Sunday, September 30, 2012

Crocs Giveaway - New Crocs New You!


Hey Golly-Lockies!

Long time no see! And now that I'm back, I have awesome stuffs for all of you!

But first, you gotta stay with me first~ hehe~

I've never in my life thought I'd be blogging about Crocs actually.. But that's because my impression I had about Crocs was the super cute looking shoes with the holes in them. And I really have no idea how I can fit them into my coordinates although they are freaking comfy.

But then today, I had a changed impression of Crocs...

They have so many other designs, that includes wedges, boots, flats and more!
Even better, the Fall Holiday 2012 collection is out! 

I was really curious so I dropped by one of the many outlets of Crocs to check them out, I love love love their loafers!

Here are some of my picks!

This is one of my top picks! It's the Melbourne Dots Loafers!
Price: SGD$89.90

This one really caught my eye, cos I can picture myself wearing this out on weekends in my jeggings/ jeans and yet still look trendy! I tried this on at the shop and my oh my was it comfortable! I personally really like the Fuchsia/ Black one (Shown in picture above).

I am a someone who likes to feel comfortable, but yet at the same time I wanna look presentable. If you're like me, these loafers should go into your cabinet now! 

Read till the end if you wanna win this!


My 2nd pick is something for the guys! So boys, don't say I'm unfair! I'll show you my favourite pick for the guys! Or girls, if you want to get a pair of shoes for your other half, you can consider this!

It's the Men's Hover Boat
Price: SGD$89.90

I really like seeing guys dressing up fashionably, it makes me happy to know that guys are hardworking too!

This pair is something I'll probably get for le boyfriend! It looks very casual but very presentable too! I'm not an expert at men's fashion, but I sure love how this shoe looks!

Just look at how cute the model looks with this pair of shoe!


To see more of the Fall Holiday 2012 collection, visit Crocs's FB Page! 


Back to the topic, I went to the New Crocs New You website and I did their quiz to find out what kinda shoes suits me! 

Yep! Crocs's ambassador is none other than Oli Pettigrew! 
He's gonna walk you through your journey to finding your style at Crocs~

Here was my journey on finding my style~

My favourite thing to do on weekends... Chilling out at a cafe and sipping coffee XD

Diva because I love dressing up!!

Staycations are awesome!

And my style is the casual look!
I like the Melbourne II Print loafers! Loafers are my thing!
 I love doing quizzes XD

And also, you can stand to win a weekend getaway at Capella Singapore by taking your journey at the New Crocs New You Website!

I took mine and this was my result! I wanna win a staycation at Capella too!

Simply go through the journey and at the end of 5 activities, just share your results on your Facebook/ Twitter and fill out the form! You might be the lucky one! Easy peasy!


Now!! It's GIVEAWAY TIME!! I know you all love this part.

I'll be picking 2 of my lovely readers to go redeem ANY 1 PAIR OF CROCS DESIGN  you like as well as cash vouchers!

Just follow the instructions below to enter:

1. "LIKE" my Facebook Page 

2. "LIKE: Crocs Facebook Page

3. Optional (+1 extra entry) - Be my blog's follower

4. Share this post on your FB and tell me what your style is and why you want to win! You can use the quiz in the New Crocs New You website to help you! 

And that's all you have to do! Please do remember to provide info such as which country you're from and an email address that you check on regularly in your comment for me to contact you if you win!

This giveaway will end 28 October 2012

Do join now!

I'll see you lovelies very soon again!!



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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Random rolls of Instagram-mies #3

Hello Golly-Lockies!

I know I haven't been updating often but here's a "filler" post for all of you~ With all the instagram photos I've been taking the past few weeks!

Follow me on Instagram if you wanna see it live instead of seeing backdates in my blog here!

But of cos if you do not own an account, don't fret! Cos I'll definitely post them up here occasionally too~

I use my Instagram alot to capture camho pictures, food and any other random stuff so be prepared to see a lot of ME in my Random rolls of Instagram-mies posts! HAHA!

So, starting off with the latest ones....

