mini Giveaway to celebrate 300 followers!

Hey Y'all!!

Blogging again with a mini update~ It's been a long journey since I started blogging and I'm almost reaching 300 readers~ <3 Thanks for keeping me motivated to continue blogging, I usually give up halfway through~ >.<

So anyway, I'll be doing a mini giveaway and announce it officially once my blog hits 300 readers to make this all more meaningful.

This giveaway would be a quick one and hopefully by Christmas the giveaway would end.
This is just an pre-announcement, I'll give the details soon~

Thanks once again for giving your utmost support~ <3


Saturday, November 26, 2011

[Sponsored Review] Mentholatum Mogitate Kajitsu Lip Balm

Hey Y'all!

It's a lippie review again! Once again sponsored by The Sample Store~

Are you girls/guys like me who works in an air-conditioned office for 8 hours straight? If you are, then i bet probably 90% of all of you have the same problem as me, yes, chapped lips. T^T

I usually use my tub of Vaseline when I'm in the office, but if you all have used Vaseline before, you should know how awful the smell is, though it does the job.

But what if, there is something else that does the job + smells great, wouldn't it be better?
So introducing you Mogitate Kajitsu Lipbalm from Mentholatum!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Deals!

Hey Y'all!

This is a very last minute post since some of the deals will only be available TODAY (25th November 2011).
But I didn't want to let you all miss these awesome deals!

I'm gonna post only a few sites in which I think I'll end up purchasing at, but you guys can just google Black Friday Deals/ Sales and there will be tons of results~

Monday, November 21, 2011

[Sponsored Review] LEADERS Insolution Masks, Part 1

Hey Y'all!

I'm finally back with a post~ Sorry for the lack of updates! >.<

Today's post is gonna be a review on LEADERS Insolution Masks sponsored by!

This is gonna be a 2 part review, the 1st one which is the one you're reading right now and another one in 4 weeks' time to let you all know how the result is after using it for a month~

The people at were really friendly! They discussed with me in detail what kind of skin type I belong to and suggested the best mask for me to use.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New header~

Hey Y'all~

Just gonna do a useless update~ I've finally changed my blog header! Well, I changed it a day before I left for Taiwan actually. I have tons of backlog to clear still but some of them are already done but I put them on schedule cos I didn't want to mesh them up all at one go.

I still have work tomorrow and I've got to reach early cos I was asked to help out with the donation drive. ~_~ Bummer~~~ 

I'll be listing down what are coming up, be it already in my schedule or not yet completed ones~ >.<

See you guys soon!!

What's to come:
- Leaders Insolution Mask Review - Part 1
- Harajuku Street Style Event @ Tangs 
- Taiwan Haul (Split into different sections; Clothes, Beauty etc)
- Sheene Products Review (Famous Thai Brand of Cosmetics)

These are all the scheduled ones~ So many other back logs that are not yet completed~ 

So stay tuned for my next post~~

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Taiwan in 2 more days!

Hey Y'all!!

Just a quick and short post~

I'm heading to Taiwan again on Wednesday!! So excited to go on a shopping frenzy already~
This time I know exactly what I need to buy (e.g. my denim shorts I bought previously that has been abused ever since XD) 

I'll only be staying for about 4 days which is quite a short trip as compared to the previous time but that 4 days is definitely enough for me to take a rest from my job.

I still have tons of backdated stuff and reviews that I have yet to even touch on. >.< I'll have to get my booty down to it once I get back from my trip or else they are gonna expire.

If you guys want to know what is gonna come back with me from my trip, stay tuned to my blog!!

Abrupt ending.


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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

[Sponsored Review] Hada Labo X Olive Oil

Hey Y'all!!

Back with another Hada Labo review! You all know how much I love Hada Labo~
This time's gonna be my makeup's greatest enemy, MAKEUP REMOVER!! >.< 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Photoshoot #2 with Hana - Apparel Store SE7EN

Hey Y'all!

Guess where am I blogging from? My office!! HAHA!

