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[Swatch +Short Review] Haraju-CUTE Products

Hey hey hey Golly-Lockies!

As promised, I'm back with swatches from most of the cosme that the newly
launched Haraju-Cute Corner in Guardians is offering!

All these swatches were done on the spot at the Haraju-Cute event I was invited to~
I have made a post prior to this on just the coverage of the event!
Click on the link below to read the post!

I wouldn't consider this as a FULL review just because I only had the chance to be in contact with it for only that one time. I will be judging these cosme based on how I feel about it at first touch~
So please do not refer to this post if you're looking for a review on whether this would last on you, cos I have no idea! But I might spend my $$$ again on some of those that I think are worth buying~

Haraju-Cute generously gave us bloggers at the event a full bag of cosme under their care that I'll be doing FULL REVIEWS on very soon! So stay tuned!

I couldn't take swatches of all the brands and items they had to offer as I wasn't the only blogger there so we had to take turns + the event wasn't like a 24 hours thing where I can have the luxury of time to swatch all of them~ XD

So................LET'S GET STARTED!

First on line are cosme from....

Romantic Eyes, Eyeshadow
( ロマンチック アイズ )
GD-1 Gold Brown's Casual Gorgeous

What I feel about the product:
I was VERY surprised how pigmented these eyeshadows were! Just a light swipe on the colors, that intensity of color was amazing! This was one of the products especially this palette I was really impressed with. I am someone who uses earthy tones A LOT.. The champagne colors was beautiful! 
I think it will be a great palette to invest in for everyday use or for more formal events.

SGD $26.90
Definitely worth the money I think. This palette will last a long time although there's a shelf life to all cosme but this baby.. A little goes a long way~

Will I purchase this?
Yes, definitely! Just based on how pigmented and beautiful the colors are, I think it is worth purchasing this.

Link to product in BRIGITTE website

Full Range of Romantic Eyeshadows please click below:

Romantic Eyes, Eyeshadow
(ロマンチック アイズ)
AS-1 Ash Brown's Cool

What I feel about the product:
A different shade from GD-1, this Ash brown gives a cooler feel as compared to the warm tones of GD-1. The pigmentation of the colors are strong since these 2 palettes are from the same collection. This palette has more grey tones in them and a lot darker in my opinion. 
I personally prefer GD-1 still just because of the colors. This palette will be great for people who goes for heavier eye makeup but for me I think GD-1 is better in a sense, I can go dark/ light eye make with just one palette

SGD $26.90
Again, depending on what kind of eye make you are wanting to achieve, it will define whether or not it's worth the price.

Will I purchase this?
I would definitely purchase this if this is the only shade available. But comparing it with GD-1, I'll choose GD-1 over this just based on how I do my daily eye make~

Link to product in BRIGITTE website

Full Range of Romantic Eyeshadows please click below:

Romantic Blusher
(ロマンチック ブラッシュ)
RS-1 Rose

What I feel about the product:
Once again, the pigments were quite strong especially the highlight (1). The rose pink was really sweet looking and the texture is very smooth.
Downside of it? If I didn't remember wrongly there wasn't an applicator provided, although most of the times I apply using my own brush but when it comes to touch ups outside, it might cause a bit of a problem without the applicator.

SGD $24.90

Will I purchase this?
I might have to consider about this, due to the fact there isn't an applicator provided. Correct me if I'm wrong but I really don't remember seeing it~ Other then that, the pink was a shade I would definitely use.

Link to product in BRIGITTE website

Full Range of Romantic Cheek colors please click below:

Romantic Lip Gloss
(ロマンチック リップグロス)
1. BE-2 Pink Beige, ピンク ベージュ
2. RS-1 Rose, ローズ

Romantic Lip Gloss
(ロマンチック リップグロス)
1. BE-2 Pink Beige, ピンク ベージュ
2. RS-1 Rose, ローズ

What I feel about the product:
This whole Romantic Collection by Brigitte is amazing really. I love how pigmented the colors are. And if you have been reading my blog long enough, I am VERY FUSSY when it comes to lip glosses. I can't take too sticky glosses cos I get irritated with them even if the pigments were strong. 
This lip gloss however, is very pigmented but yet not too icky sticky. Great for fussy lip gloss users like me.
I really like the color of BE-2 Pink Beige just cos I am recently going for a more matured look, and my lips look a lot better with an orange based color. 

