Thursday, February 23, 2012

[Giveaway] 300+ Followers!!!

I've finally stopped procrastinating and got down to sort out the items for my 300+ Followers Giveaway!!

I've decided to give 2 packages out this time~

I would really love to give each and every one of you something as a form of appreciation for following me this long. But I only have that much to spare~~ T^T Imma poor lil girl~

Thank you all for loving this blog, or so I think?

I hope to be updating more often and hopefully be able to help any of you out there with my blogposts~

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

I love all of you! 

I'll get on to the prizes now~~









Lovely Package

- Mentholatum Therapy Lip Balm
- The Face Shop Organature Cleanser with Hydrating Beans
-Miniture O.P.I Nail Lacquer in Nagellack
- 6 pairs of Korean Falsies
- 8 different Leaders Insolution Masks
-Sothy's Brightening Fluid (Sample Pack)
- Sothy's Brightening Mask (Sample Pack)
- Korres Body Butter Guava (Sample Pack)
- CandyDoll Makeup Base - Shade 01 (Sample Pack)
- CandyDoll Liquid Foundation - Shade 02 (Sample Pack)
- CandyDoll Powder Foundation - Shade 01 (Sample Pack)
- 4 Step Nail Buffer
- Clio Professional O'Tank Volume Mascara (Travel Size)

Sexy Package

- Sex and the City Falsies inspired by Samantha, created by Eylure
- 2 sets of cute false nails
- LipIce Sheer Color Shimmer Lip Moisturizer
-Skin Factory's Eyedream Honey Eye Patch
-Sothy's Brightening Fluid (Sample Pack)
- Sothy's Brightening Mask (Sample Pack)
- Heroine Make's Proof Eye Tape
- Leaders Insolution Hydrogel Eye Therapy Patch
- Beauty Leg Thigh High Stockings by 小悪魔 Ageha

And last but not least, I made a lil something on my own for one of the winner!

Not very "professional" looking, BUT! I made it myself~ *shy*

Hehe~ A mini clay cupcake with strawberries!

I wish you all luck!!


  • Must be a PUBLIC follower of Golly-locks.blogspot

  • Must "Like" my FB Page

  • Fill in the form given below in this post

  • Link to Golly-Locks.blogspot is required in any of your entries

  • #Hash Tags to be included in tweet: #Golly-Locks #Giveaway

  • Must have an email and address that is valid

  • Please comment in this blog post to let me know you have entered as there seems to be some problem having to receive the entries sometimes >.<


  • Be 18 years old and above, if you're 18 and below please seek your parents' permission first

Please use any of the pictures you wish for your posts ^^


  • This giveaway is INTERNATIONAL

  • Giveaway ends 3rd April 2011 *my birthday hehe*

  • Maximum of 7 points per person

  • Winners will be chosen via a random generator and contacted via email

  • Winners will be given 3 days to respond if not it will go on to the next person

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

[Event] Keratinology by Sunsilk

Hey Y'all!!

So just a few weeks back, I attended a bloggers event held by The Sample Store to introduce the New Keratinology Series by Sunsilk!

It was held at....

Yep, Novus Restaurant and Bar!

Met up with Kelly from Pearly&Kelly first before we headed in~ We seem to have become event buddies. XD

The other beautiful bloggers seated at the same table, Yina and Felicia~


We were welcomed with a glass of mocktail named after the different ranges of Keratinology products~
I chose the SUN KISSED!

We were then asked to download an app by Keratinology for our Iphones/ phones running on Android.
It is an app to plan and suggest which products would be the best for you! And they have notifications to remind you too!!

We were then started on the presentation~

By the really cute Shawn (If I never remember wrongly XD)

There were slides shown but I was too engrossed in listening I forgot to take photos of it~ >.<

Soon after the presentation, we were served our lunch!

Looks awesome? I feel hungry now ._.


So anyway, on to the products~

All products are exclusively available only to Watsons.

And what's best? All these products that are able to give you soft silky hair is only ranged between SGD$11.90 - SGD$22.90!! Awesome or what?!

We were also given the whole range of the Advanced Reconstruction products to try out~

Detoxifying Shampoo
Gently cleanses hair of residues and treating damaged hair at the same time.

Express Treatment Conditioner
Delivers the intensity of a treatment with the speed of a conditioner, for intensive reconstruction of hair

Hair Spa Mask
Used weekly for intense nourishment. Penetrates through 3 layers of hair fibres, reconstructs and seals cuticles for salon-like smoothness and shine!

