Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Crocs New You WINNER!

Yep!!! And the New Crocs New You giveaway for my dear Golly-Lockies is over!!

Won't be saying so much and going on to announce the winner! Thank you all for participating!

Don't feel bad if you didn't win alright? THERE'LL BE MORE GIVEAWAYS COMING SOON!!

SOOOO... The winners for the giveaway are..... *drumrolls*

Cindy Kho


Vernice Alpaca Tan


Congratulations!! I'll be sending you an email shortly, please reply within 3 days if not the chance will be given to the next person:
Full Name
Mailing Address
Contact Number.

After providing all the details, I will have it sent to Crocs and you will be recieving a redemption letter whereby you can go to any Crocs Store in Singapore and choose any pair of shoes you like!!

I'll see you all in my next post very soon!!!


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