Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Gyaru Makeup Trend: Tear Bag Tutorial/ Pictorial

Hi hi Golly-Lockies!

I'm back with a tutorial/ pictorial!!

It is actually my first time doing a pictorial I think? So please forgive me if it isn't up to standard~ >.<

Today's tutorial/ pictorial is on how to acheive the tear bag!
Tear bags are something that most girls wouldn't want, but in the recent months, gyarus and models in Japan/ magazines like Popteen have been seen trying to EMPHASIZE on their tear bags to acheive a more doe-y/ gentler looking eye!

I have done this for quite some time and I think it actually gives a visual effect of bigger and rounder looking eyes too!

I'll cut the talk and jump straight to the steps!

I understand that there are girls who don't have natural tear bags (unlike me, maybe I cry too much XD), so the best way to find the "line" to your tear bag is by squinting your eyes! Just like how you try to smile with your eyes? If that makes sense.
That shadow/ line that you see is the line you want to take note of for the next step!

In this step, make sure the matt brown eyeshadow/ eyebrow powder is half a shade/ one shade darker then your skintone. I would suggest using a contouring powder since it is supposed to be used on your skin as compared to an eyebrow powder which might differ from your skintone (most eyebrow powders has a very yellowish tone to it.) Use a VERY SOFT brush when applying products to your eyes!
I am using Dolly Wink's Eyebrow powder in No. 1 to line the shadow when I squint my eyes. (You can purchase this at the Shibuya Gals SG corner in Watsons - Singapore)
Other recommended products if this eyebrow powder does not match your skintone are canmake's contouring powder/ Kate's Eyebrow Powder. All these powders has different tones to it, to find one that matches yours!

The last step is to further emphasize your tear bags! By applying the highlight color to the area above the line you created, it gives a a visual effect of your tear bag being puffy, at the same time it enlarges your eye by brightening up the inner corners!
I am using the highlight color (a) in the Dolly Wink's Eyeshadow Palette No. 4! (You can purchase this at the Shibuya Gals SG corner in Watsons - Singapore)
You can use any other colors such as off whites (Natural)/ beige (Natural)/ gold (Dramatic) or any other shimmery eyeshadows!

I hope this tutorial/ pictorial helped you in acheiving those dolly looking eyes!

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