Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Photoshoot with DF

Back with a super backdated post of the photoshoot I had with DF.

Met up with Kelly again to discuss about our collab project that is coming up and got DF to take photos of her too!! Nyahahaha!

Loving this candid shot of her while she
was taking her shot!
It was such a hot weather that day I nearly melted. Literally.
But it was fun nevertheless with Kelly around, she never fails to be so damn adorable really. XD

We went on to get Xiao Long Baos at Din Tai Feng after the shoot and they were awesome, especially when I have been craving for them. 

A couple of shots with her while we were at Starbucks discussing. I feel like a boss. 

And straight to the photos I received!!
To be honest, it was probably the worst photoshoot I've experienced. *Kelly knows what I'm talking about* But oh well, the photos came out alright so yayyyyy!!!

And my eyemake for the shoot!!

The top lashes were DIY-ed by yours truly and I'll be post up either a video/ post on how I did them~


I can't wait for the collab project to start really!
So god damn excited~ So if you wanna know what's happening, stay tuned and you'll see~

Golly-Locks with big beetle glasses say BURBYE!!

I'll see all of you lovelies soon!!

Until next time!

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  1. The photoshoot is amazing! You look so pretty ~

  2. Both of you are so cute!!
    You look really sexy also!

    btw,I'm holding an giveaway event if anyone interests >_<

  3. The photos look awesome! So smexayy ;D haha

  4. Gorgeous photos! You should become a model! You have so much potential!

  5. super duper max pretty!!! It looks like an exact cut from a Popteen or any Japanese Fashion mags, gorgeous ever!!^_^~