Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Crocs New You WINNER!

Yep!!! And the New Crocs New You giveaway for my dear Golly-Lockies is over!!

Won't be saying so much and going on to announce the winner! Thank you all for participating!

Don't feel bad if you didn't win alright? THERE'LL BE MORE GIVEAWAYS COMING SOON!!

SOOOO... The winners for the giveaway are..... *drumrolls*

Cindy Kho


Vernice Alpaca Tan


Congratulations!! I'll be sending you an email shortly, please reply within 3 days if not the chance will be given to the next person:
Full Name
Mailing Address
Contact Number.

After providing all the details, I will have it sent to Crocs and you will be recieving a redemption letter whereby you can go to any Crocs Store in Singapore and choose any pair of shoes you like!!

I'll see you all in my next post very soon!!!


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Thank you for success of JCosmeland Carnival!

Super short post but I just want to thank all the lovely people who came down to JCosmeland Carnival yesterday!!

Thank you all, my lovely readers and gyarus!! Without you, JCosmeland Carnival wouldn't have been a success!

I just can't thank enough~ Was so glad to see soooo many gyarus turn up as well!

I promise to blog a full post with pictures taken with all my lovely readers!!

Oh! And if you have had a photo taken with me, please send them to my email alright? I would love to put them on my blog!
Please send them to gollylocks@gmail.com and if you're not comfortable with your pictures being on my blog let me know~ I just want to have them compiled together as memories sake too!

Love you all soooo much, and I hope to be seeing all of you soon at the next event!
*wink wink*


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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

JCosmeLand Carnival! Blog Flea + Gyaru Search

As promised!! I'm back with more details about the Bloggers Flea I was mentioning yesterday!


Are you excited yet?!

Aspiring Gyarus in Singapore or even Malaysia... You might wanna read on if you love Tsu-Chan!!

Brought to you by Shibuya Gals SG & Watsons, JCosmeLand Carnival is a fun filled event with tons of Gyarus expected to come!

JCosmeLand Carnival will be having a whole slew of activities, including hair & makeup demos, flea stalls by popular Gyaru bloggers (lucky draw chance with every purchase from any store!) & FREE express manicures!

Curious to know what else will be going on?
Read on!!

If you are quick enough, the first 300 RSVP gets goodie bags filled with awesome beauty and skin care products(^▽^●) 
RSVP here: http://bit.ly/VuKIUC now!

Lucky Draw
All shoppers who buy any item from any of the flea market stalls will also be entitled to a LUCKY DRAW held at 5pm.
10 winners to be picked!
Over exaggerated face much~ XD


Come dressed & made up in your best Gyaru outfits as we will be going around with our stamps of approval for aspiring Gyarus.
Top 10 aspiring Gyarus will also be chosen at 5.15pm to receive a special Gyaru Make Tool Kit!

Makeovers for 6 aspiring Gyarus by Gyaru Senseis!

We are looking for 6 volunteers for the makeover demonstrations! You'll need to be comfortable on stage though...
Send an email to jcosme@mandom.com.sg with your contact details and WHY YOU DESERVE A MAKEOVER by 6pm on the 24th October to be chosen!


Something not to be missed if you're a Tsu-Chan fan!
We will be looking to shoot fan videos to send to Tsubasa Masuwaka ON THE SPOT from 1pm - 4pm!
Videos made by Tsu-Chan for Singapore Gyarus will also be played!!

Also! Here are some quick snaps of what you will see at my booth this Saturday!

Accessories going at SGD $2- $4!
Ageha Inspired Mint Green Camisole - SGD $8

Black Tube One Piece, Moussy Ins. - SGD $5

Black x White Knitted Oversized top - SGD$5
Knitted tops are still running trendy now!

Ripped Orange Top with Sexy back - SGD $4

Rakuten Pink x Black Camisole - SGD $8
Brand New White One Piece from H&M - SGD $12
Original Price was about SGD $45!!

Floral Dress - SGD $4
Can be worn as a skirt too!

Androgynous Vest - SGD $4
Brand New Denim Shorts - SGD $4 - $7

Miscellanious Jeans - SGD $4 - $7
Lots of brands! (Esprit, Levis etc)
I don't really enjoy pricing my stuff so all of these are just prices that I think of on the spot now, most of them can be even cheaper! Do come down and let me know which ones you like!
Not a must you have to purchase something, the main point of me wanting you all to come down is to have fun and mingle with allllll my dear readers!!
So come join us for a FULL day of JCosme fun, brought to you by your favourite cosmetic shopping destination - Watsons.

*Click for larger image*

27th October 2012, Saturday

12pm - 6pm

Cineleisure, Level 8
K Box, K Union Function Hall

***This event is cosponsored by Beauty & Fashion Forum http://www.bgirlscafe.com/ together with KBox***

Monday, October 22, 2012

Gyaru Blog Girls X Shibuya Gals SG

Hey Golly-Lockies!

Back with another quick post!

Met up with my dearest BlogGirls Kelly and Wendy again along with the Mandom Girls Yun Wen and Pearly to discuss on the final details for the upcoming Blog Flea that is coming up in about 5 days!
Love these girls so much! <3>

Photo Credits: Wendy

I'll be blogging about it again tomorrow after all the information has been confirmed, but what you can do now is to mark your calendars for 27th October, 12pm - 6pm!

There'll be awesome prizes, lucky draws, photo takings and many more! I would love to meet you all and also, stay tuned for my blog post tomorrow as there will be details on how you can win a free makeover by one of us!

