Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dinner with mousie Chermaine~ + OOTD

The lovely mousie~ <3
I finally had the time to meet up with chermaine my bestie for dinner yesterday! I missed her so much~ She's so busy working now too~ >.<

So anyways, we went to have dinner at this Korean place called BBQ Chicken. And we both agreed it would be the first and the last time we had anything there. I had this bulgogi steak thingy which was..mehh~ I tried a bit of her grilled chicken and it was kinda tasteless, at least to me.

Then I suggested having some ice cream so we got some soft serve from Hokkaido ice cream. I had matcha flavour. Then we were happily eating when we realised the ice cream has melted so fast we had half a cup of melted ice cream. GAHH!
Since secondary school, everytime I'm out with mousie, she tends to attract really funny and weird people, so as usual, this japanese guy came up to us and said "OISHI?" pointing at our ice cream and asked if we were japanese. We just smiled awkwardly and said ahh oishi~ XD

We sat by the side of the river for quite some time and talked about lotsa stuff. We even wanted to plan a short holiday to Hong Kong together but was called off right after I reached home cos the promotion for the air fare has ended already. Bummer~~~

She then had to leave at around 10-ish and I had to catch my train just in case I missed the last ride home. Was still craving for sweet stuff and just bought a cup of caramel milk tea with coffee jelly from Rockery home and half the cup went to my parents stomach cos they thought it was awesome~

Awesome caramel milk tea with coffee jelly!

Oh! And mousie passed me my belated birthday present!!

As usual, she always wraps them up soooo nicely~ THANKS MOUSIE! <3<3

And when I opened it, I was so shocked to see Elizabeth Arden's High Shine Lipgloss in Berrylicious cos I have been wanting this lipgloss in the exact same shade for the longest time~ We really have some telepathy going on..

The Harajuku Lovers fragrance she gave me was sooooo cute!!! And surprisingly I actually kinda liked how it smelled~ Just look at the bottle, who would not love it? This is the wicked style one. And the doll has black lipstick!! XD hahahhaa! So cute~

~ ~~~~~~~~♥ 


 Long sleeved top: Taiwan's roadside store
Inner sleeveless tank (not seen): Giordano
Harem pants: Temporary store at a shopping mall
Wedged sandals: Aldo
Tote Bag: Prada (gave by my aunt)
Fedora hat: Far East Plaza
 Multi layered necklace: Taiwan
Other accessories: *listed below*

Studded ring: Value shop
Turquoise Ring: H&M
Bangle watch: ASOS 
~ ~~~~~~~~♥ 

And some camwhore pictures of myself. XD BLAHHH!

Makeup for the day.
Eyelashes: Eyemazing No. 1

Stay tuned to my upcoming blog entries and more video uploads!

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  1. Sexy girl *__* love the ring!

  2. I love the Harajuku lovers collection :) You look lovely a always by the way :D

    Please check out my cute Forever21 tools & accessories giveaway! -- It's my first one :)

  3. @★33★

    Hahah~ Thanks~ I love my rings too~~ <3

  4. @Jessica-Marie

    Thanks alot~ Will visit back your blog~ :)

  5. :D glad u loved it! Have you tried on the perfume yet? I need a girly outing soon! Hahaha! This time I will remember to bring my camera! <3

  6. @indecisivetomorrow
    I've been using it non-stop! I love the smell of it~~ so sweet teehee~~