Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Photoshoot #2 with Hana - Apparel Store SE7EN

Hey Y'all!

Guess where am I blogging from? My office!! HAHA!

Decided to skip lunch today since my lunch kahki couldn't make it for lunch today. :( So I'd rather not have lunch XD

So just a short post with mostly pictures today~ My 2nd photoshoot with Hana for apparel store SE7EN located at Chevron House just opposite Watsons. I love love love their clothes so much which is why I agreed to this shoot too. The cuttings and quality of their clothes are so amazing I don't know what else to say. I'm not paid to advertise for them in any way btw~

I have 2 outfits from their shop and one of them is the Black Jacket with leopard prints on the inside. It's so versatile, I'm able to match them with my office wear and also my casual wear like shorts in the photo later on. I also have another one-piece in beige which I wore to the Harajuku Street Style Event at Tangs (this reminds me, I haven't done the post for that!! >.<) What I really love about the clothes there are not only the cutting and quality but also the details. I like simple apparel but I can't resist apparels that has such attractive details to them!

I was kinda tired when I went for this shoot cos it was right after the Mucota event. I didn't even have time to do my hair cos we had to finish shooting before the sun goes down. I was changing in and out so fast I couldn't catch a breath >.< And because we were at Raffles place, the security of Chevron House didn't allow us to shoot at the building itself, I had to shuffle between the shop and the place near the centre of Raffles Place which was filled with people. Boo Hoo~~ T^T

So I'll cut the story short and get the photos rolling~

Champagne Colored Toga
Great for wedding dinners and work.
The drape of the dress adds on to the details and
ehances the curves of your body.

Aristocrat Inspired Outfit
This comes in a set with the shorts and the high collared top.
The pants are really comfy to wear~
You can also pair the top with a pair of jeans just to add a
a touch to your casual wear with the details from the top.

"The last outfit for that day cos the sun was setting :("

Bright Orange One-Piece
This dress can definitely make a statement!
It's so rich in color and the pockets and buttons
makes it more outstanding. The buttons
reminds me of military jackets which is still quite
a trend now~

Black One-Piece with Chains
One of my favourites~ I just am a sucker for black apparels >.<
This is also great for wedding dinners and office wear.
If you need a LBD, this one does the job with a touch
of details on the round neckline making it less boring.

White One-Piece with Zip
Loving the slightly square neckline!
 *Cos I'm in love with my collarbone XD*

Black Military X Rock Jacket
Black Pants-Skirt
Jacket is great for pairings with shorts, skirts or jeans.

White Bow Top
Really cute top with lace details at the back.
A lil too cute for my liking but if you have a liking for
cuter clothings, this top IS cute. XD

Orange X Black One-Piece
Again, this piece has a cutting to die for.
It really shows off the curves of the body but not
body hugging so it's not uncomfortable to wear at all!

Black Flair Jacket with Leopard Prints and Waist Belt
White Dragon Scaled Shorts
I'm so in love with the jacket! I pair it with my
office wear, jeans and shorts~
The leopard prints just makes the whole jacket stand
out from all the black it has.
The Dragon Scaled shorts are quite cute and it comes in black as well.
The clothes I wore in these photos are probably all gone cos SE7EN only brings in limited pieces of stock per design and some gets sold out on the same day the stocks come in. >.<

So check their apparels out to see and feel for yourself their quality of clothes! And grab them fast~! The moment you hesitate, it might be gone the next minute and no same pieces will be restocked again~~


  1. you and your clothes are so beautiful

  2. You look amazing! My favourites are the first two :)

    Japan Australia

  3. Liked how you put it together! Liked the outfits involving shorts and such :3

  4. all the clothes look good on you!!
    how tall are you? :D

  5. beautiful !!! <3 amazing pics n.n

  6. Wow you look great in all those photos!

  7. You look so extremely classy in all these photos! I like the cut of the orange/black once piece a lot

  8. You look so nice in so many outfits! Diggin' the second dress <3 rockinnnggg itttttt !!!