Friday, December 28, 2012

Contact Lens Review: Kimchi Bambi Series

Hey hey everyone!

I'm back with a contact lens review today!

This post is not sponsored~
And I decided to do this post for 2 reasons, 1st reason will be because I totally love how comfy these lens are and are currently my favourites! 2nd reason was because I've been getting quite a few comments on my Instagram (@ golly_locks) about what contact lens I'm wearing in the photos I posted recently.

So here I am!!

This was the Instagram photo that I posted with many asking what lens I was wearing..

I'm gonna tell you now! *if you don't follow me on Instagram you'd probably not know it yet~*

It's the Kimchi Bambi Lens!

This was also part of the reason why I wanted to do this post, because I kept thinking it was I.fairy bambi lens but after checking my order.... It's Kimchi Bambi Lens.

I'm not too sure if Kimchi Bambi Lens are are under I.fairy but I think not, since they always put it in a different category in most of the sites I went to.

Sorry for the confusion! Hopefully all the lovelies who are following my Instagram don't get confused k! =p

Photo credits:

These are all the colors that are available! This series, is very similar to the Geo Bambi Lens that was endorsed by Tsubasa Masuwaka.

However, there IS a difference though.. I've tried both the Geo Bambi Lens and the Kimchi Bambi ones, the color of the Kimchi lens are much much brighter then the Geo ones. I had no problems adapting to the Geo ones but when I wore the Kimchi ones for the first time.. I thought I saw Bella Swan after she turned into a vamp (Twillight). XD

Another difference would be the diameter, Kimchi Bambi Lens has a diameter of 16.00mm whereas Geo Bambi only has a 15.00mm diameter. I LOVE BIG DIAMETERS!!! Makes my eyes look so much bigger~ XD

I'll show you all how it looks on me and the color will definitely differ if you have a different shade or color as me.~ I have medium brown eyes~

Here's the Kimchi Bambi Brown Lens first!

And next is the Kimchi Bambi Gray lens! My favourite color!

I personally prefer the Grey ones cos I've tried them with red hair *it's a prisila wig I wore for the Marble Collection* and I've worn them before when I go out in a Mode fashion/ sweet style and it all works so well!

Now I'm tempted to get the blue ones cos Geo Bambi doesn't have that color.

Here are some websites which I think should be quite reliable though I have to make this clear first that I've never purchased from them before *mine were ordered in a spree so I have no idea where they got the lens, yes I know dangerous much but so far it has been good~ *, but based on reviews and all these sites should not go wrong:

I hope this post cleared up your doubts on what I was wearing recently!!

Stay pretty and happy lovelies! I'll see you all in my next post!


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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Dolly Wink Lookalike Contest Day 1 - Press conference

Merry Xmas everyone!!

Xmas post today to update on Day 1 the Dolly Wink Lookalike contest held by Shibuya Gals SG!

I didn't manage to take much photos cos it was the press conference where all the finalists for the competition and of cos the star of the day Tsubasa Masuwaka attended!

There were tons of press media and it will be a little rude if I were to just whip out my camera to snap photos.
As much as I wanted to snap photos of Tsu-chan~ =(

There was a huge poster behind of Tsu-chan!! Looking so flawless as always!

And all the pretty finalists!!!

All of them were dressed up to look like Tsu-chan!

We were asked to dress up as according to our submission post and so... I went in No. 17 Diamond Dolly look!

Photo taken before the press conference
Instagram: golly_locks


Polka dotted top: Heather (Lowry's Farm)
Striped Dress: Heather (Lowry's Farm)
Black Felt Pumps: Cineleisure B1 Push cart

And my submission photo!

Oh and interruption first~ XD Here was the look I did when I went to Mandom's office 2 days before the event for the audition!

I uploaded them onto my Instagram (golly_locks) cos I didn't bring my cam that day~ 

Could you tell I was wearing a wig?! 

I ordered this wig from Gmarket!
I'm still not too used to wearing a wig so I decided to forgo this look on the runway day~

Back to the press conference~

Everyone waited patiently for the billion dollar gyaru to arrive!

I couldn't take any photos of her but all the rest of the finalists including me were blown away when she arrived!

She looks EXACTLY like how she looks in all the Dolly Wink promo pictures!!

