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[Event] Lowrys Farm+Heather Runway at Bugis+

I'm finally done with sorting out the millions of photos for this event. Phew~

So as you all know, I was part of the Lowrys Farm, Arm in Arm with Lowrys Farm event to showcase pieces from them! They are finally opened at Bugis+ (formerly know as Illuma)

This post is gonna be photo spams with backstage photos as well as on stage.
So be prepared to start scrolling and drool at pretty and handsome models~ Nyahahaha!

Starting this photo spammage with a photo I love that was taken with Fumi-San ( was the stylist for the day and Yuki-San who did my awesome hair from Monso Salon!

Was supposed to reach the place at 9am for rehearsal and I was quite surprised I actually managed to wake up and reach there on time! Well, it was lucky I didn't have to do any makeup/hair. All I needed to do was to bathe and wash up =D

The stage was done up really nicely with cute lil ponies~ <3
You'll see the full stage soon in the later pictures!

After the rehearsal, all the models scrambled off to have hair and make up done.
Yes this was how messy it was in the room. XD

And then.... The show officially starts!

And.... That is the full runway!
The emcee is super pretty btw, she looks super adorable in that floral pants.

After all the introduction, the first part of the fashion show started!
There were 2 outfits for all the models to change into. I'll post a few here because there were SO MANY PHOTOS!! 
Click HERE to see the full album of photos of all the models~

I kinda "represented" HEATHER most probably because of my height as HEATHER comes out with a tad more matured clothes for those who liked the Onee Kei (Older Sister style) which was really me actually unlike Lowrys Farm which was adorable!

And there was Lenne! She's super cute I tell you! Awesomely funny when she started talking in the British accent, I was laughing like crazy. XD
Visit her blog for super high fashion styles!

 Super adorable Kelly, my blogger buddy was there too!!
She was like THE face for Lowrys Farm in Singapore I tell you~ <3

And so was Kiyo! Super cute!
She runs that reviews loads of Japanese cosmetic products!

Newly made friend, Hellven who was crazily funny too.
He's one of the butlers from the Butler cafe during AFA! Yea drool girls I know he's cute. XD

Vera, who was standing behind me. She's super tall too! And nice~~ <3

And the a couple other pretty models whom I didn't get to talk to because it was so hectic =(
But I liked their outfits!

And the final roll for part 1!

After Part 1 was finished, the hair styling session started and So San from Kizuki+Lim who did my hair style the previous time at the Collect Point Fashion Bloggers Event (Read here for my post!) was there too!

Cute hairstyle he did for this pretty pretty model right?!

After the session ended, it was time for round 2 of fashion!

Lenne is just too cute not to post XD

Yea girls, more for you to drool =D

Nabiah-chan, newly made friend too! She's super fluent at Japanese, Jellyyyy~~
Don't she look so lovely?!

Click HERE for more pictures!

And that was the end of the fashion show!!
I'm super honoured that I got to work with Collect Point! I mean if you know about Tokyo Girls Collection Lowrys Farm and HEATHER was also part of their show, they are THE THING in Tokyo's Fashion world!
Check out the videos~

Tokyo Girls Collection, 2011 S/S Heather

Tokyo Girls Collection, 2009 A/W Lowrys Farm (and some other brands)

And while I did a search on Youtube, guess what I found?!
Someone took a whole video for the fashion show on that day!

Part 1

Part 2

After the show ended, I went into a snapping frenzy~ XD

With Kelly!<3

With Hellven, commented he was short and he almost went crazy~ HAHAH!
Nahhh~ He wasn't THAT short, it was just my hair that made me taller~

With So-San from Kizuki+Lim

Lenne and her awesome turquoise hair! <3

With super friendly Vera~

Hahaha! Super cute shot of Yuki-San (Monso Salon) who did my super high mori bun that received lots of compliments~ along with So-San!

Took a outfit photo for Lenne, though as compared to hers in her blog mine is just mehhhh~

And she took one for me too~ <3 That was my second outfit.

Received cute cookies from blogger buddy Kelly too~
She's so cute really~ I love her!! <3 XD

The models and staffs were then invited to the "after party" which was more like a gathering cum dinner after the event.

Some of the staffs as well as Fumi-san and Yuki-San were there too!
Thanks for all the hard work!! 

Fumi-san and Yuki-San who were seated beside me started to camwhore together and they were so funny, they wanted to get pretty pictures too and ended up posing all the same to get the "small face" shot. XD

Group shot with Fumi-san, Yuki-san, Kelly and Nabiah!

Yea, Yuki-san is super humourous~ Can't stand him.. XD
I'm so gonna visit him for a hair cut soon~ 

And how could I miss out on camwhoring with Kelly?!

It was a very fun and experiencing day for me and I really enjoyed it!
I hope that all of you did too!!

