Sunday, September 25, 2011

Winner for 100+ Giveaway!

Yes! I'm here to announce the winner!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Testing post and Updates to giveaway

Just testing a new app for blogging. And also to see if any of you would be interested if I did a tutorial for this hair in the picture.

I find it really interesting and thought you all might too. So leave me comments to let me know ok?

So anyway, My GIVEAWAY is finally closed (yesterday)!
Thank you all lovelies for participating! Please give me a few more days grace for me to sort out the entries before I announce the winner on my blog! 
To be fair, any entries entered after the 15th Sept would be disqualified but I still thank you for joining!
I will also be deleting those blog post entries if I can't find the post without notifying.

Please wait for the announcement! I'll have it announced on my blog, FB, and Twitter. So be sure to follow me!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sneak Peek: Photoshoot with Hana

Hey Ya'll!

Just wanted to show you a sneak peek of a photoshoot I did with Hana as she needed some photos for her portfolio. Am excited for her and hope she gets her dream job she wants! Remember to like Hana's FB Page!
I'll do a post for this when I receive the photos from her.

Hopefully I didn't ruin her photos >.< I'm not a very professional model. GAH!

I'm feeling so sick right now. And the irony? All thanks to the medication which was supposed to heal me, instead, it made me feel worst! I went to my doctor just last night for some allergies and the doctor gave me some drowsy medicine which would supposedly stop my itch. I ate it at 8 PM last night and almost immediately I felt super drowsy. I was on the verge of sleep eating through my dinner. XD

And so me being me, I though I had no problems for any kinds of medication and even drowsy medicine wouldn't beat me down. But this time, I am so so wrong. T^T

Alrighty then, this was just a filler post I admit. But I'll post more soon and hopefully, I get to go to the Fashionquake Aid 2011 Fashion show this Sunday!! Yippee~!

Oh and I forgot to mention, my deadline for my GIVEAWAY is approaching! 2 more days to the closing date! So don't forgot to join now!! <3

That's all guys!!! Subscribe to my blog for more updates! I promise to blog very soon~~


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Sunday, September 11, 2011

World Runway - Premiere Fashionquake Aid 2011 in Singapore

I'm not sure if I should say FML now cos I'm really tempted to get tickets to go for this Fashionquake Aid 2011 runway show that is going to happen in Singapore.

I was watching channel Starworld when i chanced upon the advertisement for it and it looked so much like Tokyo Girls Collection's fashion show! I searched on the net for it almost immediately but couldn't really find anything about it.

I found their FaceBook Page but they didn't give much info as to who were the models coming. There will most probably be a mix between of a few countries.

It will be held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium which means it will definitely be quite an event but still paying $85 for a fashion show which I'm not even sure about? They have VIP seatings as well which I would LOVE to get cos the normal seatings would probably make the models look as small as ants. But I just don't have that $297 to spare to get that VIP seatings.

I guess I'll just wait for Hana to probably get some info from her fashion guru friend and hopefully we might be able to dig out more info about it before the show.

Here's some info from their FB and some links:

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

[Sponsored Review] Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash

Hey Ya'll!

I know I haven't been updating much about any makeup or fashion stuff these few weeks. But I'll get back to it once I finish up my really backdated reviews I need to do. >.< So please bear with me.
This should be the last one and you guys can get to see my other posts already!

So anyway, back to the topic.
I'm not sure if you all have heard of this facial wash yet, but I was really tempted to get it when I first saw it at Watsons the other time.

Presenting to you......... BIORE MARSHMALLOW WHIP FACIAL WASH!!

I was totally taken in by it's cute lil roundish packaging (I'm a sucker for cute packaging) when I first saw it.
But I didn't buy it at that moment just because it's a skin care product and am very careful when I get them especially skin cleansers since it's one of the most important step of the routine.