Thursday, June 28, 2012

T&T June Style – ADRIANA Neon Bucket Shoulder Bag

Hey Golly-Lockies! (New name for all my pretty and lovely readers HAHA!)

I'm back with my June Style with Tocco Tenero!

If you haven't seen my April Style and May Style with Tocco Tenero, go take a look!! 

This time I chose a bag whereby I've never in my life thought  I'd be carrying.
Well, not really "in my life" but I've always been someone who carries bags which are styles that either lean towards the "cooler" look or something that is neutral where I can carry it wherever I go.

I went down to the shop this time and the neon colored collection of bags really caught my eye!
I have to admit, I was tempted to get another bag that I think I would use very often, but neon colors are really trendy now and the colors really are very attractive to be honest.

I took double the time this time choosing my bags and finally, I decided to go with the 
ADRIANA Neon Bucket Shoulder Bag !

What really attracted me to this bag was the contrast this bag gave.
With the bright neon orange Suede & the neutral colored Lamb Skin leather, it just gives off the playful yet feminine vibe because of the design of the bag, a bucket bag!

A bucket bag is great for casual outings, picnics etc!
Bucket bags were quite a trend many years ago and now it's back! I remembered my mom passing down her vintage bucket bag to me years back and I really like it alot to a stage I used it till it was no longer usable. = '(

I was quite skeptical when choosing this bag because if you know me, I bring my whole house out with me, like literally MY WHOLE HOUSE.
I have to bring my Ipad along wherever I go and this posed quite a problem for me when buying bags.

I was really surprised that ADRIANA actually managed to fit my Ipad in her!
 And because it has a bucket design, it's an endless pit! I could fit every single thing in without a problem.

Being an endless pit was good but if there was just an endless pit, it would take forever to find your stuffs.
Tocco Tenero has such considerate designs, they placed SO MANY compartments in their bags just so that it makes finding things a whole lot easier.
I have a compartment to place my phone, another to put all my other mini stuffs that aren't organized in one bag such as my mints, hand cream etc!

The pull string closure was one of my favorite parts of the bag cos it just looks so "relaxing".
 I usually carry this bag out when I'm out for casual meet ups with friends or a movie which is perfect cos it's not too formal yet not THAT casual to a point people won't think you bring that same bag to the market or something.

One other cute feature of this bag was the key holder that is attached to the bag.
I just use it as an extra accessory to the bag and leave it hanging out. But if you were to put your keys in I would suggest you keep it inside the bag huh?

And! As usual, being versatile in their bag designs are one of Tocco Tenero's trademarks.
ADRIANA can be held as a sling bag too! 
Girls with rounder hips like me could try carrying your bags in this sling manner cos it kinda evens down your hip area by covering part of it. 

Back to my styling part!

I went with a flowy chiffon polka dotted sleeveless top paired with a thin brown belt at the waist just to accentuate the curves a girl should need.
I wore a simple jeans shorts along with my pair of converse sneakers to give that casual and comfy look.

I tried this outfit with a styled up faux bob and it worked really nicely too, what do you think?
Do you prefer it with a faux bob or straight hair that is let down?

Available colors in FUSCHIA , ORANGE & LIME

A couple more photos of yours truly just cos I'm a narcissist =D 

Also!! I'll be attending an event done by Tocco Tenero this coming week!!
So stay tuned to my next blog post for the details on A LUXURIOUS AFFAIR,
held by Tocco Tenero!!

I'll see you soon!!


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  1. I really like your bag! And it looks great in orange. How much was it? x

  2. The bag sounds really great! How is the weight? I think weight is important if there will be a lot of stuff put in there.

    1. The weight is quite light for this bag, there isn't much metal on this bag, makes everything light on the shoulders unless you put like tons of stuffs inside that weighs. If not it's all fine!! <3