Sunday, December 4, 2011

ViViD @ Sundown Festival 2011

Hey Y'all!!

This is the first time ever I've ever updated an event post so quickly, well not very quick~ but faster then I usually would XD

So just a few weeks back on the 27th December, I went to Sundown Festival 2011 that was held at the F1 Pit Building (?) near the Flyer. Mr Panda bought the tickets really early just in case they were sold out. We wanted to go for the VIP standings but well I think it didn't make much difference.

This year was only the two of us but it doesn't really matter cos I think I'm quite fierce and strong? when it comes to concerts or lives like these. I wouldn't compare myself to those in the mosh pits cos firstly I don't like getting myself bruised all over so kudos to those who can XD

It was raining all day and it was quite a bummer. We went there around 3 pm and there was already a long ass queue. Luckily we met a friend of Mr Panda's, Ayame and she kindly let us join her~~ 
She was so cute, she brought along her poncho~ But I still used my pathetic small umbrella to try to cover all 3 of us HAHAHHA! And guess what? My brolly seems to be made of such thin material, we still ended up wet cos the rain was pouring THROUGH the brolly. Gyahahahah!! 

The waiting time was relatively faster then I have expected and once the 3 of us were in, me and Mr Panda ran like no one's business so we could stand at the barricade. (I have a thing for barricades XD) I seem to enjoy lives more when standing at the barricades. So we had quite a good standing actually.

Look at all the people!!!!
It continued to drizzle and all and everyone was waiting for it to start but it kept playing commercials people started booing when another commercial started, they must be thinking "Stop repeating the commercials already, we know who are the sponsors by hard now" .
And FINALLY, the drums and dragon dance? started. The drums performance by the group were really awesome though, they were so neat.

And then~~~~ ViViD came out and it stopped raining!! Ok, it stopped raining before everything started actually XD
This was the only pathetic picture I took. HAHAHHA! Please enjoy~

ViViD's performance was mind-blowing and my inner fangirl surfaced, I started climbing onto the barricades plus another fan boy Mr Panda beside me, some camera man was so amused they started taking videos of us. I was thinking should I maintain my image since it would probably be on the net or something, but then after 2 seconds of thinking I shall not and continue screaming my lungs out hahahaha! And I think Shin pointed in my direction cos I was standing on the barricade + my height I probably stood out. =D Ok I'm just delusional XD

Mr Panda feeling bored with all the commercials, I think? HAHHA!

We both left right after ViViD finished their encore and went for dinner at Yoshinoya before heading home.
Was really tired when I calmed down after all the hype I felt so old. =_=

And we still had another live to go the next day, Secilia Luna's! Will talk about it in the next or following blogpost.

I've decided to answer some questions that all my beloved readers have left in my blogposts. So if you don't see my reply here to your comment, don't be mistaken, I read each and every one of your comments and I really appreciate them, it makes me happy~ But I've noticed that there were questions some of you readers were asking and I thought I would just answer them here~

So before the Q&A, some camwhore pictures of me. XD

Making use of the sunlight~ =D

Eye make for the day.


Replies to comment questions:

LOVE THE HEADDDDDDER. Where did you get your dress and heels?! They look awesome.
By mindless-obsession
Golly-Locks: The dress was given to me by an ex-boss of mine and the heels were ordered online. =)
Oh! I'm going to Taiwan too but i'm stopping by Singapore first xD it's my first time in Singapore, do you have any recommendations for shopping? is Watsons in Singapore cheaper than Taiwan? and clothes in general? Anyway hope you have fun! I love shopping in Taiwan, it's the best ^^
By Joanna
Golly-Locks: I love shopping in Ximending cos it has all sorts of gyaru styled clothes, they have sexier casual and more formal ones like those in Ageha magazines too. I suggest looking at every alley they have cos they have small lil hidden stores in some of them. Shinjuku Plaza which is located close to Ximending has lotsa Gyaru brands like Liz Lisa and CoCoLuLu. Ximending itself has a CoCoLuLu store as well. Their SoGo carries lotsa other Gyaru brands like Gilfy as well. The things in Taiwan's Watsons are generally cheaper then Singapore but there are certain stuffs that are about the same price. But Taiwan's Watsons carries lotsa other brands of makeup that Singapore doesn't.
all the clothes look good on you!! how tall are you? :D
By stella lee
Golly-Locks: I'm about 1.7m =D

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