Decided to skip lunch today since my lunch kahki couldn't make it for lunch today. :( So I'd rather not have lunch XD

So just a short post with mostly pictures today~ My 2nd photoshoot with Hana for apparel store SE7EN located at Chevron House just opposite Watsons. I love love love their clothes so much which is why I agreed to this shoot too. The cuttings and quality of their clothes are so amazing I don't know what else to say. I'm not paid to advertise for them in any way btw~

Saturday, October 29, 2011

[Event] Improved Hair Condition in just 1 Hour!

With Wendy Ashley & Hana
Hey Ya'll!!

I'm back again with yet another event post!

This event is way way overdue...Again. -_- But anyways~ If you all follow me on my FB page, you should know about my current craze over hair products from Mucota recently. I'm not saying this just because I'm sponsored, but I have noticed a HUGE improvement in my hair condition.

I'll explain more about the hair care products I use and swear by now in another post.

So back to the topic, I attended a hair event/ talk regarding a new product "Dyna" and was there as a hair model.

So what exactly is Mucota DYNA about?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Photoshoot #1 with Hana - Liz Lisa Love

Floral Maxi Dress: Hana's

Remember the sneak peek of a photoshoot I did with Hana a while ago?

I finally got down to doing a post. Phew~ Was sent about 6 pictures and I love them all! The one above was my favorite though. The ironic thing was that we thought this teddy bear shot was never gonna work but it did in the end and became my favorite!

Monday, October 24, 2011

[Sponsored Review] Amethystory

Hey Y'all!

This review will be all about Amethystory's products. Thanks to The Sample Story once again for letting me try the products I've always been wanting to try but afraid of wasting my money. >.<

All of the products by Amethystory contains Amethyst of cos! But what exactly is Amethyst good for besides being a beautiful looking precious stone?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

World Runway Premier – Fashion Quake Aid 2011

Hey Y'all!

I'm finally blogging about the oh-so-long-ago event, The World Runway Premiere held at Singapore Indoor Stadium!

I was so happy when I was chosen to be part of the cheerleading squad, but I got another invitation to go as media whereby I could officially take photos! Thanks to the organizers who invited me~ It was a pity though that I couldn't bring Miki and Hana along with me to the media space and I ended up sitting alone there and both of them far far away from me :(

Saturday, October 15, 2011

RNA coordinate

Hey y'all!

Im blogging with my phone right now so a very quick post!

I found this app that's so cute, it's called RNA 2010. I'm guessing it's a brand? I have only 20% of battery left so I can't really take my time to google about it but the clothes looks cute~

I'll probably edit the post again when I get home and include more info about this app and brand if you guys are interested~

So here's my coordinate I did. A simple rock chic look with just a splash of colour!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Filler post: Geeky coordinate

Filler post, again! XD

I feel guilty not being able to update much so here I am filling the gaps and updating with an outfit I put together with all items from Galstar!

I really love things from Galstar because not only are they cheap in price, their clothes are really nice too!

I used various apps in my iPhone to put them together and it's the first time using these apps so pardon the not so perfect looking picture. *I tried my best!*

Here are the items I used to put this geeky outfit together~

Saturday, October 1, 2011

AMG Jamfest 2011 *Image Heavy!*

Hi Ya'll!

I'm back again after such a long long time!

Apologies for not updating often but due to tiredness after work and wanting to relax on weekends I can't find that extra time to blog as often. >.<

I'll still try my best to update as often as I can~~

So anyway, last Sunday was AMG Jamfest held at Youth Park with Renaissance performing again.
It was hot as hell and I was glad I wore shorts cos if i didn't I'd probably die of heatstroke or something. XD

Nothing really interesting about the whole day since my day before was totally ruined by some shit.
I'll just upload photos I took on that day and cut less on the words. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Winner for 100+ Giveaway!

Yes! I'm here to announce the winner!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Testing post and Updates to giveaway

Just testing a new app for blogging. And also to see if any of you would be interested if I did a tutorial for this hair in the picture.

I find it really interesting and thought you all might too. So leave me comments to let me know ok?

