Friday, May 25, 2012

Oh hi Bali!

Hey ya'll!

Day 1 in Bali is over and I can't wait for tomorrow to come!
Staffs at Ivory Resort are so damn friendly, or I would say most people here are.
Me like happy countries with happy people!

Dinner was quite awesome and so was the massage!
Heaven here really. Taking a break from all the fast paced environment in SG feels so good I can't get enough of this..

So.... Just a few "arty farty" photos just cos I feel so inspirational to take photos like these.

I'll update soon when I get the chance to, don't wanna miss anything here!

How much more beautiful can this get?

Yes, arty farty me.... Me thinks Nyaha!!!

Looking neat still... But I won't say for sure after tomorrow or the day after =D

Blogging and watching TV programs before sleeping. Awesome or what? I can't multi task for nuts, so this is a big accomplishment for me.
I shall head to sleep now to wake up early tomorrow feeling all energetic to start tomorrow's plans!!

Night night lovelies!
I'll see you soon again!


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