Friday, March 16, 2012

Shoes Galore!

Who needs men when all you need are shoes like these to make you happy?

Ok. I was kidding about that part... But shoes are probably one of the many things that keeps me excited and happy ^_^v

All these shoes are from DreamV and I love updating from their website cos it's almost cheap for some designs they have. Bad thing about it? THE DESIGNS I LIKE ARE ALWAYS OUT OF STOCK! >.<

I've picked up quite a few designs which caught my eye~  Most of them are quite a classic and probably won't go out of trend anytime soon~

So here they are~

Click on pictures to see in full res.

Who doesn't love wedges? Definitely not me! They are much more stable to walk in then killer heels but yet elongates your legs still~ 

The PinkxBlack Striped ones are LOVE!

Classic loafer design

Bootee peeptoes. The buckles just adds this awesome rock element to it

Cute design yet simple as it is~appeared in Popteen & Seventeen

The camel colored are a love to do different coords
Oxford Bootee. Go for a semi androgynous look with it!
Yet another simple wedge with just the right bit of details.

Just what a girl needs to show off the never ending looking legs~ <3

Short boots with a touch of casual lace and buckle.
Fetured in Cutie, Nuts and Egg

J.C Litas lookalike, but trending like mad now and these are WAY cheaper then J.C.
Me is poor girl T^T But if it works, why not?

Simple ankle high bootees with chunky heels.

2 ways bootee with chunky heels. Choose the way you want it.Featured in Nuts

Formal/ Sweet. With just 1 pair like this. Achievable.

The leopard printed ones seem like something my cupboard is longing for

14cm Crazy Stilettos
Saw the ones I wore in my header? Yep, they're almost a pain to wear but it makes your legs look like it has been photoshopped much. XD

These are the pair I wore in my header, ALWAYS OOS. And I mean always, grab them fast if you just wanna have them!

Not as crazy looking, with the crystals and all, you're sure to turn eyes around.


I'll see you all soon!
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  1. The mary-jane style shoes are super cute <3

  2. :O they are all so nice!! So many to choose from too ^^

  3. WOWZAs, look them they are sooo pretty, there are a few that i really like, but dream V only ships to japan or asia pacific i think???i used to buy stuff from Rakuten...but without understanding Japaneses, it is quite hard...


  4. All the shoes you choose are so nice! : D I love the one with the flowers inside! How cool!

  5. I'm not fond of wedges but I do love the new boot wedges they have out :)