Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New header~

Hey Y'all~

Just gonna do a useless update~ I've finally changed my blog header! Well, I changed it a day before I left for Taiwan actually. I have tons of backlog to clear still but some of them are already done but I put them on schedule cos I didn't want to mesh them up all at one go.

I still have work tomorrow and I've got to reach early cos I was asked to help out with the donation drive. ~_~ Bummer~~~ 

I'll be listing down what are coming up, be it already in my schedule or not yet completed ones~ >.<

See you guys soon!!

What's to come:
- Leaders Insolution Mask Review - Part 1
- Harajuku Street Style Event @ Tangs 
- Taiwan Haul (Split into different sections; Clothes, Beauty etc)
- Sheene Products Review (Famous Thai Brand of Cosmetics)

These are all the scheduled ones~ So many other back logs that are not yet completed~ 

So stay tuned for my next post~~

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  1. Love the new header. Awesome heels!
    Looking forward to your posts

  2. Your heels are killer in the new banner!

  3. Love the new banner and the picture is amazing :)

    Japan Australia

  4. I also love the new header. ^^, So elegant looking

  5. Love your new header ^_^! You're so pretty <333
    and i'm looking forward to the posts :D

  6. LOVE THE HEADDDDDDER. Where did you get your dress and heels?! They look awesome.