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[Sponsored Review] Nuteen Acne Away!!!

Are your pimples or acne problems bothering you? Well, there are tons of different products out there that MIGHT help each and every individual. That one certain product that your friend raves to you about might help him/ her but it might not necessarily work wonders for you.

I have been through a stage where I had a very bad outbreak around my forehead and and no matter what products I use, it just didn't help. Many years after, I managed to get rid of 90% of my pimples after consuming medication used to treat outbreaks like mine. I'm not gonna encourage all of you to take pills to stop your outbreak but because I'm a very impatient person I can't wait that long. XD
It is still best if you take care of your skin by having a balanced diet, ample sleep and face products that suits you best.

I want to introduce to you today a series of facial products that are targeted at people with acne/ oily skin, such as teenagers!

Teenagers tend to get outbreaks and all due to hormonal changes and there is really that much you can do if your pocket money can't really bring you to expensive facial salons or clinics to have your skin treated.
Other then having a balanced diet, ample rest and drinking lots of water, having the correct facial products that does not clog your pores but cleanses your skin thoroughly is important!

Thanks to The Sample Store once again for sponsoring awesome stuffs!

So anyway, as usual, my package came within 2 days. This time with Nuteen's products in them! Although I'm not really considered a teen anymore but I still do have an oily T-zone area.
But this time I decided to let my younger brother who is still in his teenage years and has a bit of an acne problem to test out this product before giving me his opinions.

My brother is a very vain person like me too but unfortunately he has quite a bit of acne as compared to me when I was a teen. He has also tried tons of other products that were supposedly for acne skin, many didn't work though.

Left: Nuteen Acne & Pimples Away Sleeping Mask
Middle: Nuteen Acne & Pimples Away Cleanser
Right: Nuteen Acne & Shine Away Toner
He has been using these products for a couple of days now and it is still working fine. Reviews given here are based on how he thinks his skin feels after using the products for 2 days.

1st Step: Cleanser
 There are lots of cleansers meant for acne that dries out the skin totally leaving your skin taut as hell. Which is not good actually. Your skin will tend to produce MORE oil as it has this automatic system that tells them " NO MORE OIL ON THE SURFACE TO PROTECT!!!! MORE OIL!!!" Yes, the oils on the surface of your skin protects bacteria from entering but on the other hand having TOO MUCH oil is not good either >.<

Gel cleanser
The Nuteen Acne & Pimples away cleanser is a gel cleanser which is great for acne prone skin as gel cleansers or gel based products are water soluble and does not contain much oils in them. It is however also important the gel cleanser does not strip your natural oils off too.

Comments from my brother was that the foam did not dry out his skin totally after washing, instead it feels very supple and smooth. Plus, it feels very refreshing.

Rating from my brother: 3.5 / 5

2nd Step: Toner
The 2nd step is of course to tone your face and close the pores to prevent any bacteria from entering your freshly cleansed face! Toner has also another function which is to double cleanse. Double cleansing is important as there might be residues that are stubborn and could not be washed away with just facial foam.

Most toners in the markets contains alcohol as alcohol is an astringent which closes your pores and doubles cleanses strongly. However, alcohol can be a tad too harsh on some people's skin and it is always good not to torture your skin that much. *shrugs*

Nuteen's Acne and Shine Away Toner double cleanses quite well and it is alcohol-free! And it is probably because it is alcohol-free it doesn't make my skin feel tight and uncomfortable. I used this toner myself as it doesn't dry my cheeks too much.

Comments from my brother: Feels refreshing and skin still feels smooth.

Rating from my brother: 4 / 5

Last Step: Sleeping Mask!!
Last but not least the sleeping mask!!! Usually, after toning my brother would normally apply his gel moisturizer. But this time, he decided to put on this sleeping mask to sleep.

Our skin regenerates itself during sleep. If our skin is provided with adequate moisture & nourishment during the night, the speed of skin regeneration and repair is doubled.
Nuteen Acne Away Sleeping Mask is enrich with natural ingredients such as Thanakha, Ginseng & Licorice Extracts to provide continuous and intensive overnight moisture to help even out skin tone and reduce the formation of blemishes and pimple breakouts. It also miraculously soothes and reduces the pimples' size while you have your beauty sleep

I really wanted to try it too but I was afraid it might dry out my face too much. I might try applying it on my T-zone tonight. Let's all cross our fingers it works for me XD

Again, the mask is a gel like formula *heaves a sigh of relieve* It placed it on the back of my hands and it felt REALLY soothing and comfortable.

