Sunday, October 28, 2012

Thank you for success of JCosmeland Carnival!

Super short post but I just want to thank all the lovely people who came down to JCosmeland Carnival yesterday!!

Thank you all, my lovely readers and gyarus!! Without you, JCosmeland Carnival wouldn't have been a success!

I just can't thank enough~ Was so glad to see soooo many gyarus turn up as well!

I promise to blog a full post with pictures taken with all my lovely readers!!

Oh! And if you have had a photo taken with me, please send them to my email alright? I would love to put them on my blog!
Please send them to and if you're not comfortable with your pictures being on my blog let me know~ I just want to have them compiled together as memories sake too!

Love you all soooo much, and I hope to be seeing all of you soon at the next event!
*wink wink*


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