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September 2011 Taiwan Trip Update

Hey Y'all!!

This post has been delayed for such a long long time~~ >..<
So here I am today to give you guys a lil short update on my short trip to Taiwan for the 2nd time in September 2011! I went for my first trip ever to Taiwan around February 2011 and I did a haul video and blogpost HERE.

This time I only went with Mr Panda aka Riku Renaissance for 4 days and 3 nights. Unlucky us, all 3 days we were there, it was pouring like mad if not drizzling. We even experienced a bad bad weather when we were at Danshui. It was probably more scary for us since we have never in our life experienced such a thing. But it was interesting nevertheless~ ^^

And because it was raining all day long, I didn't get much chances to take tons of photos. :( Thus, a very short update~

I can't really remember what we did throughout the days other then shopping, eating, shopping, eating, shopping then eating again. XD Thanks to our stay at Rainbow hotel again~ Ximending is THE best place to shop IMO~ XD

So I shall just skip my words now and show you guys the pictures with description of it~

One of the many alleys in Ximending

MOMO beauty and care Pharmacy? Sells alll kinds of beauty stuff
Shinjuku Plaza

Do you see what I see? ^^ W<3C
 The shop above is located at Shinjuku Plaza btw. That place sells tons of Japanese brands like Liz Lisa and stuff. I didn't get anything there cos there ARE Liz Lisa outlets in Taiwan, so I would rather go there to buy~ XD There was a COCOLULU store near our hotel as well. Forgot to take a picture cos it was raining badly. :(

Area around Ximending Station

Justin Davis!!!! <3 @Sogo
Me and Mr Panda were literally prancing around the shop looking at their awesome rings and necklaces~ My oh my, were they beautiful~ I took one of their catalogs home but I forgot to take a picture of it, please shoot me now! Even the quality of their catalogs are awesome. And if you notice in the picture, there are writings on the wall, they are signatures of stars who have visited them~

Sogo is such a heaven~ There were soooo many Japanese Gyaru brands there as well like Spiral Girl, Glad News etc~~~ *Goes crazy*

My loot after going to Danshui, yes stockings and "Metal Eggs" XD

Normal tasting Carbonara at Pasta Bar 
And without realizing it, we were on our last day already T^T
It was SO SUNNY and both of us were shaking our fists, like "WEATHER Y YOU NO SUNNY EVERYDAY?!"

We went a last round of last minute shopping to buy whatever we wanted. And please shoot me again people, cos I forgot to take photos of the shoes and clothes I bought!! I promise I'll do another haul video again on my clothes and shoes that I bought~

Cute Vitamin C mascot

The Moo Moo Cow Mascot <3

Ok, but at least I did not forget to take pictures of the skincare and makeup I bought~ =P

Click for bigger image
1. Lip Brush - Daiso
2. Lower Lashes - Daiso
3. Double Eyelid Stickers - Random shop in Ximending
4. Top Lashes (Volume) of 10 Pairs - Random Shop in Danshui
5. Skin Conditioner - Some place in Ximending that sells beauty stuff
6. Lip Gloss in a shape of a Rose - Daiso
7. Purple , Green and skin coloured Foundations and primer - Some place in Ximending that sells beauty stuff
8. Barbie Like Hot Pink Lipstick - Daiso
9. U-shaped tweezers - Some place in Ximending that sells beauty stuff
10. Kate Gel Liner - Some place in Ximending that sells beauty stuff 

Yep~ That's all the beauty stuff I bought~ Not much this time as compared to the previous time~
I might do a  separate video for my beauty and clothes haul, so stay tuned to it alright?

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

[Event] 1Q32 Instant Gellish Workshop

So I actually found myself winning some lucky draw thingy held by The Pinkroom via their FB? Well, I didn't realize I did till I received a message from The Pinkroom that I did! XD

I felt rather lonely when I reached there cos everyone had someone they knew and I was alone :(
But then, I slowly got to know 2 other awesome nail bloggers Shona from Mental for Polish and Miss Ruffie Bear from Varnishing Rainbows. Lucky me, I wasn't alone already HAHA!

Met Chelsea who worked at The Pinkroom, she's such a nice girl! And I think she does the blogging stuff on their blog? Whatever it is, it was awesome meeting all of them including the trainers who did demos on how to apply the 1Q32 Polishes.

