Saturday, October 29, 2011

[Event] Improved Hair Condition in just 1 Hour!

With Wendy Ashley & Hana
Hey Ya'll!!

I'm back again with yet another event post!

This event is way way overdue...Again. -_- But anyways~ If you all follow me on my FB page, you should know about my current craze over hair products from Mucota recently. I'm not saying this just because I'm sponsored, but I have noticed a HUGE improvement in my hair condition.

I'll explain more about the hair care products I use and swear by now in another post.

So back to the topic, I attended a hair event/ talk regarding a new product "Dyna" and was there as a hair model.

So what exactly is Mucota DYNA about?
Click to enlarge

The event was held at Toni & Guy's hairdressing academy. Hana and me reached there early to grab breakfast and also to snap some photos. I'll be posting more photos in my FB page so if you guys are interested to see more just hover your mouse HERE and you'll see the rest =D

Reaching early and fiddling around 
The session soon started and the room was quickly packed with professionals from salons all around. Gary from Headlines Salon was the Artistic director for Mucota that is launched in Singapore.

Gary explaining about Wendy's hair condition
Also met a new friend Wendy Ashley who was the other blogger that was chosen. Such a nice girl~
The morning session was to show what Dyna could do for Wendy's hair and mine was in the afternoon~

Sasaki-san giving a talk on hair science and explaining about Dyna
Lunch was provided for everyone and what do we do while waiting for food? 

Camwhore of cos!!! <3 XD

We went back hurriedly after lunch to prep for the next session.And it was my turn to have my hair transformed!! Yahoo!!~

I look so unglam with just my head sticking out. >.<

Oh and did I forget to mention that I met the really nice people like Zoe and Sasaki-san. Zoe is so cute and seems like so much fun to be with. 

Left: Sasaki- san
Right: Zoe
After the sessions were over, there was a lucky draw too! And lucky winners gets hair items~

And just to scare you guys with my before photo of my hair since Halloween is approaching~ Let the devil appear!

And to sooth your nerves a little, my after photo~ =)

Look mummy my hair is smooth!! 
I'm definitely gonna go for more of these treatments to pamper my hair from now on. I promise not to torture my poor hair anymore. =(

Wanna have silky smooth hair? Whether you've got damaged hair like me or just normal hair that needs maintenance, Dyna's treatment will make you feel like you have wind blowing in your hair~

Mucota Dyna is having a special promotion now! Simple "LIKE" Prime Group Asia's FB Page and you get 20% + $10 voucher for their treatment!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Photoshoot #1 with Hana - Liz Lisa Love

Floral Maxi Dress: Hana's

Remember the sneak peek of a photoshoot I did with Hana a while ago?

I finally got down to doing a post. Phew~ Was sent about 6 pictures and I love them all! The one above was my favorite though. The ironic thing was that we thought this teddy bear shot was never gonna work but it did in the end and became my favorite!

We planned on a weekend morning shoot at Fort Canning since the sun wouldn't be too hot but we were 70% wrong. It was so sunny and we couldn't find the escalator up we had climb the stairs. ~_~

We quickly started looking for places to shoot at and wrapped up by about 1pm. I'm so glad I didn't have to lug bags and bags of clothes but poor Hana had to since she was providing the clothes. All I brought were shoes and makeup to touch up.

So less talk, on to the photos!!

Off white baby doll top from Liz Lisa: Hana's
Small sling bag from H&M: Hana's
Off white baby doll top from Liz Lisa: Hana's
Small sling bag from H&M: Hana's
Floral baby doll top from, Liza Lisa: Hana's
Brown Pumps (Can't remember brand)
Floral baby doll top from, Liza Lisa: Hana's
Brown Pumps (Can't remember brand)
Floral Maxi Dress: Hana's
Blue Peep toe wedges: Bought in Malaysia
That's all beautifuls!! I'll see y'all soon!! Gonna wait for Hana to finish processing the photos for another photoshoot we had for apparel store Se7en~

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Monday, October 24, 2011

[Sponsored Review] Amethystory

Hey Y'all!

This review will be all about Amethystory's products. Thanks to The Sample Story once again for letting me try the products I've always been wanting to try but afraid of wasting my money. >.<

All of the products by Amethystory contains Amethyst of cos! But what exactly is Amethyst good for besides being a beautiful looking precious stone?

"Amethyst is well known as a natural aid for our body. It produces small, detectable magnetic field & emits beneficial far infrared radiation & negative ions that enhance circulation, promote anti-oxidation & rejuvenate skin cells, all of which are essential to help smoothen & beautify skin."

