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[Sponsored Review] LEADERS Insolution Masks, Part 1

Hey Y'all!

I'm finally back with a post~ Sorry for the lack of updates! >.<

Today's post is gonna be a review on LEADERS Insolution Masks sponsored by!

This is gonna be a 2 part review, the 1st one which is the one you're reading right now and another one in 4 weeks' time to let you all know how the result is after using it for a month~

The people at were really friendly! They discussed with me in detail what kind of skin type I belong to and suggested the best mask for me to use.

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So what is LEADERS Insolution Masks?

About LEADERS InSolution Masks

                 LEADERS Cosmetic Group has owned and operated over 10 professional Skin Clinics and Aesthetics across Daegu City, Seoul, Korea since 2001. Under its professional R&D department, the LEADERS Group’s dermatologist team researched and developed its professional skin care and hair care ranges.The dermatologists and skin specialists created a cosmedical brand called LEADERS Insolution. It was created by the graduates of Seoul National University to use the principles of treatments used in dermatology clinics for skin troubles most common to women. InSolution means it solves inner skin troubles with an active ingredient that is proven to help target problems of dry, pigmented, irritated, tired, lost of elasticity, freckles, troubled skin according to the mask you choose to apply. 
                 LEADERS InSolution Mask is the upgraded version of Leaders Clinic Clinie Mask with the newest technology and Natural ingredients. It adopts 4-key concept which are Paraben (preservative) FREE, Relief Skin Irritation (made of chamomile extract), Natural Preservative System (made of Azaleaextract) and Natural thin & silky cellulose sheet mask. It’s the first of its kind & undoubtedly become the hottest clinical brand in Korea, LEADERS Insolution is a prestigious skincare line with estimated sales of more than 500, 000 masks monthly.

Their service was really fast and packaging of the masks were really great! They came in this Postpac box which protected the masks in them really well unlike others which comes in flimsy envelopes.
They arrived in probably about 2 days cos I only agreed to the sponsor review on a Friday.

2 boxes were given, the one on the left were all the masks in their range, and the one on the right was the full box of masks that the people at suggested I used for the 4 weeks.

Look at how cute the packaging is?! 

Here are some facts about the Insolution masks!

Developed by Dermatologist
- Product development by skin specialists
- Applied plentiful clinical data of Leaders Clinic
- All products are dermatology tested
- Introduction of the newest Technology
- Adopted the concept of Skin A/S

Single Component
- Using active ingredient confirmed by clinical effects
 The product developed based on sufficient data about Effective ingredient’s structure and medical action

Solution for inner skin troubles (In+Solution)
- The name is combination of “in” and “solution
- With specialist’s prescription for each type of skin troubles and using natural ingredients, Insolution will take care of your inner skin troubles.

This upgrade from the previous range of Cline Masks are: 

Click image for for clearer picture

They have so many kinds of masks one post would take toooo long to explain them all, so here's a summary picture and links for you to refer to for a better understanding!

Click image for for clearer picture
For an even more detailed understanding for each individual mask, Click HERE

And so~~~~ I used my very 1st mask! The Aquaringer!! 

Click for clearer picture
I have a very obvious combination skin which irritates me alot because I can't just use a mask that is specifically for my T-zone if not my cheeks will be flaky, but then again I can't use a moisturizing one cos my T-zone will turn into an oilfield~ >.<

So the staff at Cossy suggested I use Aquaringer which is suitable for all types which will hydrate my skin but not make my T-zone oily. YAYY!

Look at how much goodness is in there?! 

More goodness for me to apply all over my neck and body~

Here's after unfolding the mask and it smells sooooo good~ It's so thin you can see the shape of my mouth XD

And even my spots and freckles :(

I was told to do this mask about 2 times a week for a month since the rate of our skin turnover is every 4 weeks. I place my masks in the refrigerator before I use them cos it feels refreshing to have cold mask on my face~ Hehe~ Plus it helps reduce puffiness~

I forgot to take a before and after picture of myself, but overall here are my opinions on what I feel about this mask:

- Hydrates the skin really well
- Smells awesome
- The mask adheres well to my face, covering every portion (I have quite a big face~ >.<)
- Face feels refreshed after the mask
- Probably the thinnest masks I've seen so far
- So much goodness in one pack that I can use the remaining essence to apply all over my body!

- Face feels a tad sticky but it will be gone by the next morning

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