SGD $18.90

Will I purchase this?
I will probably purchase BE-2 Pink Beige if I have to choose. But yes I'll definitely get this, it's not easy for me to like a lip gloss really. -_-

Link to product in BRIGITTE website

Full Range of Romantic Lip Gloss colors please click below:



Dolly Pink
Honey Orange
Diamond Blush & Highlight
1. No. 1 Dolly Pink , ドーリーピンク
2. No. 5 Creamy Pearl, クリーミパール (Highlight, ハイライト)
3. No. 3 Honey Orange, ハニーオレンジ 
Diamond Blush & Highlight
1. No. 1 Dolly Pink , ドーリーピンク
2. No. 5 Creamy Pearl, クリーミパール (Highlight, ハイライト)
3. No. 3 Honey Orange, ハニーオレンジ  

What I feel about the product:
Very smooth texture, and strong pigments. I would advise beginners in makeup to go AS LIGHT AS POSSIBLE and slowly stack the color. The color is VERY strong! Although I would always suggest going light and stacking for any blushers or makeup. Less is definitely more! 
I'm totally digging the dolly pink! Gives a very ふわふわ (Fluffy in Japanese) feel! 

SGD $23.90

Will I purchase this?
I think I'll most probably purchase the Dolly Pink. The Highlight color is just ok~ Not bad but not very special in any ways either. Plus I think it is worth the money since you only need very little to go a long long way!

Link to product in Diamond Beauty website

Full Range of Diamond Blush colors please click below:

01 Baby Pink
03 Peach Orange
Diamond Cream Cheek
1. No. 1 Baby Pink ,ベビーピンク
2. No. 3 Peach Orange, ピーチオレンジ 
Diamond Cream Cheek
1. No. 1 Baby Pink ,ベビーピンク
2. No. 3 Peach Orange, ピーチオレンジ  

What I feel about the product:
As described, very creamy and easy to apply. Pigments of the colors are quite strong again, so go light and stack them up till desired! I have been using cream blushers nowadays as they give a very dewy glow on the cheeks because there is moisture in there plus it gives a very natural look if applied correctly.
One very important tip I have to offer when applying cream blushers is never to apply it on top of a powder (eg. powdered face) Apply it right after your liquid foundation if possible to avoid blotches. A quick swipe of clear loose powder on top if you wanna lock in the color!

SGD $18.90

Will I purchase this?
Only the Peach Orange maybe, I love how natural it looks yet at the same time gives my cheeks a dewy glow!

Link to product in Diamond Beauty website

Full Range of Diamond Cream Cheek colors please click below:
Diamond Cream Eyeshadow
1. No. 04 Mint Green , ミントゴールド
2. No. 01 Pink Gold, ピンクゴールド

Diamond Cream Eyeshadow
1. No. 04 Mint Green , ミントゴールド
2. No. 01 Pink Gold, ピンクゴールド

What I feel about the product:
Consistency of this cream shadow is very much similar to the Cream Cheek color. Only difference is that it feels very "jelly" like. If that makes sense.
I'm not too sure about these cream shadows though, I think it will be great as a base for all the eye makeup you are going to stack on but maybe this isn't for me. Due to the fact that I have oily eyelids, this will most probably make it even oilier. I dunno for sure but I don't have a habit of using cream shadows because I usually have to apply my double eyelid stickers on my eyes. With a cream shadow it just means not being able to hold my double eyelid stickers or fiber well.
It will be great for you if you don't have the trouble like me *uneven eyelids*. I think it should hold any colors stacked on top quite well.

SGD $14.90

Will I purchase this?
Most probably not. Since I don't have the habit of using cream eye shadows.

Link to product in Diamond Beauty website

Full Range of Diamond Cream Eyeshadow colors please click below:


These are some other products I didn't get to try on the spot that day but some of these babies seems quite promising!

Joli et Joli et Mascaras
From left to right: ( Click on links below for detailed info - in Japanese )
1. Fiber Long Mascara
2. Long Care Mascara
3. Volume Curl Mascara

SGD $27.90

Full Range of AVANCÉ Mascaras please click below:

Joli et Joli et Liquid Eyeliner
From left to right: (Click on links below for detailed info - in Japanese)
1. Liquid Eyeliner - Black
2. Liquid Eyeliner - Brown

* I'll be doing a full review on the Brown Eyeliner soon! *

Full Range of AVANCÉ Eyeliners please click below:


The Rose of Versailles

Liquid Eyeliner & Eyebrow Pencil
From left to right:
1.  Princess Antoinette Liquid Eyeliner - Dark Brown 
2.  Antoinette Liquid Eyeliner - Brown
3. 2 Way Eyebrow Pencil and Powder - Brown



Premium Liquid Eyeliner & Mascara
From left to right:
1.  Premium Liquid Eyeliner -  Royal Brown
2.   Premium Liquid Eyeliner -  Vivid Black
3. Ultra Volume Mascara (SGD $25.90)

That's all for my on-the-spot swatches and short review on some of the products!
I hope you enjoy them if you get them! Feel free to comment and let me know if you have tried any of them!