My brother tried it out and woke up to wash out the mask and his face seems to be so much brighter and clearer. It felt quite smooth when I touched it too. His pimples are still there but I guess it helped by smoothening out a lil.

Comments from my brother: Feels smooth after washing out but was not used to having a mask on when sleeping. Pimples weren't as red as the night before.

Ratings from my brother: 3.5 / 5

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Singapore Street Festival 2011 *Warning: Image Heavy*

Me and Rosy O(≧∇≦)O

Hey Ya'll!

I know I have lacking in updates. This was supposed to be a post done way back but I didn't get down to doing it~(。・人・`。))ゴメンネ But I'm back again!!

I went to the Singapore Street Festival 2011 on a Saturday a few weeks back (I know~ I'm so late! ( ̄Д)=3)  and it was their 10th anniversary! Mr. Panda was one of the performing bands Renaissance and so I did his makeup and hair as usual. Check out Renaissance and their schedules on their Facebook Page.

This post is gonna be picture heavy cos there are tons of pictures I took with other people and some of Renaissance.

I woke up at about 11am *actually my alarm was set to 8am but I snoozed it :P* Then I got prepared and by the time I was ABOUT ready it was already 1pm =_= So I got my ass out of the house and rushed over to Mr. Panda's house.

The rich man counting his money *JJ*

Did Mr Panda's makeup and hair and got out of the house. Did quite a light makeup for him using monotonous colours from my Kate Eyeshadow palette. I did a 3 twist on his hair and teased it just a bit. Look was inspired by Kazuki from Screw. I thought it looked quite alright already but he wanted the flips at the side so he did and it came out nice too~o(*^▽^*)o ゲラゲラゲラ

I then camwhored quite a bit while he was changing and off we went!!Ψ( ̄∀ ̄)Ψ

The event was all well but my shoes bit my feet so badly I ended up having blisters on my toes.。゜゜(´□`。)°゜。ワーン!! It was so painful I swear never to wear it again. Oh well, it is a pair of cheap shoes that costed me SGD $5 anyway so I won't expect much. I twitted a picture of the shoes but I didn't save it~ It was a silver pair of wedge.

Gonna post ALL the photos below so please bear with me~ cos the story continues after!
Aaron with the same expression in all the photos I took of him

Jarvis!! The gentle giant~ HAHAHA!

Credits to the photographer who took this photo.
Found this in a forum~

Just wanted to show you guys the twist I did for Mr. Panda
.AKA. Riku~ Hehe
Credits: Anthony Tan Photography

Mr. Neo .AKA. Mr Sheow


Credits: Anthony Tan Photography

Pearson on stage

Credits: Hana Leong

Friends & Me

Left: Hana
Right: Me

Left: Me
Right: Chiru

Left: Me
Right: Rosysy again~

Eh~~ Rosy's band~ XD

The lovebirds, Chiru and Mr Neo

Left: Me
Right: Sabrina 

Cute lil Anjelina in her yukata 

Left: Me
Right: Chloe *She's finally back to SG!*

Spy Shot of: Jeffery, Rosysy & Mr P. 

Poloroid of Mr P. and me by Anj~ Thanks!
That's about all the photos I took~ I still have a couple more but I'll post after this.

After the event ended, everyone helped out to clear the place. I got a Tee shirt and it was so cute! Since it was SF's 10th anniversary, instead of the usual Black and white tee, it was white with PINK wordings!! I twitted about it too but didn't save a picture. GAH!

Went for supper *and a lil bit of beer ((●≧艸≦)* with Mr P. and his friends including TKM Royston at a hawker place near Harbourfront. Finished supper and made our way back to vivocity so Roys could send us back. But because it was already 1am close to 2am, almost ALL the doors were close and we had to walk up and down to find an exit. =_= My feet had officially died by then.