Not only does all their products contain Amethyst that will help rejuvenate your skin, makeing them look smoother and more supple, it also contains Hyaluronic Acid which provides intense hydration and retains moisture in your skin.

So let's get on to the products!

First up is the Mineral Bubble Face Wash~

Remember the post where I said thick foamy bubbles cleanses better then other normal facial cleansers due to the bubbles being smaller then our pores thus cleansing better? This product does that too! However, the bubbles weren't as thick and dense as I thought it would be. But just the added ingredients like the Amethyst, Hyaluronic Acid and Bio Energy Fluid that provides ample mineral & trace mineral elements to nourish skin cells, is probably more then enough to cover the flaw of the bubbles not being dense enough.

After spreading out foam
After rubbing for about half a minute
After rubbing the product on my face and cleansing in circular motions, the foam starts to turn into this creamy texture. For that, I'm not too sure if this would suit people with oily skin. I have combination skin and *touch wood* I didn't get any break outs from it.

Overall, this cleanser doesn't work wonders for me, but it does cleanse my face. My face does feel more supple unlike a lot of other cleansers that leaves my skin feeling tight after cleansing.

I would rate this product: 2.5 / 5

Next up would be the Mineral Aqua Gel~

It is important that you exfoliate your skin regularly to remove dead skin layers. The only way for your products to be absorbed into the deepest layer of your skin is if the dead skin layers gets removed and reveals your new skin leaving it at its optimal condition for any skin products you apply to be absorbed.

Some might think, why not just use a scrub with beads in them, it definitely scrubs off whatever dead skin layers we have. I used to think like that too until a mentor of mine told me that if I were to scrub them so often , my skin will turn really sensitive as the beads will be too harsh on my face if used over time.
I then turned to products like these that will remove my dead skin but at the same time not too harsh on my skin.

After rubbing for about 1 minute
I was kinda skeptical about this gel like thingy that has been going crazy in the skincare market. But after thinking through, even if those gooey stuff that comes out aren't my dead skin, at least with the gooey stuff which is soft still kinda removes my dead skin but not in such a harsh way as compared to the lil beads in normal scrubs.

I would rate this product: 3.5 / 5

Last but not least, the Mineral Aqua Whitening Enhancer~

I was really excited when I was given this bottle to review. I'm really into whitening and anything that says "whitening" I'm like ohhhhhh~~ When products say whitening, it doesn't really mean to whiten your skin. It just means to give you a more translucent glow to your skin. Your skin won't turn white with just whitening products unless you apply bleach on your face. =D

In this product, other then containing the main ingredients of Amethyst and Hyaluronic Acid, it also contains the key ingredients to whitening, Tranexamic Acid that fights dark spots and lightens complexion effectively for a more radiant glow and evens out complexion.

The instructions said to pat in the lotion, but to my own preference I prefer applying it and massaging in deep long strokes up my cheeks, forehead and neck. It's up to your own preference really.

This lotion really does do a lil wonder. My face instantly brightens up and my face feels baby skin smooth.

I would rate this product: 4 / 5

Tempted to try any of the products out?
Get them now at Watsons~

Price List:

amethystory Mineral Aqua Gel (Star Product) - (150ml Price: $24.90)
amethystory Mineral Bubble Face Wash - (160ml Price: $14.90)
amethystory Mineral Purify Facial Cleanser - (100g Price: $8.90)
amethystory Mineral Aqua Whitening Enhancer - (150ml Price: $19.90)
amethystory Eye Contour Brightening Amethyst Roller - (15ml Price: $16.90)

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

World Runway Premier – Fashion Quake Aid 2011

Hey Y'all!

I'm finally blogging about the oh-so-long-ago event, The World Runway Premiere held at Singapore Indoor Stadium!

I was so happy when I was chosen to be part of the cheerleading squad, but I got another invitation to go as media whereby I could officially take photos! Thanks to the organizers who invited me~ It was a pity th ough that I couldn't bring Miki and Hana along with me to the media space and I ended up sitting alone there and both of them far far away from me :(

Sniper shot. XD

World Runway Premiere was brought together by the man behind TGC (Tokyo Girls' Collection), one of Japan's biggest runway shows. It's my dream to go to one and experience the whole awesome experience. One day~ I'll make sure I go for it.

