Saturday, October 13, 2012

Shoe Trend Picks: A/W 2012

Hey Golly-Lockies!

I'm back with another short post but with loads of pictures for the week!

Was browsing through some of the online webstores and monthly dosage of magazines and I decided that I wanna show you lovelies my picks from the current shoe trend for A/W 2012!

If you know me well enough, I'm sure you will know my huge obsession with shoes. XD Thus another post dedicated just for shoes!
Read my previous post on my picks on shoes:

So.... let's go!!

First on line are shoes with metal/ a different colored front! I like to call it color blocking~

Notice how metallic tips on EVERYTHING is catching on the trend now (i.e metal tips on collard shirts)
I like how classy and simple these pair of babies are but I personally really like the one in black.. Just because.... I SPOTTED YUNKORO WEARING THEM IN ONE OF HER COORDS!

The other colors are really lovely too!

These pumps with carved out metal fronts adds a lil girlyness to the look of the shoe. Unlike the one from Poolside which gives off a very edgy feel to it if carried out with an edgier looking outfit.

This pair's first impression on me was: I need some English tea please!
Though the front are made of metal, the color blocking of these shoes amps up the classy level to it.
Autumn is here, booties are in! Plus brown shades are a must for the season too!

Next are shoes that are too comfy to resist, what's more? THEY'RE PRETTY!!
Shoes like flatforms and wedges are most probably best friends with girls who likes being elevated but yet want to feel comfortable!

Aren't these the most adorable things ever?! Rola was spotted wearing them and so did tons of other gyaru models too! You can see these pair of cuties appearing in magazines for this season for sure!
Moreover, cat or animal incorporated designs are really trending this A/W which I will touch on more in the next post!

Another pair of shoes Rola were spotted in! I'm so into her nowadays~ XD
To be honest, I am a fan of Double Deckers but they always seem too masculine with the flatforms they first came out with. So glad brands like Moussy decided to come up with a more feminine version!

These are 3 pairs of shoes from Pool side again that caught my eye! I'm really into androgynous shoes now and the hounds tooth one on the left is something I would love to get! Hounds tooth is a trending pattern once again for A/W 2012! Hounds tooth stockings, shoes, coats etc~
Sadly, the last time I checked on the Poolside website, these babies were completely sold out, so no links~

Now for some random picks that I chose from the A/W 2012 Catalogs from different brands!

Love love love the silhouette of these shoes! Though I'm kinda over the whole leopard prints, but surprisingly, only these pair with the leopard prints attracted me! The black one was so so~

Color blocking again! My dressing has very much tuned towards the mode/ blogger style these days, so a simpler pair of pumps with just a touch of edginess helps in coordinating my clothes!

That's all for my shoes trend picks for A/W 2012!

I hope you got hooked on to these shoes just like me! Hiak Hiak Hiak!
I'll see you lovelies in my next post!

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