So anyway, My GIVEAWAY is finally closed (yesterday)!
Thank you all lovelies for participating! Please give me a few more days grace for me to sort out the entries before I announce the winner on my blog! 
To be fair, any entries entered after the 15th Sept would be disqualified but I still thank you for joining!
I will also be deleting those blog post entries if I can't find the post without notifying.

Please wait for the announcement! I'll have it announced on my blog, FB, and Twitter. So be sure to follow me!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sneak Peek: Photoshoot with Hana

Hey Ya'll!

Just wanted to show you a sneak peek of a photoshoot I did with Hana as she needed some photos for her portfolio. Am excited for her and hope she gets her dream job she wants! Remember to like Hana's FB Page!
I'll do a post for this when I receive the photos from her.

Hopefully I didn't ruin her photos >.< I'm not a very professional model. GAH!

I'm feeling so sick right now. And the irony? All thanks to the medication which was supposed to heal me, instead, it made me feel worst! I went to my doctor just last night for some allergies and the doctor gave me some drowsy medicine which would supposedly stop my itch. I ate it at 8 PM last night and almost immediately I felt super drowsy. I was on the verge of sleep eating through my dinner. XD

And so me being me, I though I had no problems for any kinds of medication and even drowsy medicine wouldn't beat me down. But this time, I am so so wrong. T^T

Alrighty then, this was just a filler post I admit. But I'll post more soon and hopefully, I get to go to the Fashionquake Aid 2011 Fashion show this Sunday!! Yippee~!

Oh and I forgot to mention, my deadline for my GIVEAWAY is approaching! 2 more days to the closing date! So don't forgot to join now!! <3

That's all guys!!! Subscribe to my blog for more updates! I promise to blog very soon~~


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Sunday, September 11, 2011

World Runway - Premiere Fashionquake Aid 2011 in Singapore

I'm not sure if I should say FML now cos I'm really tempted to get tickets to go for this Fashionquake Aid 2011 runway show that is going to happen in Singapore.

I was watching channel Starworld when i chanced upon the advertisement for it and it looked so much like Tokyo Girls Collection's fashion show! I searched on the net for it almost immediately but couldn't really find anything about it.

I found their FaceBook Page but they didn't give much info as to who were the models coming. There will most probably be a mix between of a few countries.

It will be held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium which means it will definitely be quite an event but still paying $85 for a fashion show which I'm not even sure about? They have VIP seatings as well which I would LOVE to get cos the normal seatings would probably make the models look as small as ants. But I just don't have that $297 to spare to get that VIP seatings.

I guess I'll just wait for Hana to probably get some info from her fashion guru friend and hopefully we might be able to dig out more info about it before the show.

Here's some info from their FB and some links:

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

[Sponsored Review] Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash

Hey Ya'll!

I know I haven't been updating much about any makeup or fashion stuff these few weeks. But I'll get back to it once I finish up my really backdated reviews I need to do. >.< So please bear with me.
This should be the last one and you guys can get to see my other posts already!

So anyway, back to the topic.
I'm not sure if you all have heard of this facial wash yet, but I was really tempted to get it when I first saw it at Watsons the other time.

Presenting to you......... BIORE MARSHMALLOW WHIP FACIAL WASH!!

I was totally taken in by it's cute lil roundish packaging (I'm a sucker for cute packaging) when I first saw it.
But I didn't buy it at that moment just because it's a skin care product and am very careful when I get them especially skin cleansers since it's one of the most important step of the routine.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

[Sponsored Review] Nuteen Acne Away!!!

Are your pimples or acne problems bothering you? Well, there are tons of different products out there that MIGHT help each and every individual. That one certain product that your friend raves to you about might help him/ her but it might not necessarily work wonders for you.

I have been through a stage where I had a very bad outbreak around my forehead and and no matter what products I use, it just didn't help. Many years after, I managed to get rid of 90% of my pimples after consuming medication used to treat outbreaks like mine. I'm not gonna encourage all of you to take pills to stop your outbreak but because I'm a very impatient person I can't wait that long. XD
It is still best if you take care of your skin by having a balanced diet, ample sleep and face products that suits you best.