About Jake f.R

Also known as the "King of Runway", Jake f. R has directed over 200 fashion shows and events. Founder and director of Tokyo Girls Collection (TGC) and Asia Girls Explosion (AGE), the "Runway of Asia'sanger and sorrow", Jake also leads the TGC and AGE committee. Today,he announces and launches a whole new fashion festival. He will lead a creative force as a visual director to create the most spectacular show. Jake has launched an unique fashion event in the past, collaborating"Fashion" and "Art", which was co-produced with the worldly known artist, Takashi Murakami.He also produced many fashion events including “Osaka ImportCollection”, “Kitson Night”, and "Kobe Collection" which gathered over520,000 spectators in total. TGC has been broadcasted in more than 170countries via television networks and internet media to more than 50million viewers throughout the world. Jake f.R has succeeded in turning Tokyo fashion into a worldwide entertainment. The "WORLD RUNWAY" will bring excitement, enlightenment, and entertainment to the world.

Jake f.R as one of the judges for the competition
I had to go in from another door to go to the media space and SE7EN was having rehearsals. I didn't stay throughout the show so I didn't take any pictures of him during the actual performance. But for you girls or guys who likes him, here are a couple of  pictures of him rehearsing.

After about an hour or so, I saw Kai (the girl who gave me her gladiator sandals :)) walking in with a friend to the media area. Chatted a lil while before the show started and I started my photo takings.

Rilakkuma on my nose cos I didn't like how it looked here
Crowd swarming in~

And here are the photos of the designs the different countries came up with for the first round: Street Style

 Favorite for me by Brazil would be the design worn by the fourth model.
Combination of black and with a touch of bold colors really attracts me. 

 France's designs looks so Paris chic influenced. I really like the middle design.
I know it's all black again (I'm very attracted to black clothing >.<) but it looks really sophisticated especially with the model's short hair.

 Although I'm a Singaporean, but honestly speaking I don't really fancy the designs the Singapore team came up... They got into the second round and I was kinda disappointed actually. There were other teams that had more awesome designs that should have gone on to the second round.

 Russia's designs are actually kinda cute with the printed stockings and all the nude colors.
My favorite of the lot would be the second from the left. And the "hat" that the fourth model is wearing is actually a bag!! How cute. These designs really resembles the "Forest Girl" look that Japanese magazines always have.

Japan - Photo credits to Hana
 I didn't take any photos for the Japan team cos I was taking a video instead.
I wanted to keep it as a memory. I'd be uploading the video soon enough >.<
Designs from Japan was really "JAPAN", with all the kimono prints and the crazy headgear.
The model on the most right hand was wearing this crazy Lady Gaga lookalike shoes and she kinda fell (not on the ground kind) but she managed to compose herself and continue strutting down the runway! The crowd was cheering so loudly when she continued her walk. GO JAPAN!

USA had some really nice designs too! My favorites are the ones in the third and the fourth picture.
I didn't manage to get the full look of the model in the fourth picture (no clear picture of the full design to be exact >.<) The model wearing the green dress had this choker that added an edge to the design which I really like. 

Italy went for the aztec/ ethnic prints. They too had quite interesting make up~ My favourite is the first model in the picture. The dress she had on was so flattering! 

Close up of UK's make up theme
UK was my favorite of the night and I think many people who went agreed too.
Dark colors and metallic goes so well together. UK had really interesting make up theme that night too! With the exaggerated pointy eyebrows, it made the collection so quirky yet attractive. And the model in the fifth photo was caught sporting a Vivienne Westwood Heart Bag!!!! 

The teams who got into the second round were UK, Japan, France and Singapore. Each winning team gets to choose a team that did not get into the second round to help out for the second round. (I think it was to help out?HAHA) 


After announcing the qualifying teams Nare came on stage to perform. I don't really know about her but she has amazing voice, and not forgetting that she looks so pretty! My camera didn't do her justice, I ended up snapping photos of her making her look so unflattering. :( 

Oh! And did I mention? Utt was the MC for the show!!! <3
I think he's really cute (after seeing him upclose at the Harajuku Street style event that only happened after this event).

Utt on the left <3
Hana, Miki and me didn't stay through the show cos we were all so hungry. And because we didn't stay on, I only found out through their FB page that UK won!!! So happy! Congratulations UK!!

Photo credits to
Designs by UK for the second round.
Photo credits to
I'm totally digging the beige colored dress the third model is wearing!

We then left after Nare has performed for ramen at Parco Marina Bay!! Yayy!!
My bowl of ramen. Slurps~
Miki and Hana while waiting for food~
Miki's C&K shoes are <3 
On the train home with Hana

And more of my camwhore pictures hahahaha! XD

That's all for this post! I need to go to sleep now. It's already 5am 0_0

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