Thursday, December 22, 2011


Hey Y'all!

It's Golly here AGAIN. XD And yes, I'm blogging in the office again during lunch time while snacking on my dried apples. Hahah!

So anyway, this post is dedicated to Kumicky's collaboration with LOVES WIG to create her styles of hair wigs.

If you don't know who Kumicky is, just google and there should be tons of results and pictures. :) I'm not a huge huge fan of Kumicky or wigs but I guess this would be some information for you guys~ I just ordered a tail wig from Pricilia Wigs and am waiting for them to arrive. My first ever "wig". I do wear hair extensions but never a full wig. I think I'll feel so uncomfortable with them on >.<

This series of hair wigs by Kumicky has been quite a hit in Japan, afterall Kumicky is one of the most popular models in Popteen. People tend to lean towards products/brands that their favourite celebrities endorse. I'm no exception, I go impluse buying when I see Sakurina wearing or endorsing a certain item XD But I don't blindly do implulse buying due to the forever poor me. HAHAHA!

There are a total of 8 designs that are under this Kumicky collaboration with LOVES WIG. All of which are full wigs.

 Long - Dolly (Kumicky wearing Shade #13)

Long - Otenba (Kumicky wearing Shade #13)

Medium - Fuwa Fuwa (Kumicky wearing Shade #13)

Medium - Koakuma (Kumicky wearing Shade #13)

Short - Yururun [Loose] (Kumicky wearing Shade #13)

Bob - Yancha [Mischievous] (Kumicky wearing Shade #13)

Bob - Happy (Kumicky wearing Shade #13)

Wave - Mode (Kumicky wearing Shade #13)

I personally like the Koakuma and the Happy bob ones. Plus they are definitely cheaper and more affordable then Pricilia's. I'm not too sure about the quality of it and will never do cos I don't think I will ever get a full wig. Maybe I would if I'm too lazy to do a short style. =P

There are other full, medium and short wigs available on Loves Wig's webstore as well as point wigs such as tail wigs, odangos and extensions.

There are various sites that sells them but they are all about the same price. So do check them out if you're a Kumicky/ wig fan. =D

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  1. I ordered one wig just to see how i would look with a bob, but aside from that, i agree that they arent what you call comfortable >> but! I would definitely want to order more :3 just because i can have different styles and colors of hair without the damage haha
    I hope you do a review on your tail wig when it arrives!

    And yes, although a too am not such a huge fan of kumicky, i am quite influenced by the models and celebrities i like =.=;;

    From ^^

    1. I ordered some extensions and a mori hair piece just to try out but sadly the hairpiece's color doesn't suit my hair~ I might sell it :(

      And yes, they are great for changing styles when you like it but stillll, not a fan of it haha!

      Thanks for all the lovely comments! <3

  2. I LOVE the Yururun and Koakuma ones! So pretty. I want one myself <3

  3. I badly want to order one, I just don't know if when it'll happen. They're gorgeous! :)

    1. Go get it~~ if you don't order it now, it's not gonna happen! ^^

      Stay gorgeous! <3