Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Experience with Vintage Studio @ Bugis +

I recently got to know about Vintage Studio from Wendy (http://myfatpocket.com/blog/wendyashley/) my bestie blogger other then Kelly. The 3 of us have been going out and attending events together alot lately!

Anyway, if you noticed, all my pictures aren't watermarked today.... BECAUSE MY PHOTOSHOP IS JAMMED!!! WTF?! 

Ok, calm down, me. =D

So back to Vintage Studio, my very first experience was a very awesome one. And remember, I wasn't paid to do any advertorial for them, I was the one paying for the service and I got an extremely good one. I used to have a regular stylist I go to for my hair color and cuts, but I was in urgent need to touch up my hair color that day and my stylist wasn't in Singapore. So I decided to go down to Vintage Studio at Far East Plaza as recommended by Wendy. And I was very happy with it!

Photo Credits to Wendy!
I went down for the new opening of Vintage Studio at Bugis +, formally known as Illuma with Wendy before I headed down to my Tocco Tenero Event. 

Although I had my hair curled a little before I came out, I was so glad I could have my hair styled a lil more before I went for my event.

Me and Gary who did my hair!
Thanks to Gary (me and Wendy thinks he looks like Cao Ge Gary, the singer from Malaysia) I had awesome hair for my next event! I must say, so far my experience with Vintage Studio is quite a good one with friendly staffs, great service, affordable pricing. 

Hello!! =D
Thanks to Wendydy for recommending! And now for moreeeeee of usssss!
Hahaha! Camwhores be gooddddd~

Tried taking photos at this super high angle and
Wendy seemed to love it LOL!
We got crazily excited when we saw this picture we took~

After the event, we went down to Ngee Ann City to pay our dear Kelly a visit while she was having her Shibuya Gals SG makeover with her students~ I didn't get to take a picture with her though cos I had to rush off for my next event :(

But I know you all miss her cute face so I stole one of her pictures from her blog www.kellykonomi.com

Kelly says "HELLO!!" =D
Oh! And this cute Wendy, she spent an hour making my photo she took on her camera into a Jelly Magazine cover~ XD Sankyu!!!! <3

Love these girls so much! <3

I'll see you soon in my next post! I'll be posting more about the makeovers I had with my lovely students at the Shibuya Gals Makeover event and the first ever Gyaru Meet-Up!!

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    1. Hehe~ thanks~ still have lots of room for improvement!! ^^ <3

  2. you're such a dolly. I wish I suited light hair...I just dont tink its me

    1. Thanks Hun!! <3 Go give it a try! I didn't think I would suit light colored hair either last time~

  3. you look so pretty in every picture n.n

  4. Hello!

    I chanced upon ur blog while goggling abt collect point and lowry's farm. ur hair colour's really pretty! :)