Monday, March 26, 2012

T&T April Style – ISABELLA Bowling Bag + Giveaway!

Are you someone who loves having versatile dressings like me but always getting the same problem when it comes to choosing a bag that suits the outfit you have on today?

If you know me IRL, you’d probably know by now I have REALLY different looks almost every other day.
Sometimes, I’m in the mood to be all girly, sometimes I just want to look oh-so-sophisticated. And to actually do that, I need tons of different looking bags just to fit that particular outfit. My cupboard is packed with bags but I still find it a hassle and quite time consuming to choose which bag matches well.


Introducing TOCCO TENERO!

Tocco Tenero is the label for a range of forward fashion leather bags. It is a graceful blend of the vibrant pace of today’s fashion with the characteristics of traditional Italian culture, such as beauty, perfection and passion.

Tocco Tenero is owned by the Goodvine Group, which has a network of over 100 retail distribution points across 15 cities such as Singapore, Beijing, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. The group is involved in manufacturing, marketing, retailing and distribution of high-fashion and high-street fashion branded leatherwear, men's apparel and accessories.

All Tocco Tenero products are crafted from 100% genuine leather, therefore far superior manufacturing and material quality is utilized. The brand aims to do it while maintaining original designs and a similar form of competitive pricing.

Their newest outlet is located at the east of Singapore, Changi City Point

What’s so different about Tocco Tenero you would ask?

There are 4 key characteristics that define the Tocco Tenero brand and constitute the perceived benefits to the consumers. These are: Versatility, Functionality, Affordability and Quality

All  bags from Tocco Tenero allows the user to carry it in several different manners (eg. Shoulder sling, hand-carry, across the body sling etc). It also has the ability of the bag to be arranged in different shapes to add that extra structural dimension to the product. 

Tocco Tenero bags can be used by consumers in all aspects of their everyday life such as work/office wear, casual wear, evening/clubbing wear etc. 

Affordability and Quality 
The delicate combination between Affordability and Quality is achieved by investing considerable quantities of time and effort into the research and development of each Tocco Tenero product. This is done in order to maximise the use of material and accessories while minimizing weight during the construction phase to lower the cost of manufacturing and therefore allows for very affordable retail prices. 
To ensure that quality is not compromised, comprehensive Quality Control (QC) measures are put in place and enforced by independent regulators.

Was invited down to the Wisma Atria boutique by Tocco Tenero’s lovely Brand Manager, Agnes to have a look at the awesome collection they have!

I was in awe when I stepped into the shop (you know when girls sees bags? =D).

There was a ton of different looking bags, pouches, wallets etc…
Me being a vain pot, I went around ogling at the bags and squealed wherever I walked in the shop. 

Almost everything in Tocco Tenero are so affordable (Not more then $200) but yet the quality is there.

I was then asked to choose a bag of my choice and I just couldn’t decide! 
Poor Agnes had to be by my side for a long, long time till I decided on the one I wanted…

All wrapped up nicely~


There were many other bags that caught my eye first, but I decided to settle for this one.
The size of bag is just what I need. Brown colored bags are really versatile and I have been looking for a bowling bag like this for the longest time! 

Its body is made of natural/ beige-colored laminated suede trimmed with tan-colored pebble grain cowhide. And its handles are so sturdy, I feel at ease when bagging my whole house in. XD

Long Sling Handles are included to helps me to be versatile in my dressings.
The Tocco Tenero Lock Trinket adds that bit of detail to
the bag without complicating the look of it.

I just have to have bags this deep and big.
Anything smaller then these would make me feel so uncomfortable. XD
Protection to the leather! I can now safely put my bags anywhere and
not worry that my bag would be stained dirty!


And did I mention Tocco Tenero sells belts too?!

I am a very BELT person and I went ooh ooh ah ah~ when I saw their collection of leather belts~
Agnes was so nice she asked me to choose one >.< I love you Agnes! HAHA!

And so…. I chose this~~~~

I love belts with big buckles, it's just a preference really~
Denim shorts and jeans are my all time favorite! Pairing this belt along with them shouts AWESOME!


Back to their bags, I did 2 different styles with the Isabella Bag I chose!

Weekend brunch outfit 

This look just popped right into my head when I chose this bag.

Sophisticated yet casual.

Girlfriend/ Boyfriend date to town outfit
This coordinate is great for a day out with the girlfriends or even the boyfriend!
Tied my hair up in an Odango and made everything look so simple and comfy~


Giveaway for Golly-Locks Followers and Readers!

Gonna end this post with good news! Readers of my blog will stand a chance to win the exact same bag that I chose!
Just follow the instructions below and cross your fingers the winner would be you!

1. “LIKE” Tocco Tenero’s FB Page
2. "LIKE" Golly-Locks FB Page & follow
3. “LIKE” & “SHARE” this blogpost on FB from here
4. Leave a comment “I ♥ Tocco Tenero” here along with your email

Tadah! You’re on your way to getting a chance to win this Isabella Bowling Bag!

This giveaway will end on 2nd April 2012, so what are you waiting for?!

For more information on Tocco Tenero:

I'll see you lovelies soon!!

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