16th September 2012

Attended the Panasonic Beauty of Empowerment Blogger's workshop with Kelly! She has Instagram too! @kellykonomi
I'll update soon on this event! It was really fun especially when Kelly is there to keep me company!

Met lotsa other bloggers and had a really great time talking to them!

Done with curling my hair!

With Kelly! <3>

Panasonic multi- functional hair straightener/ curler!
My eye make for the day!

Camho collage I did the next day when I was super bored XD

1st September 2012

Went out with both my dearest BlogGirls to meet a sponsor of ours!
Had high tea like a bunch of tai tais (rich housewives) at TWG!

We're gonna have something planned out very soon for all of you!
So stay tuned to my blog and Facebook Page  for updates on this exciting event!!

It's always so fun to hang out with my BlogGirls~ <3>
Using Kelly's  new ringlight to camho and give us flawless looking skin!

With awesome lighting at Ion's toilet XD

Just love winking hehehehehehhe

Had breakfast food after the meeting with bestie at Wild Honey!
8th September 2012

Breakfast food with le Bf again~ I just can't get enough of breakfast food!
The breakfast at Dean & Deluca (Orchard central) wasn't as awesome as Wild Honey though~ But good enough!! hehe~

That's it for my random rolls of Instagram-mies!

I'll see you lovelies very soon in my next post ok!
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Sunday, September 9, 2012

T&T August Style – Barbie Goes Mode Chic!


Yello! My dear Golly-Lockies!

As the title goes.. It's T&T's Style-Up time of the month again!

This month of August's theme is.....

*I'll describe this bag as PINK in this post from now onwards*

Ok... I typed in exclamation because it's in pink. (A)

Anyway, this might just be the last month I'll be doing this collaboration with Tocco Tenero (or maybe not because I'm so gonna get ANOTHER bag from them soon with my own $$$) so read on because there is SPECIAL SURPRISE for all you lovely readers!

If you've been reading my blog long enough, I'm a person who has tons of monotonous apparels and accessories including bags. But ever since I got in touch with Tocco Tenero, my bag collection is becoming somewhat like a rainbow! Not literally, but I'm getting into colors! Yayyy!

To be honest, I admit that before I stepped into the shop I told myself I MUST get a black bag this time since all the other bags I chose had colors and I'd be most happy to own a good quality classic black bag. 
However, the moment I reached the doorstep, I saw these on display~

The one that really caught my eye was the other Pink Tote on the right though. But I couldn't choose it ='( That is the "ANOTHER" bag I was referring to about buying it 8D

These neon colored babies are to die for!

I was attracted to the other pink tote because it was slightly larger since I always have a ton of stuff I need to lug with me when I head out. But it was good I chose GABRIELLA as well since I was really looking for a classy doctor's bag. I would very much prefer to refer it as a doctor's bag then a tote cos it has a hard casing to it just like a doctor's bag.

And just to show you a few other new arrivals besides GABRIELLA~

I really like the Turquoise one on the top too!! 

But I think I made the right choice by choosing GABRIELLA out of all the other bags. It feels almost like as if she was Miss Popularity in school *the pink is taking over me* HAHAHA!!

Unlike the other bags that Tocco Tenero has produced, this baby doesn't have a dual function of slinging it on your shoulder. You could get a classy gold chain to hook onto the loops provided at the sides if you like it though, I think it will look very cute too!

Despite it being a tad small, I think it would be great if you bring this bright neon pink bag out for a fancy party/ dinner. a date with your love or maybe even high tea with your girlfriends!

Just like all the other T&T bags, GABRIELLA has loads of different compartments inside just to make finding things a whole lot easier.

If you like to spice things up even more, you could hang cute lil charms or bracelets that you have to create a whole new different feel to the bag just like me! 

You can have an option to hang it in front or at the side loops.
I chose to hang my gunmetal colored bracelet with crosses and silver coins to add a touch of the rocker chick vibe. 
It's like Barbie meeting Hayley Williams from Paramore! 

I tried hanging my T&T charm that came with my ISABELLA Bowling Bag and it looks really sweet too! I didn't take a picture of it cos my camera's battery died on me.

