Monday, June 25, 2012

Video: How to get Mermaid Waves without a Triple Barrel Curling Iron

Quick and short post to share with you lovelies how I got my mermaid wavy hair without using a triple barrel curling iron!

I did a tutorial right after I got back the other day since I got quite a number of requests from you lovlies to do so when I uploaded my picture on Instagram!

So here's the video and some camwhore pictures as usual~ If you're not sure about anything, feel free to leave me a comment here or on my FB Page ( ) and also for more pictures from this set!

I'll see you soon in my next post!!


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  1. I really like your hair! And your make-up look! Can you do a video tutorial on the look?

  2. Sure!! Ill do it once I get the time to get out of the house! <3

  3. the result it's very great but very long to make Oo'