Thursday, April 5, 2012

Birthday Nails from BKK

If you have been liking my FB Page / Twitter, you might have known that I went to BKK just last week..

I just got back on Sunday and here I am with a REALLY SHORT post to show you guys my nails I did from BKK!

I won't be saying where I did the nails from since I've only been to this salon once and they did a really good job but it might just be lucky me on my birthday that I got such great service.
Probably after the next few times I patronize the salon and the standard is still there, I might let you all know where it is~

And so, here are my nail extensions I did~ Simple graduation Red x Black nails with blings~
I love simple designs like these sometimes.

I decided to go with this design firstly because it's simple and not too much explanation needs to be done (communication problem overseas), and also because it didn't require a lot of accessories which I really wanted to have but I guessed as much that salons in Thailand wouldn't have such intricate accessories like Japan does. So... BLINGS FTW!!!
I was really surprised when the manicurist managed to get the shape of the nails I wanted. Not perfect yet, they don't have the habit of pinching the nails to give it the curve I want but still... Not bad~ ^^

And my toenails~~ Simple UK flag on the big toe and royal blue glittery polish for the rest! *Please ignore the hideous feet, I have been walking my whole life for 5 days over there~ XD*

To be honest, I think manicurists in BKK are damn awesome at nailart, but just FLOWERS nailart. They can't really do simple designs like these. They look awesome from far but when looked at from a nearer distance..... Derp~ Not that great.

But they have really great service, the staffs are friendly, and they would gladly redo the pictures for you if you're not happy with it. I didn't have much of a problem because I had pictures to show. HEHE~

So if you're in BKK, try going to a nearby salon to try it out~ I'm sure you would get great service there too!

Until next time!

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