Friday, June 29, 2012

[Event] Lowrys Farm+Heather Runway at Bugis+

I'm finally done with sorting out the millions of photos for this event. Phew~

So as you all know, I was part of the Lowrys Farm, Arm in Arm with Lowrys Farm event to showcase pieces from them! They are finally opened at Bugis+ (formerly know as Illuma)

This post is gonna be photo spams with backstage photos as well as on stage.
So be prepared to start scrolling and drool at pretty and handsome models~ Nyahahaha!

Starting this photo spammage with a photo I love that was taken with Fumi-San ( was the stylist for the day and Yuki-San who did my awesome hair from Monso Salon!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Luxurious Affair - By Tocco Tenero

 I'm back with the details on the event held by Tocco Tenero! 
I was soooo excited when I got the news!
Thanks Tocco Tenero!


A LUXURIOUS AFFAIR will be held at Tangs Vivo Atrium from the 2nd - 8th July 2012!

Fashion stylings by bloggers and makeup and styling tips will be staged from 6th - 8th July 2012.

There will be Tocco Tenero products there that are discounted up to 70%!
And did I say how much their prducts are? SUPER AFFORDABLE! Most of them don't cost more then $200 dollars!!

And if you spend a minimum of SGD$79, you are entitled to 1 lucky dip!
There are $500,000 worth of prizes waiting for you~

I'll be there too as one of the fashion bloggers to attend this event!
Super excited cos Tocco Tenero is collaborating with Zadig and Voltaire, a french apparel label for the bloggers' styling with the bags we chose previously!
I'll be there on 7th July 2012 from 1800-1900 for my part on styling with my bags from Tocco Tenero.

So come on down! I'll love to see you there and take tons of pictures with all of you!!
Not forgetting, the awesome prizes too~

I'll see you lovelies there!! <3


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T&T June Style – ADRIANA Neon Bucket Shoulder Bag

Hey Golly-Lockies! (New name for all my pretty and lovely readers HAHA!)

I'm back with my June Style with Tocco Tenero!

If you haven't seen my April Style and May Style with Tocco Tenero, go take a look!! 

This time I chose a bag whereby I've never in my life thought  I'd be carrying.
Well, not really "in my life" but I've always been someone who carries bags which are styles that either lean towards the "cooler" look or something that is neutral where I can carry it wherever I go.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Video: How to get Mermaid Waves without a Triple Barrel Curling Iron

Quick and short post to share with you lovelies how I got my mermaid wavy hair without using a triple barrel curling iron!

I did a tutorial right after I got back the other day since I got quite a number of requests from you lovlies to do so when I uploaded my picture on Instagram!

So here's the video and some camwhore pictures as usual~ If you're not sure about anything, feel free to leave me a comment here or on my FB Page ( ) and also for more pictures from this set!

Random Rolls of Instagram-mies #1

Yep so I decided to do this "random rolls of instagram-mies # ?" just cos I've been addicted to instagramming so much lately. Just in case you don't follow me or dont have an Instagram account, here I am to let you lovelies see what I've been up to lately.

So if you have Instagram, don't forget to follow me!

IF ! You're not interested in seeing random pictures (including quite a bit of my camwhore shots, please wait for the next post oki? o(^▽^)o

Instagrammies time!!!!!
Picture taken after Decorative Lash event yesterday.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

[Advertorial] KARA's 1st Autograph Session at Causeway Point!

You must be thinking why the hell am I mentioning KARA here in my blog today right?
That's cos... They're coming to Singapore!!

I've never been a "fan" of K-Pop but I do listen to some of them sometimes and I actually have quite a number of random K-Pop songs in my Ipod to be honest.


I actually listen to K-Pop songs selectively and if it catches my attention. One of the many songs that caught my attention was STEP by KARA! I've been addicted to that song ever since..
Everytime I look at PVS of a K-Pop Girl group, the first thing I would do is to see which member attracts me the most and look at her clothes, makeup, hair etc..
My favourite in KARA has to be GOO HARA!! She somehow just attracts me though she's not the typical kinda look I would usually go for first. *I sound like a psychopathic despo guy -_-* 

KARA - Step PV

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

LOWRYS FARM Opening at Bugis +

Back again with an update!

Just wanted to let you lovelies know that LOWRYS FARM is gonna have an opening at the new Bugis + (formerly known as Illuma)! 

And I'll be there as one of the blogger models again!!
So come on down to take a look at the cute collection LOWRYS FARM has!!