Got home took SOME MORE pictures and KO-ed.(♡´ω`♡)

Babydoll Top: Golds Infinity
Denim Shorts: Brandless, bought in Taiwan
Spiral Stockings: Brandless, bought in Taiwan
Rosary Necklace: Small accessories shop located in Shibuya-109 Japan
White Pearled Bracelet (Not shown): Local Designer
Silver Wedges (Not shown): Brandless, bought at Robinsons Sale
- Clarins Instant Light Complexion Perfector
- Kate Lasting High Coverage Liquid Foundation - B
- Revlon ColorStay for Combination/ Oily Skin - 200 Nude
- Kate Covering Concealer for under eyes
- MAC Studio Finish Concealer - NW20
- Kate Loose Powder for Face - Natural Type
- Clarins Instant Light Brush-On Perfector  (Higlight)

- Integrate Accent Eyes Palette - BR750
- Kate Gel Liner - BK-1
- MAC Eyeshadow - Carbon
- Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner - Black
- Lash Sculpture Long Separate Mascara
- Maybelline Magnus Mascara
 - Bibo Eyebrow Pencil - Light Brown
- Brows Up Eyebrow Powder - 02
- Mezaik Eyelid Fibre
- Top Lahes: Eyemazing No. 002
 1/3 of Kiss Me Lashes in the middle
- Bottom Lashes: Astraea V. Lashes - 03. Feminine

- Canmake Bronzer - O1 (Contour)
- Makeup Store Blush - Chic
- Highlight colour in Integrate Accent Eyes Palette (Highlight

- Etude House Colour Me Nude Lip Concealer
- Revlon Lipstick - 070 Soft Nude
- Revlon ColorStay Soft & Smooth - 365 Luscious Rose
- Lavshuca Lipgloss - PK-4

- MAC Fix+

Contact Lens:
 - Princess Mimi - Apple Green

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Im still alive!

Yep I'm still alive people! I just started my new job and am going through training now.

I'm sorry if I haven't been posting much but I just don't really want to post half assed posts like this. GAh! But I just wanted to let you all know I'm well and alive but i'm really tired after a day's work and by the second hour I'm home, i'm already laying on my bed. It's bad bad bad~~~

So just posting a picture of myself. Look inspired by Kanako taken a month back. But I think I can't really carry the look off anyway~ I didn't cut my hair, I just tied it up~

I'll try to update soon~ in the meantime, remember to follow me for updates and join my giveaway!

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Pearly N Kelly's 2nd Giveaway!

Pearly N Kelly is having her 2nd giveaway!! Look at allll the awesome lashes she's giving!!
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Friday, August 5, 2011

Buys at Sasa + OOTD

Hey Ya'll!

Gonna be a quick post cos I'm dead beat from not catching a wink at all last night. Plus my hands just died trying to blog from my iphone and playing with my new photography app I just downloaded~ Loving it~
I finished the post on my phone after a long last and blogger app decided to not publish my post for I dunno what reason and it was SUPPOSED to be in my drafts but when I log into blogger on my brother's laptop, there isn't any draft or whatsoever. Grrrr~~~

Anyway, I started my day real early today by going out for breakfast and then slacking and mopping myself around the house for a good 1 hour before I decided to go do my makeup cos I was intending not to makeup to go down to Tampines to meet Miki AKA Doll to return her her Girls Life DVD and get my lashes from her at the same time. But since I had SOOOOO much time, I slowly did my makeup and because I was in the mood to do a mode-kei look, I had heavier eyemake~

And since the knitted headband is trending soon or already trending, I tried it out after a long digging in my wardrobe. XD God knows how the headband ended up in my wardrobe~ How does it look? :)

Met up with Miki at Macs and sat down to chit chat a lil with her friend Melissa. Went off after a while cos I had to buy some stuff from Sasa and here they are~~

 - Velcro hair rollers
- Kiss Me Eyelash Glue
- Gracia Falsies *not from sasa, was from Miki*
- AB Mezical double eyelid fiber *shall do a comparison with Mezaik soon*
- Mini eyelash curler

Made my way home and mommy called to say she was on half a day's and she wanted to go do a bit of shopping and have dinner at Junction 8. And so we did and I just came back about an hour ago. *tired*


- Multi- Coloured Chiffon Top: Frontier
- Bandage Skirt: Brandless from a night market
- High Waist Belt: Theblogshop's clothes buffet
- Alexander McQueen Ins. Clutch: Given by friend
- CL Ins. Peep Toe Heels: Bought online


Close up on eyemake
Eye makeup Products used:
- Kate Grey Palatte *all colours used*
- Kate Gel Liner
-24hours long lasting liquid liner
- Lash Sculpture Mascara
- Mezaik Fiber 
- Top Lashes: Egg Produce Diamond Lashes
- Bottom Lashes: Brandless bought in Taiwan

That's all guys! Sorry for the abrupt ending but my eyes are really closing on me and my hands are shivering from a headache. >.<

See you guys soon!

Stay tuned to my upcoming blog entries and more video uploads!

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