Friday, February 8, 2013

Travel: Bangkok - January 2013

Finally, another travel post~

Why, hello again everyone!
I've been a "good" blogger so far (for these 2 weeks) am I? =D

As you all know, I went for a "short" trip to Bangkok aka BKK in January this year~
I'm here today to share with you my experience!

Many have been asking me why I would I want to go to BKK for such a long time.
I went for about 6 days 5 nights btw~

The last time I went was in 2012 March after a gap of like what? 10 years? I went for the same amount of time, 6 days 5 nights and it wasn't even enough for me!
So I decided I will need either the same or more time there.

I only took pictures on the first day I arrived there and after that, my camera was mostly left lying in the hotel. XD I just couldn't find the time to whip out my camera to take pictures or camwhore.
And to be honest, I was in make up only for the first day. Whahaha!!


The last time I went in March last year, I went with my bestie, and boy I tell you the weather was hot as hell and even though I am not one who throws my temper easily, I was kinda frustrated I threw a small lil tantrum at her for no reason XD Sorry bestie~ Wahahah!!

The best time to head there is definitely in January! The weather is just nice with no humid rains~

We flew there on Jetstar this time and came back by AirAsia which was quite a bad choice actually.
I'd probably not take AirAsia ever again, maybe not ever again but at least not until they do something to their service.

Even though it was cheaper, but the airport for departure was at the old bangkok airport, Don Mueang Airport which is not as convenient as the new airport. Plus, if you are someone who needs to clarify questions before you fly, better not take AirAsia. You have to GO DOWN TO FREAKING CHANGI AIRPORT to have your questions answered if you're not their VIP member. puuuu~~

Sorry AirAsia, but you gotta step up on that before I decide to use you again~

Yep, that's my bestie (left) and me on the express train without make up, fresh out from the airport XD

This time, unlike the previous trip, we decided to take a train instead of a cab as we feared jams since we arrived on a weekday morning which might be the peak period for people working office hours in BKK.

The train was clean and nice and it took us about 45 mins or so to reach the nearest station *I can't remember what station* before we got a cab to our hotel. - Bad travel blogger much =P

By the time we reached and checked in, it was about 12pm and it was time for lunch!

We went to Greyhound Cafe located at The Emporium which was highly recommended by some other bloggers for our first meal in BKK!

Here are some of the recommended dishes that we tried~

Prawn Bisque with Fresh Cream - 130 baht
This soup is super awesome! You've got to try it when you head there!
It is full of flavour and not the kind where you can literally taste the MSG in it. I doubt there is any since I didn't really feel very thirsty after that. It was so good we went back the next day just to have it again~ XD

Salmon Sashimi in Spicy Hot Sauce - 190 baht
An appetizer that is well.. not bad I would say but nothing fantastic.
The sauce is really spicy and special though~

Greyhound Famous Fried Chicken Wings - 110 baht
I love the Thais for being so considerate really. The wings that you see above, they have already pre-split them so you don't even have to bite the joints to break them up into 2. If you get what I mean. =D
Taste wise, definitely something different from what you usually have in Singapore. The marination is probably different I guess.

Complicated Noodle - 150 baht
They are not that complicated actually, despite the name.
This was one of the dishes that was highly recommended. You are supposed to wrap the noodle sheet, minced pork and spicy sauce with a piece of lettuce and eat it with poise like the ladies in Thailand... NOT! I was a whole big mess when eating this, with sauce dripping and all. But I can't deny, although I like sinful food, this healthy dish got me hooked~

Thai Tea Granita - Price forgotten =X
Blended version of the Thai Iced Tea. Super duper sweet and definitely not a thirst quencher.
I very much prefer those sold at the road sides. =D


After having a fufilling lunch, we headed back to our hotel to smack on some makeup before heading out again. Our plan was to visit the Madame Tussauds wax museum first before going for any shopping.

Us in our hotel toilet, duh.
And probably the only time you'd see me in 2 pony tails is
when I'm on a vacation to BKK.

We took a cab to the Siam Discovery Centre , you can purchase your tickets before your trip there where you might be able to get certain discounts.

