Thursday, October 4, 2012

Gyaru day out with Kayo-chan from Japan!

Hi Golly-Lockies!

I'm typing this post with a sniffy nose and a groggy head, so forgive me if I don't make sense in any parts of this post. T^T

Despite the fever I'm having now, I'm gonna do massive blogging/ scheduled posts since I am on medical leave today, so I shall make use!

Just last weekend, I promised Kayo-chan to meet up with her while she was in Singapore~ Can you believe it? She has been to 19 other countries since the start of the year! I wanna travel around the world too!!!! 

Photos taken in the purikura booth~
We shall make use of awesome lighting!

We planned beforehand to meet up at Bugis since we wanted to take purikura, it is a must do thing! And me and Hana thought where else to take puris other then Bugis? Bugis is probably the only place that has a proper puri club. But guess what?

They closed down. -__-

I'll get back to what happened after that, I shall not get too affected XD

I reached Bugis before Hana and met up with Kayo first at Macdonalds to chit chat a lil. She's sooo outgoing! And I love her eyemake! We talked a lot about how her experience was in the other countries and random stuffs~

After Hana arrived, we went on to find food!! Hana suggested the chinese restaurant on the 2nd level to have dim sum. In which I think was a good choice since Kayo seems to be happy with the food commenting that it was really healthy and delicious unlike the other food that she had which were sinful~ XD

This was only the 2 dishes out of the hmm.. 6 or 7 dishes we ordered? =D But it was of a reasonable pricing.

Didn't really photo spam as much as I would usually do because my eye was red and uncomfortable, I just wanted to chill out~ XD

Then back to the purikura story, we happily went up the escalator thinking we would have puris in a minute, LO AND BEHOLD! IT WAS GONE! O_O

Yeap, you saw it right, it's gone. Singaporeans who likes taking puris like us, you gotta find an alternative now, in which we managed to but was deeply disappointed. 

After finishing all the walking we had to do at Bugis, we went on a purikura machine search.XD

On our way to Cineleisure and it was raining. =(
We finally found one at Cineleisure's arcade but all they had was this Korean puri machine. WTH?!
It doesn't look that bad in the picture, but trust me, I've taken enough puris my whole life to deem this as BAD. The stamps were all limited with Korean wordings, no kira kira etc... I probably would have nicer looking puri lookalike taken on my phone. 

Kayo did the cutting of the puris cos she said she was really good at it~ She's so adorable~! XD

I couldn't stay on longer after that cos I had to meet up with my Blogirls~
But anyhoo~ Here's a last picture of me and Kayo-chan! Hope to see you soon!!


Met up with my Blogirls, Pearly and our lovable new sponsor which I'll revealing more soon in the next few posts!

Pearly looks so cute with her new hairstyle!!

Although I had a bad eye that day, i still had loads of fun catching up!

And as usual.... MORE OF ME~ WAHAHAHA! XD

I've been using the oh-my-tooth-hurts pose cos I think my face has grown in a direction I hate the most.. Sideways. -_-

Top: High Low White Chiffon with Black inner top - Forever21
Bottom: Jeggings - Uniqlo
Shoes: Black Felt Peeptoes with Chunky Heels
Bag:  Elissa Red Weekend Bag - Tocco Tenero
Accessories: Necklace (SEVEN @ Great World City) , Rose Gold Watch (Marc By Marc Jacobs)

 - Top Lashes: Limited ED Egg Produce Diamond Lash (Mori Gyaru eye)
- Bottom Lash: Decorative Lash (Straight) + (Play Sexy #5)

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