Please wait up for my full reviews ok?~ 

And also, I'll be gathering some really awesome products for my next giveaway! A couple of products will be from something from the Haraju-Cute Corner!

So be sure to visit their FB Page below!

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I'll see you lovelies very soon!!!!



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Monday, August 27, 2012

[Event] Haraju-CUTE! *Image Heavy*

Hello dear Golly-Lockies!

Today I shall be touching on an event I went to probably about a month ago? Backdated much I know~ 
But anyway, that being said, I'm here to spam y'all with beautiful pictures from the
Haraju-Cute event I was invited to that was held at Sun with Moon Japanese Cafe

I love that place! It's my second time there and the food-o-glorious food was sooo delich!

So what is Haraju-Cute all about? 

Haraju-Cute is a newly launched corner in Guardians to cater to all the girls in Singapore who wants to be beautiful! The corner consists of many well-known brands in Japan like Brigitte (endorsed by pretty Rola!), Diamond Beauty and many many more!

If you are following my Twitter (@golly_locks), you might have seen my Instagram photo I posted of the Brigitte Lashes I saw in Guardians, way before I knew this corner existed or before I was invited to the event~ I was super excited to see so many Japanese brands coming up!

All these brands are exclusive to Guardians so if you want them, you gotta visit Guardians now!

So back to the event~

Each and every blogger who went received a cute and generous bag filled with goodies along with a manga drawing of themselves! I love mine!! hehe~
I'll reveal the products that were in the bag in my next post! *winks*

Closer look at the drawing~ Does it look like me? =D

And yet again, I attended it with my dearest blog girls Wendy and Kelly! hehe~ Love hanging out with them! And most importantly because Kelly was the model for the day to be made over by well known makeup artist Larry Yeo who has done makeup for countless celebrities in Singapore and overseas!

Kelly also taught the girls at the event how to use the AB Double Eyelid Fibre and Glue correctly to achieve beautiful looking parallel eyelids like the Gyarus in Japan! 

I must say, I've tried other brands of eyelid fibres but none held my eyelids as well as AB's~ Kelvin 老师, a well known makeup artist based in Taiwan happens to be the "ambassador" for this too~

When I saw this whole bunch of makeup Larry was using, I was stoked! I got so excited my heart pumped twice as fast! XD Well of cos, he couldn't use THAT MANY products on Kelly's small face but still!! *hearts*

And while Larry was doing the finishing touch ups on Kelly, we were served awesome food!!! Me and Wendy were really hungry before we reached thus.... *inserts greedyface.jpg*

Dessert for the day was Matcha Ice cream with red beans and cornflakes! Yummmsss~ I don't really dig red bean but Matcha Ice with cornflakes is L.O.V.E!

Picture with makeup artist Larry Yeo!!
Larry is super humorous! He doesn't give any airs at all! It was really nice meeting him and getting tips from him~

I also met lotsa other really nice bloggers too!

With Wendy and Kiyomi!

With Evonnz~ She's so pretty~ 8D Ever since the first time I met her, I keep thinking if she was mixed blood, and I finally know now~ hehe~ Love this girl!

With Wendy and Claire! Very outspoken and friendly girl too~ Y U ALL SO NICE?! 

First time meeting Clara aka Dblchin! She's super funny and not to mention
really pretty too! Her red hair makes her stand out so much despite her petite build~  

Last but not least, a photo with my Bloggirls!

I'll be doing a seperate post on the swatches I did at the event~ In the next post! So stay tuned to it~ Lotsa swatches on the awesome makeup products! And also my giveaway that will be coming up soon will have their products too~!

But to end off this post, It's me camho time!! Nyahahaha!!

My #EOTD ! 

I look like I have a huge head~ XD

Photo taken by Wendy! Love this photo!! 

Ok~ No more of me, I won't burn your eyes further with any more of me~ XD

Remember to "Like" Haraju-Cute Facebook Page too!