Trainer doing the demo~

Look at the variety of colors available 0_0
Instant Gellish Q.A

Instant Gellish Q.B
The Q.B series had lesser choices of colors but I went for it cos it is said that it lasts better.

Their cute sample Mini.Q LED lamp~
So on to the steps which are REALLY easy. Nail salons does this service for at least about SGD $50. But I think I can do this on my own every month so much cheaper if i get these polishes!! *Tempted*
Anyway I hope the pictures help in explaining the steps somehow~ XD If you guys have any questions just feel free to comment down below!

Step 1: Buff nails with nail buffer
Step 2: Wipe nail with Acetone (to remove oil)
Step 3: Apply Gelly Base (not necessary if applying Q.B series)
Gelly Base
Step 4: Cure nail under LED/ UV light
Step 5: Apply choice of nail color
Step 6: Cure nail under LED/ UV light again.
Step 7: Top with top coat for longer lasting nail color

Look at how shiny it is!

The trainer also did some simple nail art on Miss Ruffie bear~ It seems so easy~

Tada! So cute~ <3
And then it was time for us to do for each other our own set of nails!
Here's what Shona did for Miss Ruffie Bear~ MULTI COLORED NAILS! But they look so awesome~ I especially love the marbling effects~

And here's my FUGLY UGLY NAILS BEFORE (cos I did extensions and my nails are brittle to the max, it ate all my red polish up even though I applied a base =[ )

I wanted to have bright red nails cos it's by far the best color that compliments my skintone but they didn't have the red I wanted at that time so I settled for a recommended color.....

It's a purple based dark polish~ Lovely~~
And the result of 5 fingers painted by yours truly and the other 5 by the trainer~ hehe~

Shiny shiny~~ <3

Products under this brand of 1Q32 Instant Gellish:

Machines under this brand of 1Q32 Instant Gellish:

Visit for more info!

And all thanks to The Pinkroom for giving me this chance to get exposed to Gel nails! Visit their Facebook Page too~

Camwhore pictures of me and my new friends <3 and myself when I was home XD *Narcissist mode*

From Left to Right: Yours Truly, Shona, Miss Ruffie Bear <3

Chelsea from The Pinkroom! <3 Such a sweet girl~
Decided to pin my fringe up cos it was way outta shape XD

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Big THANK YOU!!!! <3

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

[Cosme Review] CLIO Professional Kill Black Waterproof Brush Liner & Volume Mascara

Hey Y'all! 

I'm back with another post today cos I feel awesome!! And it's gonna be a review on CLIO Professional's Kill Black Brush Liner and Volume Mascara. Mainly on the Brush Liner cos I bought it but came with a mini bottle of Volume Mascara. 

Set include 1 Kill Black Brush Liner & Mini Volume Mascara
There are a few different types of eyeliner that they have such as the Pen Liner, Brush Liner, Brush Pen Liner, Pencil Liner, Gelpresso Liner etc. I'll put a link to their website for you guys to check it out though they are all in Korean Language. I'm not able to read so yea~ 

Top: O' Tank Volume Mascara
Bottom: Kill Black Brush Liner

Click for bigger picture

I have been quite a loyal fan of K-Palette's 1 Day Tattoo Eyeliner and I still love it, but the intensity of this oh so black brush liner from CLIO is just as awesome. If you guys read my blog, you should know I don't go for brown or grey eyeliners. If I have the choice, I'd definitely dive for the blackest eyeliner I can find. And up to date, none has impressed me as far as this brush liner did.

One thing for sure, the lasting power of this brush liner is definitely comparable to K-Palette's 1 Day Tattoo Eyeliner. It is able to create thin lines and fill in gaps with an intense black!

I tried drawing a really thin line on my hand and it looked great! The thick line had a little bit of feathering most probably cos I have lines on my hands and the formula of this eyeliner is alot more watery. Tip of the brush is of a great length, not too long, not too stumpy and stiffness is average.

I would rate this product:


Click for bigger picture

Nothing much I wanna review on this cos I don't really find it any other different from other volumising mascaras. Only pro? IT'S BLACK BLACK.

I would rate this product:

And also, here's a CF of Hyori (Ambassador for CLIO) for the Kill Black Series of eyeliners.

So that will be all for this review and I hope to see you guys soon!!
Stay tuned to my giveaway!!

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