I want to introduce to you today a series of facial products that are targeted at people with acne/ oily skin, such as teenagers!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Singapore Street Festival 2011 *Warning: Image Heavy*

Me and Rosy O(≧∇≦)O

Hey Ya'll!

I know I have lacking in updates. This was supposed to be a post done way back but I didn't get down to doing it~(。・人・`。))ゴメンネ But I'm back again!!

I went to the Singapore Street Festival 2011 on a Saturday a few weeks back (I know~ I'm so late! ( ̄Д)=3)  and it was their 10th anniversary! Mr. Panda was one of the performing bands Renaissance and so I did his makeup and hair as usual. Check out Renaissance and their schedules on their Facebook Page.

This post is gonna be picture heavy cos there are tons of pictures I took with other people and some of Renaissance.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Im still alive!

Yep I'm still alive people! I just started my new job and am going through training now.

I'm sorry if I haven't been posting much but I just don't really want to post half assed posts like this. GAh! But I just wanted to let you all know I'm well and alive but i'm really tired after a day's work and by the second hour I'm home, i'm already laying on my bed. It's bad bad bad~~~

So just posting a picture of myself. Look inspired by Kanako taken a month back. But I think I can't really carry the look off anyway~ I didn't cut my hair, I just tied it up~

I'll try to update soon~ in the meantime, remember to follow me for updates and join my giveaway!

And an awesome picture to end off (LOVE) BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Monday, August 8, 2011

Pearly N Kelly's 2nd Giveaway!

Pearly N Kelly is having her 2nd giveaway!! Look at allll the awesome lashes she's giving!!
Click HERE to read more and join!!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Buys at Sasa + OOTD

Hey Ya'll!

Gonna be a quick post cos I'm dead beat from not catching a wink at all last night. Plus my hands just died trying to blog from my iphone and playing with my new photography app I just downloaded~ Loving it~
I finished the post on my phone after a long last and blogger app decided to not publish my post for I dunno what reason and it was SUPPOSED to be in my drafts but when I log into blogger on my brother's laptop, there isn't any draft or whatsoever. Grrrr~~~

Revealed! Alexander McQueen Ins. Clutch

Hey ya'll!

As promised, I just got my Alexander McQueen Inspired clutch from J yesterday! Thanks again J!

I was elated when he told me he found a clutch inspired by Alexander McQueen's designs. And Oh-I-Love their designs so much. Though their newer designs are not much to my liking but still~
Check out their other designs and apparels here.

J didn't have the time to sit down to talk much since he had to fly to London with his mom *again* but thank you thank you for my second birthday present. XD

Thursday, August 4, 2011

[Cosme Review] Eyemazing No. 003

Hey Ya'll!!

A review for you guys that is way way backdated~>.<
Remember the Shoponblog's Giveaway I joined? Yep, I won an item!! Happy or what?
I've been so lucky these past few months I keep getting chosen for giveaways and stuff!

So anyway, I was chosen by Shoponblog to receive a box of Eyemazing No. 003 and do a review about it.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Mini Update, Alexander McQueen Ins. Clutch!

My good friend J just called me yesterday that he ordered this Alexander MxQueen inspired clutch for me as my second belated birthday present! Can't wait to get it from him! Will show you guys soon!!!!! Sorry for the lack of updates but I'll be starting my work next week.

I'll definitely try to update as much as I can!

And remember to join my Giveaway!

Stay tuned to my upcoming blog entries and more video uploads!

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

[Sponsored Review] Lip Ice Sheer Color Beautiful Lips

Hey Ya'll!

Sorry for the super lack of updates. >.<

This time I'm gonna introduce you guys to some lip care products! I read up on a lot of information on how people take care of their lips and because I tend to have chapped lips oh-so-often, I have my own routine of my weekly lip care. If you have chapped and dry lips like me, you would know the pain of wanting to put on lipsticks or glosses but they always look so gross with the dead skin. Exfoliating your lips is an important step but keeping them moisturised all day long is equally as important!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

100+ Followers Giveaway!

Hey Ya'll!