Look out for Haraju-Cute counters at these stores:

313 @ Somerset

Bedok Central
City Square Mall
Compass Point
Hougang Mall
Ion Orchard
Marina Bay Sands
Raffles Place MRT
Suntec City Mall
United Square
Causeway Point
City Link
Great World City
Jurong Point
Plaza Singapura
Sembawang Shopping Centre
Tampines Century Square
Vivo CIty
Ang Mo Kio Central
Centrepoint Basement
Holland Shopping Centre
International Plaza
Kallang Leisure Park
Raffles City
Serangoon NEX
Toa Payok Blk 190

I'll see you lovelies soon in my next post with all the swatches!



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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Clear Skin with Glomax!


Hey Golly-Lockies!

I'm here today to introduce to you Glowmax Aesthetics!

And I got to warn you, quite a bit of words here today.. That's what happens when I am satisfied or happy with a service or thing. I just have to pen down allllllll my opinions on it~

I was invited to try out their service by Hazel who used to be their customer! 

I have kinda stopped going for facials a couple years back because I had such a bad experience. Don't wanna touch on that now but I was super happy with my visit to Glowmax!
If you are following me on my twitter (@golly_locks), you would probably have seen my tweet rave spam right after my facial the other day. In actual fact, I'm typing this post on the day I did my facial cos I was so excited to write about my experience there!

Glowmax Aesthetics is a 4 year old facial salon run by 3 awesome ladies. The place is a very cosy office space located at Soho 2 just beside The Central and Swissotel~
Super convenient!

Although it is just a relatively small place, but it is so spick speck clean and comfy!

So just a brief description of Glowmax down below!

A Minimalist Soho Salon

Nestled six floors above the heart of Singapore's famous riverside Clarke Quay, GLOMAX Aesthetics - The Face Artistry is everything a minimalist soho salon stands for: expertise, customization, modernity and cosiness. The commitment to your skin deserves only the best preventive and corrective treatments here for a radiant, flawless skin.

At GLOMAX Aesthetics - The Face Artistry, expect a superlative collection of ultimate face and body treatments boosted with award-winning aesthetics machines and celebrity skincare products. Our treatments are artfully crafted for instantaneous results and meticulously executed by a team of highly-trained beauty masters.

Power Of A Consult

As each skin has its own individual character and deserves to be treated with personalized attention, we customize every visit to meet your specific needs, be it preventive – or – corrective treatments and skin care. This allows us to bring out your skin’s individual beauty and that coveted healthy glow. Each time you visit GLOMAX Aesthetics – The Face Artistry, our beauty master will perform an in-depth consultation to determine the best regimen for your skin. Be ready to step out in confidence with clearer complexion and be enlightened of your skin health.

Evon Low, Director

With the constant stream of new technologies and skin care, Evon Low, Director and Founder of GLOMAX Aesthetics – The Face Artistry is well known for bringing in award-winning, non-invasive machines, and more of a legend among her clients for giving them quality and results, in the shortest amount of time.

“We want clients to look renewed  and radiant every time they visit us. It’s really possible to have healthier complexion each time and keep looking better without overspending.” That’s right. With 19 years of experience, Evon believes “you need to know the ideal pairing of treatment concoction to skin, what to touch, and apply the right pressure. It’s a test of a therapist’s skills.” Get prepared to have your every dollar stretched and enjoying the best possible skin health in the shortest amount of time.

I won't say it is a VERY big establishment but that is what I like about it. I get such personalized and good service! Sun was my therapist for the day and I was so glad! I was chatting with her most of the times she was doing my facial, excluding the mask part of cos~

I stepped in and was greeted by Evonn and a nicely done up place with cute paintings and relaxing looking furniture. Sat down and was served a glass of water while she did my consultation. And because I was a curious kid, I asked a ton of questions. XD
The consultation was a very detailed one yet not the "oh-so-serious" talk. Evonn is such a nice person to talk to and joke with!

Evonn told me that I should try the Acne Medic Procedure cos I have hidden milla seeds and 3 freaking  pimples! I have had quite bad acne before but now it is just that few pimples and blackheads which bother me alot although I am able to conceal them with makeup. But who doesn't want perfect skin!?  I was convinced by how well it worked cos I saw Hazel who used to also have acne problems like me but her face is so clear now!

So let's get started!

Me without makeup all changed out!

Comfy bed with all the equipment ready!

There is also a small cupboard provided for customers to place thier personal belongings during the facial.