Super petite~
You'll see her in the photos of my next post on the Dolly Wink Event day post! I took a photo with her!!!! Happy die me~

The press conference was quite a quick one so I ended up camwhoring with some of the other contestants!

With my Blog girls!!! *rabu rabu* And Wendy was the emcee for the day ok!!
Don't play play!

And with Pearlyyy!!! 

One with Denise who was sitting right beside me!!

And some camwhore photos when I was at MBS!!

And a close up of my eye make!

Top Lashes: Dolly Wink No. 17
Bottom Lashes: Dolly Wink No. 14
Contact lens: I fairy Bambi Series in Brown
And I'm done with the first part!!
Super short post but stay tuned to my next post!! More pictures!!!

Anyway, Merry Christmas to all of you again!!

I hope you enjoy the festive season and look forward to the coming year!
Thank you all for supporting me throughout and my only wish for Christmas this year is to be able to  bring all of you more on everything and help you in any way!



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Friday, December 21, 2012

Post Event: Marble Collection @ AFA - Part 2

 Harrow!! Golly-Lockies!!(*´_●`)οΎ‰

It's been such a long time since I last blogged! Bad blogger much I know~( _ _ )..........o

But I'm finally bringing Part 2 of the Marble Collection today!
If you haven't read Part 1 yet:

Group photo with the Lolita girls!! (Zipper models)

It was such an experience for me to be part of this runway show really.
Thanks to Twin planet for this!!

In this post, all pictures were taken during the actual runway day itself.
Tons of pictures ahead with cute people!!

Be warned!! XD

First on line are some pictures I took with the Shibuya Team!

Poloroid films with all the models' doodles!
*Click for larger image*

Left to Right: Akipoyo, Natsuko Matsumoto, Hikari Shiina (aka Pikarin), Mayu Koike (aka Chinpan)

 I didn't get to take one for Tenchim cos she was really busy as she was one of the main star for the show! She's really good at doing stage acting!
With Pikarin (Stage wear)

With Pikarin (Off stage)

With Tenchim!

With Chinpan! She's such a nice person!!!
Super cute personality!!

Akipoyo and Natsuko (Off stage wear)

And next up are the Zipper models, Harajuku Team!!

*Click for larger image*

Left to Right: Yura, Una, Anna, Ayumi Seto

With Una, Ayumi Seto and Yura hiding at the back!
We were all in stage wear!
With Anna! She's so petite I feel like a giant -_-

I love love love all the Zipper models!!

Me, Kelly and Wendy spoke more to Una and Ayumi during rehearsal, but after getting to know more about the rest on that day, they are so super cute!! Too cute to resist!!

Yura is really really funny. She looks like a walking doll with an attitude~ XD

She doesn't put on any airs at all and even poses so quirky!

 Meeting all of these models and even walking on the same stage is almost like a dream come true!
I've been reading and seeing these models in the magazines they model for and now I get to see them real life and walk on the same stage!

I really thank #thesecret~ Without it, I wouldn't have been so positive and all these wouldn't have came to me!

Well, enough of tear jerking moments now~

More pictures!!!

With Love La Dolls!!

Poloroid film of Love La Dolls

 I'm sure all of you out there who have seen them perform and loved them must be really jealous! Nyahahaha! But they were a really friendly bunch of girls~ So jealous to see them being so close as friends and perform together!

One of them actually speaks mandarin too!! 0-0

Group photo with the Impact stage and Lolita stage models !

Left to Right: Me, Wendy, Ayumi Seto, Anna, Kelly, Pearly, Una, Yura
With the Kelly Pearly sisters! (Off stage)

With the girlies in stage wear!

Kelly lifting her skirt up at the back~ XD

Poloroid films with the girlies!!
*Click for larger image*

Look at all the costumes!!

Me slacking in the dressing room waiting for the final rehearsal! 

Loving this Prisila Wig they assigned me to!
Lucky it looks ok on me! Do I look better in red fiery hair?? =D

Tired tired!! Photo taken after I got home.
Can't let my makeup go to waste XD

And that concludes my epic journey for the Marble Collection!

I wanna thank you all for coming for the show too!!
I feel so loved that there are even people watching me walk~

I'll strive to do better and I'm sure you will see me again too!!

Love you all!!!

I'll see all you lovelies very soon in my next post! Stay tuned!!


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