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[Sponsored Review] Nuteen Acne Away!!!

Are your pimples or acne problems bothering you? Well, there are tons of different products out there that MIGHT help each and every individual. That one certain product that your friend raves to you about might help him/ her but it might not necessarily work wonders for you.

I have been through a stage where I had a very bad outbreak around my forehead and and no matter what products I use, it just didn't help. Many years after, I managed to get rid of 90% of my pimples after consuming medication used to treat outbreaks like mine. I'm not gonna encourage all of you to take pills to stop your outbreak but because I'm a very impatient person I can't wait that long. XD
It is still best if you take care of your skin by having a balanced diet, ample sleep and face products that suits you best.

I want to introduce to you today a series of facial products that are targeted at people with acne/ oily skin, such as teenagers!

Teenagers tend to get outbreaks and all due to hormonal changes and there is really that much you can do if your pocket money can't really bring you to expensive facial salons or clinics to have your skin treated.
Other then having a balanced diet, ample rest and drinking lots of water, having the correct facial products that does not clog your pores but cleanses your skin thoroughly is important!

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So anyway, as usual, my package came within 2 days. This time with Nuteen's products in them! Although I'm not really considered a teen anymore but I still do have an oily T-zone area.
But this time I decided to let my younger brother who is still in his teenage years and has a bit of an acne problem to test out this product before giving me his opinions.

My brother is a very vain person like me too but unfortunately he has quite a bit of acne as compared to me when I was a teen. He has also tried tons of other products that were supposedly for acne skin, many didn't work though.

Left: Nuteen Acne & Pimples Away Sleeping Mask
Middle: Nuteen Acne & Pimples Away Cleanser
Right: Nuteen Acne & Shine Away Toner
He has been using these products for a couple of days now and it is still working fine. Reviews given here are based on how he thinks his skin feels after using the products for 2 days.

1st Step: Cleanser
 There are lots of cleansers meant for acne that dries out the skin totally leaving your skin taut as hell. Which is not good actually. Your skin will tend to produce MORE oil as it has this automatic system that tells them " NO MORE OIL ON THE SURFACE TO PROTECT!!!! MORE OIL!!!" Yes, the oils on the surface of your skin protects bacteria from entering but on the other hand having TOO MUCH oil is not good either >.<

Gel cleanser
The Nuteen Acne & Pimples away cleanser is a gel cleanser which is great for acne prone skin as gel cleansers or gel based products are water soluble and does not contain much oils in them. It is however also important the gel cleanser does not strip your natural oils off too.

Comments from my brother was that the foam did not dry out his skin totally after washing, instead it feels very supple and smooth. Plus, it feels very refreshing.

Rating from my brother: 3.5 / 5

2nd Step: Toner
The 2nd step is of course to tone your face and close the pores to prevent any bacteria from entering your freshly cleansed face! Toner has also another function which is to double cleanse. Double cleansing is important as there might be residues that are stubborn and could not be washed away with just facial foam.

Most toners in the markets contains alcohol as alcohol is an astringent which closes your pores and doubles cleanses strongly. However, alcohol can be a tad too harsh on some people's skin and it is always good not to torture your skin that much. *shrugs*

Nuteen's Acne and Shine Away Toner double cleanses quite well and it is alcohol-free! And it is probably because it is alcohol-free it doesn't make my skin feel tight and uncomfortable. I used this toner myself as it doesn't dry my cheeks too much.

Comments from my brother: Feels refreshing and skin still feels smooth.

Rating from my brother: 4 / 5

Last Step: Sleeping Mask!!
Last but not least the sleeping mask!!! Usually, after toning my brother would normally apply his gel moisturizer. But this time, he decided to put on this sleeping mask to sleep.

Our skin regenerates itself during sleep. If our skin is provided with adequate moisture & nourishment during the night, the speed of skin regeneration and repair is doubled.
Nuteen Acne Away Sleeping Mask is enrich with natural ingredients such as Thanakha, Ginseng & Licorice Extracts to provide continuous and intensive overnight moisture to help even out skin tone and reduce the formation of blemishes and pimple breakouts. It also miraculously soothes and reduces the pimples' size while you have your beauty sleep

I really wanted to try it too but I was afraid it might dry out my face too much. I might try applying it on my T-zone tonight. Let's all cross our fingers it works for me XD

Again, the mask is a gel like formula *heaves a sigh of relieve* It placed it on the back of my hands and it felt REALLY soothing and comfortable.

My brother tried it out and woke up to wash out the mask and his face seems to be so much brighter and clearer. It felt quite smooth when I touched it too. His pimples are still there but I guess it helped by smoothening out a lil.

Comments from my brother: Feels smooth after washing out but was not used to having a mask on when sleeping. Pimples weren't as red as the night before.

Ratings from my brother: 3.5 / 5

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