Overnight Reconstruction
A lightweight, nourishing formula leaving no icky and oily feeling as hair is intensively reconstructed while sleeping. Powerful nutrients are absorbed and the tiniest cracks and imperfections being reconstructed in just a night! 

Dual Shot Treatment
Recovers damaged hair, for salon-like perfection in just 2 steps:-
Step 1: delivers intensive reconstruction
Step 2: locks in shine and smoothness 

Heat Protector Spray
Advanced heat protective formula with UV filter helps prevent against breakage and frizz as hair is styled for a truly professional look!


I've been using all the products regularly and I gotta say, they really are worth the $$$!!
I personally really like the Overnight Reconstruction and Hair Spa Mask, leaves my hair feeling so soft and smooth~~~ <3

Wanna have beautiful hair and maybe win a trip to Korea??

Join the Keratinology Photo Contest now then!!

And follow the instructions below to participate!

Submit a photo of yourself and your purchased Keratinology product
Get your friends to vote for your picture
Retain your receipt for proof of purchase

Submission period ends 29 Feb 2012, 2359 hrs
Voting period ends 31 March 2012, 2359 hrs

I wish you all luck!!!

See you lovelies soon~ <3

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Sakurina X Hitsugi, maybe?

Was updating on Sakurina's blog and she uploaded a few pictures of her in Vkei makeup~ the moment I saw them, I was squealing in me!

The makeup really resembles Hitsugi's but in a more feminine way. I'm in love with both Hitsugi and Sakurina... I'm not sure if the makeup was inspired by Hitsugi but it was just first impression~ hehe <3

Definitely wanna do something like this and maybe have a photoshoot~ can't wait~~

(Pictures taken from Sakurina's blog and google images)

So anyways, remember to like my FB Page and Twitterfor more updates!!

I'll see you lovelies soon~ <3

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Life is good

Just a short random update~ Since I'm doing nothing but rolling on bed playing games on my iPad~ XD

Life has been really good for me, be it personal or as a blogger~ Opportunities have started coming my way and I'm really grateful to all those who made it happen.
I know I've been such a bad ass blogger, only updating like once in the blue moon~ But rest assured you're gonna see more of me! Especially in March~

Anyway, I have finally touched up on my hair color 2 weeks ago and I'm really happy with it!
It's a ash green color which was REALLY green during the first 2 days. After a few days' of wash, it has faded to an ideal color I want.

Here's a not so clear picture taken 2 days ago~ >.< I promise to come back with a better picture.

Also, I know I've been delaying my giveaway.... Please shoot me now, but I've piled up a whole lot of stuff to be given away! I'm thinking if I should pick more then 1 winner this time~ do comment and give me some suggestions whether you all prefer more then 1 winner? After all it's a giveaway to thank you guys for giving me support~

So anyways, remember to like my FB Page and Twitterfor more updates!!

I'll see you lovelies soon~ <3

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Friday, February 10, 2012

SUPER late post, CNY Look

Hey Y'all!

This is a way way wayyyyyy late post but just wanted to show you my lovely readers my look for Chinese New Year. Which happens to be like a month or a few weeks back? HAHA!

I didn't take an outfit post *shoots self* but it was a navy blue tube dress with white small floral prints on them. It's a short in the front and long at the back. OK wtf am I talking about? I shall just take a outfit post soon with this dress soon. Grrr..

I have a set of photos of this look which I really love, but I'm just gonna leave you guys with 2 and save the others for another day XD

I had my hair curled really nicely that day, surprisingly, because I only had an hour to do my hair before my parents were rushing me to go off. -_-

I might do a tutorial soon on how I got this look soon. Since there were requests for this hairdo. 

Contact Lens
Princess Mimi in Chocolate Brown

Revlon Colorstay - 180 Sand Beige
Kate Concealer - Light Beige
Canmake Covering Powder - 01

Clio Brush Liner - Black
Kate Gel Liner - Black
Integrate Accent Eyes Palette - BR750
Dolly Wink Top Lashes - No.2 Sweet Girly
Dolly Wink Bottom Lashes - No.6 Baby Cute

Lavshuca Mix Color Cheek Palette - PK 1

Vaseline to moisturize lips
Candydoll Lip Gloss - Macaroon Pink

Overall, I had quite good feedbacks for this look, though I don't really go for this sweet sweet girly look but I'll try it more often next time. ^^

Thanks for reading!!
I'll be preparing the giveaway soon, so stay with me alright? >.<

See you lovelies soon~ <3

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