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[Sponsored Review] LEADERS Insolution Hydrogel Eye Patch & Pore Clinic Care Kit

Gonna start with a camwhore photo of mine just so that you are calm first before you gross yourself out with that one picture I'm about to post later in today's reviews.Nyahahah!

I'm gonna be reviewing the LEADERS Insolution Hydrogel Eye Therapy Patch & the Pore Clinic Care 2 Step Kit today!

If you have been reading my blog, I've been using the LEADERS Insolution Masks ever since I recieved them cos they are so damn good even my mom says so. =D
If you haven't read my posts on them, click HERE for Part 1 and HERE for Part 2.

You definitely would wanna read on because.... 


Alrighty, back to the topic. First up would be the LEADERS Insolution Hydrogel Eye Patch.

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As the old English proverb says: "The eyes are the windows to a soul."

Majority of the people around me tend to only pay attention to facial masks, facial creams etc on the shelves.. How about your eyes? The first thing on the face most of the people would take notice are actually ones' eyes.

This eye miracle here has been voted as one of the best in Cleo's Beauty Hall of Fame. I'm a sucker for products that are said to be on the list of the best of all best =D

But not just because I'm a sucker for that, these gems actually does work. At least for me.

Each box contains 5 pairs of eye patches.

Ever experienced eye masks in packets that are not protected and all the awesome goodies in them just cuts itself by half because the serum are all left behind in the packaging?

 Fear not cos these Hydrogel Eye masks comes in this protective flip casing that helps contain all the nutrients in the patches. At least I don't feel the pinch when paying for them cos I'll be utilizing every single drop of essence that is in there.

The jelly like eye patch is so thin it feels light on the eye area but at the same time adheres well, you can even put on the eye patch and continue doing your other stuffs at the same time although I wouldn't recommend doing that.

It is always best to lay down while doing any sort of mask to avoid gravity issues. You don't want to have saggy skin do you?

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The active ingredients in this Hydrogel Eye Patch includes:

- Broccoli Extracts (Brightening)
- Berry Complex (Anti-Oxidants)
- Marine Collagen (Enhances Skin Elasticity)
- Snail Mucus (Moisturizing)
- Green Tea Extracts (Skin Calmness)

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Just 20 mins of this on my eyes and I actually noticed a tad of brightness! I don't know if it's just a psychological thing that all those goodies are on my skin, but I've been told by my mom that my eyes look a tad livelier after using them. (she used to say I look like the walking dead because I had quite a dull color around my eyes. -_-)

Retail Price
SGD $15.90

Suitable for:
All Skin Types

- Wrinkles refinement
- Elasticity care
- Moisturizing
- Nourishing
- Brightening effect
- Cooling & Soothing effect

Sites for more information:


The next baby is now on my list of favourite products, introducing you...

The Pore Clinic Care 2 Step Kit!

This 2 step kit contains 10 sheets of Blackhead Clinic Sheet and 10 ml of the Pore Tightening Serum.

I have been using this baby for a good 6-7 months ever since I received the first box from in December 2011. I have purchased 4 boxes of them ever since then.

I have a problem of blackheads on my nose and I tried some other brand of pore strips before but they didn't work THAT well. I then resorted to pressing them out manually which was a pain in the ass and time consuming, not to mention it kills the cells of the skin if you do it too often or if you press them the wrong way.

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When I first used the Blackhead Clinic Sheet, I was quite skeptical as to whether it would work, but it proved me wrong and worked like a miracle! Every single time I used it, there was bound to be icky oil pops (That's what I call them =D) stuck to the strip.

Here's a gross looking photo of the strip when I used it yesterday. Be warned... IT'S GROSS..
Ready? =D

Yea, it's gotten a lot lesser then before cos I use these strips once every week.

These strips contains Morocco Lava Clay which has 4 times stronger waste adherence than charcoal.
It also has this smell of Tea Tree Oil which is also one of the ingredients in it. And if you know, Tea Tree oils has been an old aged remedy for pimples or oily skin.

After this first step is done, just apply the Pore Tightening Serum in Step 2 and you'll have a very clean and smooth looking nose.

The serum can feel a lil oily at first, but as you massage the the area applied, it gets absorbed into the skin really quickly leaving the area smooth and matte looking.

Retail Price
SGD $15.90

Suitable for:
All Skin Types

Sebum absorption
- Pore cleaning
- Skin calming
- Pore contraction
- Pore care
- Skin soothing effect

Sites for more information:

If you're interested in trying these products out, they are now available exclusively at the following Watsons outlets from 5th July – 1st Aug (Please look for LEADERS InSolution floorstand/standee display): 

- United Square
- Center Point
- Forum Galleria
- Marina Bay Financial Centre
- Telok Ayer Street
- City Square Mall
- Anchorpoint
- Sun Plaza
- Beauty World Centre
- West Mall Plaza
- Choa Chu Kang Lot 1
- Yew Tee Point
- Serangoon Garden
- Bedok Point
- Tampinese Mart

Or if you don't reside in Singapore, you could go to to purchase them!

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  1. i love those eye gel things! I have some disposable ones and they are so good ; 3 ;

    1. Yea! I really hate those old school cotton eye masks. These are real good too! <3