I'm hosting my first ever giveaway! I have finally reached a 100 followers on my blog and more then a 100 subscribers on my Youtube account!

Thank you all so much!! I'm so happy that I even have readers reading my blog!
It's not the most expensive giveaway as compared to other bloggers, but I really want to give you girls something~

This giveaway is going to be INTERNATIONAL! And after much consideration I'm going to only pick 1 winner via a random number generator to be fair. I wanted to choose 2 person but I didn't know how to split the prizes. I might, during this period before the giveaway closes, change my mind again and maybe do a runner up prize with masks or something.

So on to the prizes!!

Please vote for me in Bébé Poshé Bloggers Challenge 20 mins Make Over!

Hey Ya'll!!

This post is about Bébé Poshé again! I mentioned in my Bébé Poshé event blog post that we were supposed to do a make over in 20 minutes right? And we also had our photos taken because............

There's a competition! Yea! And We bloggers have to get votes for our photo! My photo wasn't the best but oh well~ PLEASE VOTE FOR ME HERE!! *My name is written as Foo Su Ying >.< They put my full name *

100 Lucky Voters will be chosen to be given prizes! So you could be one of them!!

Voting will start from today July 19th ~ August 20th 2011! So start voting now! You can vote for 3 entries PER DAY!

Thank you very much!!! And please stay tuned to my announcement for my giveaway!!

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Bella Box Singapore!

Hey Ya'll!!

If you're staying in Singapore like me, and knows about Birch Box US and GlossyBox UK but can't order them cos they only cater to people in their country then you'll be super happy now!

Bella Box SG is just like Birch Box and GlossyBox, the only difference is that YES THEY ARE CATERED TO US SINGAPOREANS!!! I think the concept would be the same, paying SGD $15 each month and you'll get 5 items from them! Super happy about it! I was so upset when I found Glossybox but I can't order them.

A makeup junkie like me would be the best customer for them. XD They are still in the midst of preparing though. So just join their Facebook Page for more updates!

Super short post but I just had to tell you guys about this. So excited!!!

Stay tuned to my upcoming blog entries and more video uploads!

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

7 more followers to activate 1st giveaway!

7 more followers to activate 1st giveaway!

Updating with my iphone now but just a filler post. I know I've been dragging my giveaway that I mentioned when I reached my 50th follower. I was intending to do it soon after but I realize my followers kept increasing! Many many thanks to all of you out there who reads my blog. So I decided today that I'll be announcing my 1st official giveaway to celebrate once it hits 100!!

Plus my YouTube account has also hit more than a 100 subscribers so I'll be preparing a bigger giveaway as compared to the one I planned before.

So if you guys and gals wanna know what I'll be giving away~ subscribe to my YouTube channel Beautymake999 and follow me on my blog!

Thank you all once again! Love and hugs for everyone!!!

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer 2011 Coordinate No. 001

Hey Ya'll!

This is the first post of COORDINATE i'll be posting up! It will be different from the OOTD.
Coordinate posts will be mainly clothes coordinates that I pair from outside which are not mine.. YET. plus pictures of other accessories such as shoes, hats etc from the internet which I think would sum up the whole look.

I do not have the widest range of clothes in my closet so I think this way it will be good for both my readers and me. At least my readers will have a wider range of ideas as to what they can coordinate with their present  apparels or maybe intending to buy new clothings for another style. Good for me since I am quite a lazy shopper when it comes to clothes. I can look at the coordinates I posted and maybe think of what clothes to buy exactly.

So let's get started for the first coordinate for summer 2011~!

Knitted Top: Forever 21
Floral Maxi Dress: Forever 21

Other accessories to match with:
- Floppy Hat (Random from Internet)
- Wooden Bangle (Random from Internet)
- Long Bohemian Style Necklace (Random from Internet)
- Strappy Sandals with Precious Stones (Esperanza, Shimamura)

Why I chose this outfit?
The knitted top just caught my eye at a glance, I am a big fan of knitted stuff. So I picked the top up and proceeded on to find a match. The maxi dress has lots of asymmetrical layers at the bottom which makes it stand out from the usual maxi dresses. 

