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[Event] Shibuya Gals SG - Part 2

It's gonna be a picture spam post today, Golly-Lockies!

If you haven't read on Part 1, Click HERE!

Yep, it's part 2 today covering the first ever official Gyaru Meetup organized by Shibuya Gals SG!
It was an awesome event really, I met so many new lovely people! Thank you all for coming down!

A stand up poster of all the Senseis!
I'm on the bottom 2nd from the left!

The whole day started with Wendy (http://myfatpocket.com/blog/wendyashley/) aka the Girly Tomboy *as said by Kelly XD* who came over to my house to prep herself for the event! I helped her curl her ponytails and she looked like a doll! Event my mom thinks so too~

We were thinking if we finished off earlier, we could go down by train, but unfortunately, we were so freaking late we had to take a cab down to Ngee Ann City. The heavy downpour didn't really help much either. -_-

But lucky for Wendy, her makeover live demo is scheduled at 2 pm. Phew~

Upon arriving, the first thing both of us did was to stand right in front of the emcee....

That's becauseeee......

The third musketeer KELLY (www.kellykonomi.com) was the emcee for the day!!

We were all commenting how awesome she was as an emcee cos she did non-stop talking for a good 3-4 hrs!

Soon after it was Wendy's turn to do her live demo on her student Sharbunny! 

And there is Kelly explaining what is going on during the makeover.

Took a picture with Sharbunny after her makeover cos she looks so adorable!! Especially with that bright magenta? Pink? hair she has~

After all the makeovers were done, there was a short break until the lucky draw started!

Of cos I didn't take a break, I was in the camwhore mode once again. NYAHAHAHAHA!
How could you not camwhore when there are so many pretty girls around?!

Here's one I took with 3 other Senseis Himeko, Hana and Denise! Aren't they cute?!

With Ashley who was also one of the Senseis! She's so cute I tell you, she looks like a walking doll in that Hime outfit she wore! 

Guess who came down to support?! The super adorable Nini, one of my makeover students! She was using the same lashes on her eyes that day! Thank you for coming down!! <3

Also, Lucify Gazette who always took notice of what I posted on my Facebook Page
That was the first time I saw her, boy, she was cute! Thanks for the support! 

And finally, one with the lovely Yun Wen who brought this whole event together! <3


The lucky draw started and all the senseis involved were asked to get a pouch of their choice for the winner with all the awesome products by Mandom filled up in the pouch!

I got a Dazzling Makeup pouch for the winner!

I personally prefer pouches like that myself since I bring MOST of my makeup out, plus it looks girly!!
I have a Rienda makeup pouch like that too and I'm totally love it!

And so, the winner to my pouch!~~~

I'm so sorry I forgot your name, everything happened so quickly! >.<
But I do hope you enjoy the prize!

All the lovely gyarus who came that day were then asked to gather around to take a group shot!
Shots were taken by the official photographer of Shibuya Gals SG!

Group shot #1 with all the Gyaru Senseis!

Group shot #2 after changing a position~ =D
And guess who came down for the event?!

It's the Ninja Girls!

Visit their blog here : http://www.ninjagirls.sg/

They did a video on the event too!

Some more shots taken by Shibuya Gals SG!
With Wendy in front of the poster!
Candid shot! Well not really cos I realize there
was someone taking a photo~ XD
Individual shot which I will definitely try to spruce this raw shot up =D
Not gonna let a shot with white background go to waste XD

Hereon, are useless camwhore photos with my dearest girlies, Kelly and Wendy and of cos, some with myself ^^

There's always a "better eye" that one can wink with. For me, it's my right, Kelly has a better left winking eye. And with that....
We have a balanced picture.. MUAHAHAHHAHA! 
Just kidding~ XD

Can't do without goofy pictures can we? =D

Some that I took with myself XD
I went with a different makeup style as compared to usual.

I used Decorative Lash in the Play Sexy Series #1 for my upper lashes and Decorative Bottom Lashes in Straight Volume (The one that comes in a value pack).
I also did the "eyebag" thingy to make my eyes look bigger~ Which actually kinda works!

Brushed on a hint of color by using CandyDoll's Peach Pink blusher and adding a touch of girly-ness by dabbing on a heavier color by Hot Topic.

For my lips, I smacked just a thin layer of CandyDoll's Ramune Pink Lipstick and topped it off with the Juicy Cherry Lipgloss! <3

I wanted to go in a more casual gyaru style. So I paired my semi maxi dress I bought from Bangkok with a simple denim vest!
Denim is the current trending item right now in Japan for the Gyarus! Every magazine you browse through there are bound to be denim somewhere! 

Because my outfit was on the darker side (dark blue maxi and denim) I thought the bright pink cross I bought from Bangkok as well will help brighten things up! I wanted to keep it simple so I threw in my current staple accessory, my MBMJ Rose Gold watch!

I wore my dark brown high heels I got from Pedro which happens to be my favourite shoe in my closet now! It looks super sleek and smart looking with the buckle~

And 2 more with my lovely girls Wendy and Kelly!
*Remember to check their blogs out for their version on this event!*

Love this photo!

Yep and that's it for this event post, stay tuned and like Shibuya Gals SG's FB Page for the next coming meet!

I'll see you lovelies soon!! <3


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  1. Haii.. I'm a new reader. How to do hair like yours? Really pretty! I like ur outfit too.. ^^

    1. Hi Michelle! Sorry for the late reply! >.< You can check out my video on how to acheive the wavy hair here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=9ZD9DmV6xHQ

      I hope it helps!!