Go "Like" my Facebook Page(http://www.facebook.com/Golly.Locks) for the event invitation to be the first to know and book your slots to receive a goodie bag for the first 300 readers! (Will be adding the link in tomorrow's blog post as well)
Photo with Wendy, our dolly tomboy~ hehe <3>Photo taken from Wendy's blog: http://myfatpocket.com/blog/wendyashley/

Camwhore with Wendy's cute sunnies!
Top Lashes: Dolly Wink No. 17 Diamond Dolly
Bottom Lashes: Decorative lash, straight
And if you follow me on Instagram (@golly_locks) or have "Liked" my Facebook Page(http://www.facebook.com/Golly.Locks) you would have seen me post this up!

Photo taken by Wendy
Yep!! Me and my dearest BlogGirls are on Glow Magazine!
Go grab yours now at all major Watsons outlet to read on tips and tricks we have given to achieve the Gyaru look!

I'll see you lovelies tomorrow again!!

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

News: JRunway Flagship Store! Get your favourite Japanese brand apparels!

Back with a super quick post just to let all of you know of a very good news! At least for me it's awesome news~

JRunway's Flagship store is going to be open on 29th October 2012!!!!!!
OMG, I'm still hyperventilating over this.

Why am I so excited you might ask? Read on to find out more!!

First of all, what is JRunway?

JRunway - the Fashion Republic. JRunway is the first Japanese multi brands store not only in Singapore but in region.

J Runway is not the fashion store you drop here to shop.
Presenting the first of its kind of concept store in Singapore, fans of Japanese fashion will also be able to try on Japanese styling suggested by our in store concierge, makeover at cosmetic counters and photo taking right on location.

Shop Information
Store Name: J Runway
Address : Plaza Singapura
 68 Orchard Road #01-54 singapore 238890


What really made me excited when I got news of JRunway opening in Singapore was that EMODA was going to be one of the many brands that they are bringing in!!

EMODA's Producer, Ena Matsumoto & Cheesie

I am personally a HUGE fan of Ena and her style, Mode style to be exact! So I follow her updates on new collections at EMODA very closely!

If you're not a fan of the Mode style, fret not! They have lots of other styles for you as well!
From frilly tops and cute skirts/ pants to bikinis for you to hit the beach, JRunway has it all!

Isn't Sayoko from Happie Nutz so pretty?!!

A couple of photos with Bong Qiu Qiu, local Singapore blogger at the JRunway Photoshoot!

Are you excited as I am yet?!

Jrunway kinda reminds me a lil of the SBY store in Japan where there are mirrors and all for all the girls to do their makeup/ hair, JRunway has it better! They have professional people doing your makeovers!

Go visit their store during their opening on 29th October 2012 and be sure to grab all the clothes you like! *I'm gonna grab EVERYYYTHANGGG~ =D*

Remember to "LIKE" JRunway's Facebook Page and visit their website!
http://www.jrunway.com/  (Under construction)
There will be more to JRunway on my blog *so excited* so stay tuned here ok! I'll see you at the opening of JRunway!!

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Shoe Trend Picks: A/W 2012

Hey Golly-Lockies!

I'm back with another short post but with loads of pictures for the week!

Was browsing through some of the online webstores and monthly dosage of magazines and I decided that I wanna show you lovelies my picks from the current shoe trend for A/W 2012!

If you know me well enough, I'm sure you will know my huge obsession with shoes. XD Thus another post dedicated just for shoes!
Read my previous post on my picks on shoes: http://www.gollylocks.com/2012/03/shoes-galore.html

So.... let's go!!

First on line are shoes with metal/ a different colored front! I like to call it color blocking~

Notice how metallic tips on EVERYTHING is catching on the trend now (i.e metal tips on collard shirts)
I like how classy and simple these pair of babies are but I personally really like the one in black.. Just because.... I SPOTTED YUNKORO WEARING THEM IN ONE OF HER COORDS!

The other colors are really lovely too!

These pumps with carved out metal fronts adds a lil girlyness to the look of the shoe. Unlike the one from Poolside which gives off a very edgy feel to it if carried out with an edgier looking outfit.

This pair's first impression on me was: I need some English tea please!
Though the front are made of metal, the color blocking of these shoes amps up the classy level to it.
Autumn is here, booties are in! Plus brown shades are a must for the season too!

Next are shoes that are too comfy to resist, what's more? THEY'RE PRETTY!!
Shoes like flatforms and wedges are most probably best friends with girls who likes being elevated but yet want to feel comfortable!

Aren't these the most adorable things ever?! Rola was spotted wearing them and so did tons of other gyaru models too! You can see these pair of cuties appearing in magazines for this season for sure!
Moreover, cat or animal incorporated designs are really trending this A/W which I will touch on more in the next post!

Another pair of shoes Rola were spotted in! I'm so into her nowadays~ XD
To be honest, I am a fan of Double Deckers but they always seem too masculine with the flatforms they first came out with. So glad brands like Moussy decided to come up with a more feminine version!

These are 3 pairs of shoes from Pool side again that caught my eye! I'm really into androgynous shoes now and the hounds tooth one on the left is something I would love to get! Hounds tooth is a trending pattern once again for A/W 2012! Hounds tooth stockings, shoes, coats etc~
Sadly, the last time I checked on the Poolside website, these babies were completely sold out, so no links~

Now for some random picks that I chose from the A/W 2012 Catalogs from different brands!

Love love love the silhouette of these shoes! Though I'm kinda over the whole leopard prints, but surprisingly, only these pair with the leopard prints attracted me! The black one was so so~

Color blocking again! My dressing has very much tuned towards the mode/ blogger style these days, so a simpler pair of pumps with just a touch of edginess helps in coordinating my clothes!

That's all for my shoes trend picks for A/W 2012!

I hope you got hooked on to these shoes just like me! Hiak Hiak Hiak!
I'll see you lovelies in my next post!

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