Monday, July 18, 2011

Bella Box Singapore!

Hey Ya'll!!

If you're staying in Singapore like me, and knows about Birch Box US and GlossyBox UK but can't order them cos they only cater to people in their country then you'll be super happy now!

Bella Box SG is just like Birch Box and GlossyBox, the only difference is that YES THEY ARE CATERED TO US SINGAPOREANS!!! I think the concept would be the same, paying SGD $15 each month and you'll get 5 items from them! Super happy about it! I was so upset when I found Glossybox but I can't order them.

A makeup junkie like me would be the best customer for them. XD They are still in the midst of preparing though. So just join their Facebook Page for more updates!

Super short post but I just had to tell you guys about this. So excited!!!

Stay tuned to my upcoming blog entries and more video uploads!

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1 comment:

  1. Looks niceee *__* That box actually looks really nice for packaging !