The maxi dress is actually a low back, low front halter which can be worn alone to acheive a sexier outfit. HAHA but it was wayyy too low for me. 

I chose accessories with a more earthy toned colour such as brown and gold. Remember to keep the accessories simple to avoid having too much and resulting in the clash with the floral prints of the dress.
A bohemian headband or even a simple braid could replace the hat. 

I have mentiond before I like shoes with precious stones like the ones above. But I didn't choose them just because I like them but I think would finish off the look. I personally find the slipper ones would work very well with this outfit. But if the dress is too long you might want to wear the wedged ones which will work with this look too~

I hope you enjoyed my coordinate post and give me some comments if you think another item would perfect this look. Share with me your coordinate too!!

Stay tuned to my upcoming blog entries and more video uploads!

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

[Event] BÉBÉ POSHÉ Product Launch held at Lawry's The Prime Rib

BÉBÉ POSHÉ Event Launch was organized by BÉBÉ POSHÉ SG (Beaute Inn Pte Ltd)

Hey Ya'll!

Exciting post for me since this is my first ever blogger's event~ And many many thanks to The Sample Store for inviting me to the product launch of BÉBÉ POSHÉ .

The event was held at Lawry's The Prime Rib @ Mandarin Gallery. 

Met up with Kelly first to go in together *thank god we planned it beforehand* if not I'll be alone there with no one I know~ 

EDIT: More pictures stolen from KELLY hahah! (Visit her blog!!) 
Down below the post for more camwhore pictures with her!

Just a note before you all continue reading, some of the photos might be of VERY LOW QUALITY I bought a whole bunch of faulty batteries from a shop on that day itself. So freaking pissed! I paid $6 for a bunch of batteries that couldn't even last me a snap of a photo. TSK! SHOP IS SO GONNA GET BLACKLISTED!!

Photo credits to KELLY
>.< No makeup

We were asked to go without any makeup as there would be a makeover contest to win some prizes. I felt naked without my eyemake so I went out with my sunnies~

Look~~ Teehee~
So what is BÉBÉ POSHÉ

BÉBÉ POSHÉ is a brand new luxurious makeup brand that was launched in Taiwan during the mid summer of 2010. Collaborated by Taiwanese socialites Jennifer Lin, Sun Yun-Yun, Sun Ying-Ying, Michelle Liao and Cammier Huang. Working with celebrity makeup artist You Si Qiexpert in the field of cosmetics and aesthetics, BÉBÉ POSHÉ is born!

BÉBÉ POSHÉ is specially designed according to the skin colour and features of Asian ladies. No more fears of choosing the wrong colour of foundation! 

Emcee for the day!
Makeup Artist Melissa Yeo doing her magic on the model!

Makeup Artist Melissa Yeo was invited to give us bloggers a talk about tips on makeup~ It was a good experience to listen to some tips from a professional makeup artist. Learnt quite a bit from the talk!

Food was served by the friendly waiters and waitress from Lawry's before we went on to our make over session~ Slurps~~ 

I only had 4 dishes cos I was too excited in snapping pictures of the makeup! >.< My favourite would probably be the salmon wrap, the macaroon was a tad too sweet for me.

And on to the products! MAKEUP MAKEUP!! I'll post some pictures I took from the event itself and some from the website since there were some I missed out. ごめんね~

Falsies! <3

Top Right: Miami Babe Lashes
Bottom Left: Hollywood Star Lashes 
Bottom Left: Tokyo Doll Lashes
Price: SGD $9.90

(Available in 7 Shades)
Price: SGD $19.90

(Available in 3 shades: Doll, Superstar & Hottie)
Shades Superstar and Doll shown
Price unavailable

(Available in 3 shades:Dolly, Superstar & Hottie)
Price unavailable

Left: SE-01 Vanity Fair
Right: SE-02 Muse
Price: SGD $19.90

(Available in 7 shades)
Price: SGD $21.90

Rose and Milky Coconut Lip balms shown
Price: SGD $15.90

(Available in 2 shades: Jet Black & Brown) - Brush included
Price: SGD $22.90

(Available in 4 shades: Black Diamond, Copper Metallic, Midnight Blue & Starry Purple)
Jet Black and Starry Purple shown
Price: SGD $17.90

