Wednesday, December 21, 2011

An apple a day keeps the doc away~

Hey Y'all!

It's lunch time now but here I am blogging (useless post) ~ Lunch khaki couldn't make it for lunch=blogging on office ♪(´ε` )

Just a really short post to show you guys what I've been snacking on this past one month~ Dried & unsulfured apples from Made in Nature!

I've tried the cranberry ones and it was abit too sweet for my liking. :( but the apple ones are awesome! It's soft and just the right sweetness. Somehow it's rather addicting to eat this and I eat this non stop in my office. 囧

But it's probably one of my most healthy snacks by far~
If you guys wanna get it it's available at watsons for about SGD$7.90.

I'll see you guys soon~~♪ And stay tuned to my blog for my next giveaway!

And guess what? I won an Ipad2 from!!!! OMOMOMOMO ~~ I'm so excited I'm gonna vomit~ XD Will be collecting my prize tomorrow!!!



  1. Apple snacks looks yummy! where did u get it? it looks like bacon strips! Take photos of the iPad2 when u get it hehehe~