Monday, April 2, 2012

[Event] Collect Point Launch - Fashion Bloggers Event

It's gonna be a picture spam post today - COLLECT POINT is in Singapore!!

Was invited by Collect Point to attend a Bloggers' Fashion Styling Event 2 weeks back along with other awesome bloggers like Cheesie, Miyake, WendyAshley and Kelly!

Was very honored to be placed with all them because they are all so damn pretty! >.<

Fumi-San was our stylist for the day and she's so adorable, plus I love her stylings very much too!

COLLECT POINT is a very famous brand in Japan that consists of other different brands like 
Jeanasis, Heather, Lowry's Farm and many others!
They also offer Men's wear! Guys, you're not alone!

You can find them at Wisma Atria Isetan Level 1 now!
So happy to be a Singaporean now. XD

Met up with Wendy and Kelly first and this was us before the styling. 

So-san from Kizuki+LIM doing up the hairstyle for me~
Loving every single person from Kizuki+LIM really, they are all so awesome at doing my hair!

In the midst of styling and pairing with accessories.


These were the 2 outfits Fumi-san chose for me and they were more of a Big Sister Look with just the right touch of girly-ness in it.

Both outfits were from Jeanasis~

1st outfit

This coordinate is very casual and comfy! The patterned head scarf adds that Big Sister feel to everything~

- Simple Tank Top
- Patterned Head Scarf
- Brown x Gold Bracelets
- Blue x White Oxford Flats

2nd outfit

This was probably one of my favorite looks! This Denim Onepiece is really simple with comfy cutting but has great details at its collar just to make everything look more elegant.

- Black Tee (Inside)
- Fishnet Stockings
- Brown x Gold Bracelets
- Blue x White Oxford Flats

The 3rd outfit chosen by yours truly and the best part? I GET TO KEEP THE OUTFIT!

3rd outfit

- BxW Collared Shirt (Heather)
- Kahki Green High Waist Shorts (Heather)
- Brown Thin Belt
- Blue x White Oxford Flats

These were the pair of Blue x White Oxford Flats that i wore for all 3 outfits and I was in love with it!
I wanted to buy it on the spot so much but they didn't have my size :(


Here are some other snapshots of the other bloggers' outfits and some from the the store!




Each had their own style and they were totally rocking it!

Their collection of shoes almost made me go mental (I'm a shoe person XD)

Some candid shots and photos with the people involved in this event!

The man behind all these! The surprisingly young boss of Collect Point.
He's really handsome IRL, really.. XD
Stylist, Fumi-San!    

HEHEHEHE <3 Picture with Cheesie! *fangirls*
With WendyAshley! <3

With Kelly whom I have been meeting non-stop XD
She's sucha cutie really~

Group Shot with the girls! <3
Group shot with the crew!

I've had so much fun at this styling event with all the people there! The girls were awesome-ly friendly and everyone else too!


For more information, visit Collect Point's FB Page at


I'll see you all soon!! <3

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