More information about GABRIELLA:

Model number: TE205001

Material: Goat Leather

Closure: Zip

Available Colours: Fuschia, Orange, Yellow

Retail Price: SGD $169

And now to my Barbie Goes Mode Chic outfit!

White Sleeveless Cropped Chiffon Top with Black Inner Piece

Black Leather Circular Skirt

Chains and Wings Tattoo Leggings

Black Felt Peep Toe Pumps with Chunky Heels

- Pink Thin Belt with Gold Buckle
- Silver x Black Statement Necklace
- Gunmetal Crosses and Silver Coins Bracelet (hung on the bag)

Make up
- Heavily Winged out Eyeliner + Hot Pink Eye Shadow
- Natural Pink Blush
- Fuschia Pink Lips

1. Tight Dolly Curls with Side Swept Bangs
2. Side Up-do with Side Swept Bangs

Outfit Description
- I always start planning an outfit together by choosing one statement piece, in which this case, is the Black Leather Circular Skirt which happens to be one of the pieces you should own for this A/W season! I was kinda browsing through Happie Nuts and I saw this skirt appearing  on almost every page!
The poofy-ness of the skirt gives a very girly vibe, but at the same time a tinge of edginess with its leather material. 

- I paired it with a simple White Sleeveless Cropped Chiffon Top and a statement necklace to add a balance to the neckline.

- The hot pink belt is essential in order to not lose sight of your waist. Try sticking to a bright colored thin belt since the outfit is quite monotonous.

- If you are a crazy follower of the Gyaru Fashion just like me, you'd probably have went through the whole tattoo leggings craze. I wore a different one in my previous July T&T Style Up. I decided to pair this with the outfit I did this time as the skirt was kinda short and my legs just needed some accessory to spice it up too! 

- A simple pair of black peep toed pumps with chunky heels amps up the classy-ness level to this 
oh-so-cute outfit!

Make Up Description
- The eye make up I did was pretty much what I usually do when I head out on weekends. I winged it out a lil more this time and topped it with hot pink liner just above the black eyeliner at the ends.

- I kept my blusher very soft and natural to balance the strong eye and lip makeup.

- I brought some attention to my lips and adding on to the "Barbie" look by wearing a Fuschia Pink lipstick topped with clear lip gloss. 

Hair Description
1. Tight Dolly Curls with Side Swept Bangs
This hair style is a more casual look whereby it's wearable almost everywhere. I did some tight curls and loosened it before backcombing it with my fingers to add some volume.

2. Side Up-do with Side Swept Bangs
This was my initial idea when I put this outfit together. Very classy and simple up-do that you can change up from the previous hairstyle! Just sweep all your hair to one side and twist it into a loose bun, leaving a few curly strands here and there to give it some definition.
Great for more formal events/ dinners. But of course, if you're like me, you can wear this anywhere anytime! 

And more photos with my awesomely cute bag before I announce the SPECIAL SURPRISE I have for you lovelies!! Visit my Facebook Page ( for the whole series of photos I did for this look!

And now, it's SPECIAL DISCOUNT TIME for all my dear Golly-Lockies!

Just mention this code 'Golly-Locks with Tocco Tenero' at any of these Tocco Tenero boutiques;

- Changi City Point
#01–47. 5 Changi Business Park Central 1
Singapore 486038

- Parco Millenia Walk
#P1-26. Millenia Walk
9 Raffles Boulevard, QB House
Singapore 039596 

- Wisma Atria
#01-33. 435 Orchard Road
Singapore 238877

and receive a straight 5% off your purchase! 
A bigger discount of 15% if you're a Tocco Tenero member!

 Hurry! This discount is only valid till 30th September 2012!

Mention "Golly-Locks with Tocco Tenero" and get this same bag in
FUSCHIA for only SGD $160.55 (non-members)
or SGD $143.65 (members)!

I hope you enjoyed this month's style-up and I'm sure this won't be the last time you're going to see any Tocco Tenero bags appearing on my blog! 8D

See my previous posts on my T&T Style-Ups:

Remember to "Like" Tocco Tenero's Facebook Page for daily style fixes, or visit their website for new collections and awesome sales updates!!

I'll see you lovelies in my next post!!



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