Thursday, April 26, 2012

Just a post to keep you entertained

Just gonna admit I'm feeling crazily bad about not being able to update due to work.(´Д` )

I feel tired from top to toe and I just wanna flop in bed and KO everyday.

Anyway, not to let my readers down, I am doing this short post to keep you entertained for the time being till I am done with this.

I have so much going on this coming month, filled with events, shoots and a project I am sooooo excited about~ \(//∇//)\

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Remember how the Dyna Treatment saved my dry hair? [Read Here]

Well, I didn't blog about it but I've been using Mucota's Homecare Series ever since and some others in between, but I ended up going back to Mucota's products again just cos it really saved my almost damaged hair.

About Mucota
MUCOTA established it's first beauty laboratory in 1984, since then, MUCOTA's relaxing hair and treament hair techniques well received in Autralia, Korea and L.A. In 2007, MUCOTA entered Mexico's market, then to Taiwan & Singapore in 1st quarter of year 2009.
Prime Group (Asia) Pte Ltd is the authorised agent for MUCOTA in Singapore and Southeast Asia since April 2009. MUCOTA is one of the top prestigious hair care products which have been in Japan since 1983, when its first "Perfect Perm" products were released in Japan's hair care market.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Birthday Nails from BKK

If you have been liking my FB Page / Twitter, you might have known that I went to BKK just last week..

I just got back on Sunday and here I am with a REALLY SHORT post to show you guys my nails I did from BKK!

I won't be saying where I did the nails from since I've only been to this salon once and they did a really good job but it might just be lucky me on my birthday that I got such great service.
Probably after the next few times I patronize the salon and the standard is still there, I might let you all know where it is~

And so, here are my nail extensions I did~ Simple graduation Red x Black nails with blings~
I love simple designs like these sometimes.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Giveaway Winners!!!!!

First up for the winner to Tocco Tenero's Isabella Bowling Bag......

Monday, April 2, 2012

[Event] Collect Point Launch - Fashion Bloggers Event

It's gonna be a picture spam post today - COLLECT POINT is in Singapore!!

Was invited by Collect Point to attend a Bloggers' Fashion Styling Event 2 weeks back along with other awesome bloggers like Cheesie, Miyake, WendyAshley and Kelly!

Was very honored to be placed with all them because they are all so damn pretty! >.<

Fumi-San was our stylist for the day and she's so adorable, plus I love her stylings very much too!

COLLECT POINT is a very famous brand in Japan that consists of other different brands like 
Jeanasis, Heather, Lowry's Farm and many others!
They also offer Men's wear! Guys, you're not alone!

You can find them at Wisma Atria Isetan Level 1 now!
So happy to be a Singaporean now. XD