Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer 2011 Coordinate No. 001

Hey Ya'll!

This is the first post of COORDINATE i'll be posting up! It will be different from the OOTD.
Coordinate posts will be mainly clothes coordinates that I pair from outside which are not mine.. YET. plus pictures of other accessories such as shoes, hats etc from the internet which I think would sum up the whole look.

I do not have the widest range of clothes in my closet so I think this way it will be good for both my readers and me. At least my readers will have a wider range of ideas as to what they can coordinate with their present  apparels or maybe intending to buy new clothings for another style. Good for me since I am quite a lazy shopper when it comes to clothes. I can look at the coordinates I posted and maybe think of what clothes to buy exactly.

So let's get started for the first coordinate for summer 2011~!

Knitted Top: Forever 21
Floral Maxi Dress: Forever 21

Other accessories to match with:
- Floppy Hat (Random from Internet)
- Wooden Bangle (Random from Internet)
- Long Bohemian Style Necklace (Random from Internet)
- Strappy Sandals with Precious Stones (Esperanza, Shimamura)

Why I chose this outfit?
The knitted top just caught my eye at a glance, I am a big fan of knitted stuff. So I picked the top up and proceeded on to find a match. The maxi dress has lots of asymmetrical layers at the bottom which makes it stand out from the usual maxi dresses. 

The maxi dress is actually a low back, low front halter which can be worn alone to acheive a sexier outfit. HAHA but it was wayyy too low for me. 

I chose accessories with a more earthy toned colour such as brown and gold. Remember to keep the accessories simple to avoid having too much and resulting in the clash with the floral prints of the dress.
A bohemian headband or even a simple braid could replace the hat. 

I have mentiond before I like shoes with precious stones like the ones above. But I didn't choose them just because I like them but I think would finish off the look. I personally find the slipper ones would work very well with this outfit. But if the dress is too long you might want to wear the wedged ones which will work with this look too~

I hope you enjoyed my coordinate post and give me some comments if you think another item would perfect this look. Share with me your coordinate too!!

Stay tuned to my upcoming blog entries and more video uploads!

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  1. Wheee, love this outfit and the wedges! So comfortable and summery :D