Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Please vote for me in Bébé Poshé Bloggers Challenge 20 mins Make Over!

Hey Ya'll!!

This post is about Bébé Poshé again! I mentioned in my Bébé Poshé event blog post that we were supposed to do a make over in 20 minutes right? And we also had our photos taken because............

There's a competition! Yea! And We bloggers have to get votes for our photo! My photo wasn't the best but oh well~ PLEASE VOTE FOR ME HERE!! *My name is written as Foo Su Ying >.< They put my full name *

100 Lucky Voters will be chosen to be given prizes! So you could be one of them!!

Voting will start from today July 19th ~ August 20th 2011! So start voting now! You can vote for 3 entries PER DAY!

Thank you very much!!! And please stay tuned to my announcement for my giveaway!!

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