Thursday, December 22, 2011


Hey Y'all!

It's Golly here AGAIN. XD And yes, I'm blogging in the office again during lunch time while snacking on my dried apples. Hahah!

So anyway, this post is dedicated to Kumicky's collaboration with LOVES WIG to create her styles of hair wigs.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

An apple a day keeps the doc away~

Hey Y'all!

It's lunch time now but here I am blogging (useless post) ~ Lunch khaki couldn't make it for lunch=blogging on office ♪(´ε` )

Just a really short post to show you guys what I've been snacking on this past one month~ Dried & unsulfured apples from Made in Nature!

I've tried the cranberry ones and it was abit too sweet for my liking. :( but the apple ones are awesome! It's soft and just the right sweetness. Somehow it's rather addicting to eat this and I eat this non stop in my office. 囧

But it's probably one of my most healthy snacks by far~
If you guys wanna get it it's available at watsons for about SGD$7.90.

I'll see you guys soon~~♪ And stay tuned to my blog for my next giveaway!

And guess what? I won an Ipad2 from!!!! OMOMOMOMO ~~ I'm so excited I'm gonna vomit~ XD Will be collecting my prize tomorrow!!!


Saturday, December 17, 2011

[Sponsored Review] LEADERS Insolution Masks, Part 2

Hey Y'all!

Remember the review I promised to do after 4 weeks for the LEADERS Insolution Mask I got from Well, yeah it has been about 4 weeks since and I'm back with the review!

Just a refreshment course for you on what LEADERS Insolution Mask is all about!

- Adopts 4-“NO” : NO Paraben (preservative), NO Mineral Oil, NO Silicon, NO Pigment.
-  Adopts 4-key conceptsParaben (preservative) FREE, Relief Skin Irritation (made of chamomile extract), Natural Preservative System (made of Azaleaextract) and Natural thin & silky cellulose sheet mask.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

ViViD @ Sundown Festival 2011

Hey Y'all!!

This is the first time ever I've ever updated an event post so quickly, well not very quick~ but faster then I usually would XD

So just a few weeks back on the 27th December, I went to Sundown Festival 2011 that was held at the F1 Pit Building (?) near the Flyer. Mr Panda bought the tickets really early just in case they were sold out. We wanted to go for the VIP standings but well I think it didn't make much difference.

This year was only the two of us but it doesn't really matter cos I think I'm quite fierce and strong? when it comes to concerts or lives like these. I wouldn't compare myself to those in the mosh pits cos firstly I don't like getting myself bruised all over so kudos to those who can XD