Friday, January 21, 2011

Garder-La-Foi , The one stop blogshop to get Gyaru & Ageha Apparels!

Hey People!

So I promised to do the next post (which is this) to be a continuation of what kind of eyeliners I use.
But I find this is way more important! XD

Garder-La-Foi has officially started business!

Over at Garder La foi, is where you take your first step to achieve your dreams to becoming like popteen models Tsubasa or Ageha models Momoeri or Sakurina!

I can proudly say that our clothes are actually of quite good quality and are all limited pieces, so you don't have to worry someone else you see on the street will be in the same outfit as you. And what's more, we sell brands like SLY, MOUSSY, Growing Rich etc~

It will of course be best if you guys buy it and take a look for yourself, with me saying how good it isjust doesn't convince anyone. XD I was so tempted to buy a few pieces myself but for recognition of the blogshop, I've decided not to. (But it will be a different case in the next batch~ LOL!)

Nuff said about the blogshop, on to the kind of clothes Garder-La-Foi sells!!

Gyaru Dresses/ Tops

LDS Leopard print furry half jacket

Monday, January 3, 2011

[Cosme Review] Kanebo Fréshel White C BB Cream UV

Hey peeps!

Kanebo Fréshel White C BB Cream UV

Today's post will be a review on Kanebo's Fréshel White C BB Cream UV!

I recieved this product from Nuffnang on the 31st of December 2010 and was so excited since this is my first blogging contest. The winner for this contest will get to a Kanebo hamper worth over a hundred dollars!
I so wanna win this cos after using the BB cream, I'm addicted to it!

First of all, I want to clarify that although this was given to me free to do a review, what I say in this entry is what I feel about this product and not just to win this contest. *I cross my heart they are all true* HAHA!