Saturday, October 6, 2012

Barbie Outfit + 3 Different Hairstyles (Detailed post)

Hello Golly-Lockies!

I promised you a detailed post on my look I did for the August T&T Style Up with my Gabriella Pink Leather Tote Bag - Click HERE to read the post!

Well, I'll be honest, detailed post.... Not really but more like extra info on where I got my clothes from since it wasn't so appropriate for me to do in that post since it was for a brand itself. So this post is specially dedicated to this outfit~

Basically, I used this 1 outfit for 3 different looks! Reason being, I couldn't bear to let my make up and camera settings go to waste XD So I messed around with my hair and attitude to get different looks with 1 simple outfit!

But if you read the previous post, I only posted 2 hairstyles~ I didn't include the last one (First picture you see in this post) cos it wasn't so fitted to the Barbie theme.

Just to refresh your memory, or if you're too lazy to head over to the previous post I did for my August T&T Style-Up  (I GIVE YOU SAD FACE! =(((( ) , here was what I chose for my outfit!

White Sleeveless Cropped Chiffon Top with Black Inner Piece
(Forever 21)

Black Leather Circular Skirt
(Forever 21)

Chains and Wings Tattoo Leggings

Black Felt Peep Toe Pumps with Chunky Heels
(Cineleisure - B1, Random pushcart store)

- Pink Thin Belt with Gold Buckle (G2000 - Came with a pants I bought)
- Silver x Black Statement Necklace (SE7EN @Great World City)
- Gunmetal Crosses and Silver Coins, hung on the bag (Bangkok)

The following is just a repetition from my previous post since I assume some of you are too lazy to head there to look at it (I GIVE YOU ONE MORE SAD FACE! =(=()

Outfit Description
- I always start planning an outfit together by choosing one statement piece, in which this case, is the Black Leather Circular Skirt which happens to be one of the pieces you should own for this A/W season! I was kinda browsing through Happie Nuts and I saw this skirt appearing  on almost every page!
The poofy-ness of the skirt gives a very girly vibe, but at the same time a tinge of edginess with its leather material. 

- I paired it with a simple White Sleeveless Cropped Chiffon Top and a statement necklace to add a balance to the neckline.

- The hot pink belt is essential in order to not lose sight of your waist. Try sticking to a bright colored thin belt since the outfit is quite monotonous.

- If you are a crazy follower of the Gyaru Fashion just like me, you'd probably have went through the whole tattoo leggings craze. I wore a different one in my previous July T&T Style Up. I decided to pair this with the outfit I did this time as the skirt was kinda short and my legs just needed some accessory to spice it up too! 

- A simple pair of black peep toed pumps with chunky heels amps up the classy-ness level to this 
oh-so-cute outfit!

I didn't describe much about my eye make too, so here goes~

Eye make: 

Top Lashes
Decorative Lash, Play Sexy #1

Bottom Lash
Lash from random beauty store

Dolly Wink Liquid Liner in Black
Dolly Wink Pencil Liner in Black

Darkest brown shade from Dolly Wink No. 1 eyeshadow palette 
Hot Pink eyeshadow from Costal Sands Palette

And now for the 3 different looks I did by just changing my hair style!

The cute and dolly look with tight curls and side swept bangs!

The Classy Otona Style with side up do! I really like this one, probably suits my age more *oops* 
But yea~ I like to look more classy nowadays~ hehe~

Jelly/ Happie Nuts inspired Sexy look!
I love this one the most! Makes me look sophisticated and mysterious~ hiak hiak hiak~ 
Plus it suits my character more~ I've had people telling me I shouldn't smile in photos cos I look way better when I'm not~ WTH?! But I agree too~ =D So I can only smile in emoticons =D But I'm very friendly! So don't get mistaken if I don't smile outside k!! 

Do you think I look better with bangs or long fringe?
I need to cut my hair and dye it soon too! Any sponsors?? =D

Anyhooo~~ I hope you all enjoyed this post and if you want to see more photos from this DIY set, "LIKE" me on my Facebook Page! And don't forget to join my GIVEAWAY



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  1. You look amazing! How do you make the sideswept hairstyle with short bangs? QAQ

  2. Beautiful hair and really a good photography done!!!

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