Price: SGD $23.90

Price: SGD $24.90
Price: SGD $21.90

(Available in 3 shades: Rose, Peche & Bronze)
Left to Right: Rose, Peche, Bronze
Price: SGD $17.90

And so, we were given about 20 minutes to do our make over. It was lucky I came in foundation already. >.<

Products used from BÉBÉ POSHÉ :
- Dazzling Eye Pencil - 01 Black Diamond
- Starry Eyeshadow - 01 Vanity Fair
- Bebe Doll Superlong Waterproof Mascara
Bebe Diva Supervolume Waterproof Mascara
- Cheeky Bebe - 03 Bronze
- Cheeky Bebe - 01 Rose
- Princess Kiss Lipstick - Mixed 06 Babycakes & 08 Milk Toffee
- Juicy Muah Lipgloss - 02 Champagne

We went on to have our pictures taken by a photographer as well as a poloroid! Melissa went around looking at all the girls' makeup and chose a winner for the contest. Congrats to the winner!

Board full of poloroids! Spot mine yet? 8D

Please ignore my fugly signature. I need more practice
Picture with a new friend Jayley !

Photo credits all to KELLY! She's so awesomely cute ttm!
Gonna try out Jewrich's eyelashes soon cos it looks so cute on her.
Looking forward to more events with her!! hehehe
Got to know a few more other bloggers like Jayley and Hayley who were twins! I love twins~ <3 But only managed to take a photo with Jayley cos everyone else was busy camwhoring too. XD

~ ~~~~~~~~♥ 

The event ended and I made my way to meet Mr Panda Peh to have dinner at MOF @ Nex.

Mr Panda ordered a set that came with tea and we had a laugh about the size of the cup cos it was soooo small, he said it is suitable for kids 6 1/2 XD. Just nice for him. But he ended up ordering a pot of green tea again cos it was just too little. Even my 30 cents warm water was so much bigger. HHAAH! 

Comparison of the mini cup and Mr Panda's finger XD

~ ~~~~~~~~♥ 

Reached home and poured the contents of the goodie bag and tried all of them! Sorry, but I get really excited when it comes to new makeup XD 

Better quality photos. At last.

Cute lil goodie bag
Items Given!!

The only reason why I would like this lipgloss would probably be because it is not sticky. But sadly the shine wasn't really there. It smells nice though, just like sugar... Umm mm~~
Rating: 3.5 / 5

Tried this at the event but I personally prefer Bébé Doll Superlong Waterproof Mascara
Rating: 3.5 / 5

I don't want to rate this now as I haven't really tried applying it on my face yet. But it feels like quite a lightweight concealer. I like the dual idea thingy though. :)

Easy to apply, smudges quite abit. So if you're looking for a eyeliner for a smoky eye this one works well. There are glitter particles in them to glam up your eyes. But overall this is a good product, I just need to top the eyeliner with some black eyeshadow to keep it from smudging though, which kinda defeats the purpose of the glitter in it. :(
Rating: 4 / 5

BÉBÉ POSHÉ is now available at selected Watsons outlets. Currently only Watsons at Toa Payoh HDB Hub, East Point and Forum Galleria is officially displayed. Do check out their Facebook Page for more updates!

~ ~~~~~~~~♥ 

More camwhore pictures of me when I got home! Yayyy!  You can stop here now if you have had enough of pictures. XD

Floral Maxi Dress: Dreamv
Long Black Outer: Temporary store at shopping mall
High Waist Belt: Zara
Wedged Gladiator Sandals: Given by a friend

Nail Colour: Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri in 440 Mint Sprint

Bracelet: Can't remember

Black Rose Ring Rouge: Anna Sui
Silver Ring: Bluez
Nail colours from Skin Food

Remember to check out BÉBÉ POSHÉ !!

Stay tuned to my upcoming blog entries and more video uploads!

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