Now on to the procedures! Sun started the facial but cleansing my face twice with a cleansing milk which will remove most of the dirt/ oil/ makeup (I applied sunscreen) on my face followed by a cleansing foam which is a lighter formula that will double cleanse any remaining "filth" . XD


The next step was to do the Sonic Cleansing! This vibrating "scrapper" thingy shown below sort of "scraps" off any oil still floating on my face that cannot be easily removed by any cleanser. Just look at the amount of gross yellow stuff she managed to scrap off! And I thought my face was very clean. 

After all the surface oil and dirt has been removed, next comes the extracting....... 

I was the most afraid of this part. I can take pain quite well but having to do extractions..... I tend to tear. =\ Boohoo~
I did tear quite a a bit, but I don't know for what reason, I seem to feel like my face is in safe hands.
I won't deny it is painful (which extraction is not painful? Tell me?) but it was such a satisfying feeling when Sun showed me what was extracted. 

It is always better to let a professional do the extractions cos if you squeeze your pimples the wrong way, you'll probably end up with ugly scars where no one will be able to help you with it. (Maybe a plastic surgeon can but wayyyyy more costly) So, it is better to prevent! I shall not show you guys what was extracted to gross everyone out although I took a picture of it but nahhh~ XD


After the painful but fruitful extractions (I gained pimple-less skin =D), an equipment that emits high frequency is used all around the areas that had extractions done to kill and bacteria on the first few layers of the skin. No pain for this just a lil tingling sensation. Bearable still~


Okok, this next step is the MOST important step. IPL!! Don't be mistaken, they are not gonna remove any facial hair on me. It is the same kind of light just that it is not a level as high as those IPL hair removals. Yep, they have different levels to IPLs~

This IPL light is supposed to kill bacteria also, but to a deeper skin layer. It re balances the sebum level as well. This will remove any oil that is accumulated way below your skin layers. It is also to prevent any clogs of oil that will eventually turn into awful pimples!

Although Sun told me it would be a lil "shocking" or painful to some people, but I assure you. NO PAIN AT ALL! I mean I had the most painful part done, what's this to me? It just feels like you placed a can of hot drink against your face at different parts for 2 seconds. If you get what I mean. =D


Last but not least, a cold mask is applied and it smells a lot like peppermint or some minty stuff. It feels really comfortable after all the extracting. I've tried cold masks before in some other salon and it just feels cold for the first few minutes and after that it just feels like.. there's just something on your face that's all. This mask they applied was so awesome, it was cold and "minty" on my face throughout and even after I stepped out of the salon!

If you go for facials or extractions often, you would know the feeling of  literally feel like a pig head right? Sore and red. But I was SO surprised and I really mean it, because not only was my face not red at all (just the red dots from extraction), it wasn't feeling any sore too!

This was taken right after the mask was taken off. And FYI, I did A LOT of extractions! But see how it wasn't roaring red? I didn't edit this picture AT ALL! Just inserting of my watermark~ 

Even my mom agrees on that cos my mom goes for facials with me last time and she have seen my pig head. XD 

Oh and if you want your eyebrows trimmed you could get them to do that for you too!

Although this is a sponsored post, it has not affected my honest opinion on this. And I really mean it cos I am super tempted to get a package there and bring my mom along too.

I really can't find a bad thing to write about Glomax, if I really had to find one.. Hmmm, the robe thingy I was supposed to wear during the facial is kinda loose that's all. Or am I getting too skinny? 

Well if you are a super ATAS (meaning high class) person, you might find this place a bit too small for you, but I really like it. It feels like home.


If you lovelies have the same problem as me, congested pores or acne, I would really suggest you give this Intensive Acne Medic Treatment a try! I've tried it and I'm so gonna go back again for it!

I think it is really worth the try and so worth the money because you get good service too.

And since I personally love this treatment so much, Glomax is offering you my lovely readers a chance to try this treatment out at only SGD $68 for the 60 minutes procedure!

Just give them a call to make an appointment because they are really busy >.< and don't forget to
Quote "Blogger Golly Locks" 
to enjoy this special deal!Just for you lovelies only *hearts*

12 Eu Tong Sen Street. Soho2@Central  #06-168 Singapore 059819                 


(65) 6225-5193

I hope I did justice to this salon by writing this long ass post cos I'm loving them to the max!

So sorry if I bore you out with this wordy post but I hope anyone out there would be a happy customer like I am!

I'll see you lovelies soon!!

Oh! and remember to vote for me here!

You can vote once everyday!



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