I'll see you lovely Golly-Lockies soon in my next post and hopefully I'll see you at the next event coming up soon too!
 I hope the this picture spam didn't burn your eyes too much XD

Remember to head down to Bugis+ to take a look at what Lowrys Farm and Heather has to offer you!
And don't forget to "Like" their Facebook Page for updates!!


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Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Luxurious Affair - By Tocco Tenero

 I'm back with the details on the event held by Tocco Tenero! 
I was soooo excited when I got the news!
Thanks Tocco Tenero!


A LUXURIOUS AFFAIR will be held at Tangs Vivo Atrium from the 2nd - 8th July 2012!

Fashion stylings by bloggers and makeup and styling tips will be staged from 6th - 8th July 2012.

There will be Tocco Tenero products there that are discounted up to 70%!
And did I say how much their prducts are? SUPER AFFORDABLE! Most of them don't cost more then $200 dollars!!

And if you spend a minimum of SGD$79, you are entitled to 1 lucky dip!
There are $500,000 worth of prizes waiting for you~

I'll be there too as one of the fashion bloggers to attend this event!
Super excited cos Tocco Tenero is collaborating with Zadig and Voltaire, a french apparel label for the bloggers' styling with the bags we chose previously!
I'll be there on 7th July 2012 from 1800-1900 for my part on styling with my bags from Tocco Tenero.

So come on down! I'll love to see you there and take tons of pictures with all of you!!
Not forgetting, the awesome prizes too~

I'll see you lovelies there!! <3


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T&T June Style – ADRIANA Neon Bucket Shoulder Bag

Hey Golly-Lockies! (New name for all my pretty and lovely readers HAHA!)

I'm back with my June Style with Tocco Tenero!

If you haven't seen my April Style and May Style with Tocco Tenero, go take a look!! 

This time I chose a bag whereby I've never in my life thought  I'd be carrying.
Well, not really "in my life" but I've always been someone who carries bags which are styles that either lean towards the "cooler" look or something that is neutral where I can carry it wherever I go.

I went down to the shop this time and the neon colored collection of bags really caught my eye!
I have to admit, I was tempted to get another bag that I think I would use very often, but neon colors are really trendy now and the colors really are very attractive to be honest.

I took double the time this time choosing my bags and finally, I decided to go with the 
ADRIANA Neon Bucket Shoulder Bag !

What really attracted me to this bag was the contrast this bag gave.
With the bright neon orange Suede & the neutral colored Lamb Skin leather, it just gives off the playful yet feminine vibe because of the design of the bag, a bucket bag!

A bucket bag is great for casual outings, picnics etc!
Bucket bags were quite a trend many years ago and now it's back! I remembered my mom passing down her vintage bucket bag to me years back and I really like it alot to a stage I used it till it was no longer usable. = '(

I was quite skeptical when choosing this bag because if you know me, I bring my whole house out with me, like literally MY WHOLE HOUSE.
I have to bring my Ipad along wherever I go and this posed quite a problem for me when buying bags.

I was really surprised that ADRIANA actually managed to fit my Ipad in her!
 And because it has a bucket design, it's an endless pit! I could fit every single thing in without a problem.

Being an endless pit was good but if there was just an endless pit, it would take forever to find your stuffs.
Tocco Tenero has such considerate designs, they placed SO MANY compartments in their bags just so that it makes finding things a whole lot easier.
I have a compartment to place my phone, another to put all my other mini stuffs that aren't organized in one bag such as my mints, hand cream etc!

The pull string closure was one of my favorite parts of the bag cos it just looks so "relaxing".
 I usually carry this bag out when I'm out for casual meet ups with friends or a movie which is perfect cos it's not too formal yet not THAT casual to a point people won't think you bring that same bag to the market or something.

One other cute feature of this bag was the key holder that is attached to the bag.
I just use it as an extra accessory to the bag and leave it hanging out. But if you were to put your keys in I would suggest you keep it inside the bag huh?

And! As usual, being versatile in their bag designs are one of Tocco Tenero's trademarks.
ADRIANA can be held as a sling bag too! 
Girls with rounder hips like me could try carrying your bags in this sling manner cos it kinda evens down your hip area by covering part of it. 

Back to my styling part!

I went with a flowy chiffon polka dotted sleeveless top paired with a thin brown belt at the waist just to accentuate the curves a girl should need.
I wore a simple jeans shorts along with my pair of converse sneakers to give that casual and comfy look.

I tried this outfit with a styled up faux bob and it worked really nicely too, what do you think?
Do you prefer it with a faux bob or straight hair that is let down?

Available colors in FUSCHIA , ORANGE & LIME

A couple more photos of yours truly just cos I'm a narcissist =D 

Also!! I'll be attending an event done by Tocco Tenero this coming week!!
So stay tuned to my next blog post for the details on A LUXURIOUS AFFAIR,
held by Tocco Tenero!!

I'll see you soon!!


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