Address: Madame Tussauds Bangkok
6th Floor Siam Discovery, 989 Rama 1 Rd, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330

I'm not gonna be posting up all the photos I took at the wax museum, don't worry. You're probably quite sick of my face now eh~ T^T
 I chose some that I really like to be posted below and the rest in a gif image~

With David Beckham, doing his crunches XD

Mr Bruce Lee in his famous bumble bee jumpsuit.
And me breaking concrete cement bricks in half.
Like real.

Winning my first award with Jacky Chan, by my side.

Love how they placed props like these for visitors
to strong for once. Wahahaha!!



I really enjoyed the experience at the wax museum! Although I did get a scare or two because the figurines looked so real! I mistook a real person as a figurine and gave myself a scare when he moved~ XD


After that, we just roamed around Siam area where there are lotsa roadside stores selling food and cheap clothes~ We just ate non-stop before we headed to this small mall *I can't remember the name again -_-* near the Chatuchak Weekend Market to do some shopping!

And this was what happened after that.........

FOL.. It was only our first day... -_-

After shopping and having our dinner, that concluded our first day as we needed to wake up early the next day to head to the weekend market early.

Here's a breakdown of where we visited and what we did:

Chatuchak Weekend Market
Mall near CTC weekend market
Platinum Mall
Central World - Naraya & Zen
Terminal 21

Seafood at TNK Chinatown
Roadside stores
Pig Trotters at MBK Food Court (plus 5 stars for this)
Bar-B-Q at MBK
Seafood Grill at roadside store beside Central World (Go for the first one beside the road~)
Urban Retreat - There are 2 outlets, the one at Asoke is more poshy looking I feel


And to end this post!! CAMHO PHOTOS OF ME AND BESTIE AND MYSELF AGAIN!! WAHAHHAHA!! Please don't get sick of my face ok.. Pretty please~ ^3^

Can't waste the effort we put in to do our makeup when we could have been using the time to shop right~~ I really love the cap~ Gonna have it stolen from my brother again very soon~ And if you still dunno why I'm so in love with caps~

Picture above was taken randomly on a bridge around Central World. The bestie said she liked the blue lights so we decided to make it our background~ XD

And a couple of me!!

Makeup I did on the first day was pretty simple actually, since I didn't want to bring too many makeup products overseas.

Kanebo Fr├ęshel White C BB Cream - doubled up as concealer for spots
Kate Under Eye Concealer
Kate Loose Powder
Etude House Lip & Cheek Tint
Diamond Beauty - No. 1 Princess Nose palette
Dolly Wink Eyebrow Pencil - No. 1 Honey Brown
Eye Make
Double Eyelid Tape - Nudy, Slim (Donki)
Eyeshadow - Integrate Brown Eyeshadow Palette
Eyeliner - Clio Pen Liner (Black)
Top Lashes - Dolly Wink No. 17 Diamond Dolly
Bottom Lashes - Dolly Wink No. 14 Natural Cute
Etude House Lip & Cheek Tint
Contact Lens
I.Fairy Lumos - Pink

I really love BKK and their people! They are all such happy people, it makes me happy too!
And thanks to Nutchii and a couple of the sweetest girls from Thailand who Instagram commented and Lined me to update me on what was going onand gave some tips and help!~ There was a fashion show which I had to give a miss because I was with my bestie. =( Next time maybe? =D

I'll see you soon in my next post alright?!
And in the mean time if you have any questions you want ask about my trip/ if you want any details, just leave a comment down below/ send me an email and I'll try my best to help you!

Bai Bai!!


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  1. omg, I love your look and your fullcap <3 !
    and JOHNNY!!!!!XDDDD <333333

    1. Hehehe~ Thanks~ *shy*
      I KNOW RIGHT?! He's so hot and mysterious~ I love him! <3

  2. glad u had fun..
    i wish i can visit Thailand soon :)

    1. Thanks! You should really~ I love the culture over there and I'm sure you will too!

  3. woahh seems like u had a really great time :)

    1. Yesuu~ I did and I'm sure this won't be the last time I'm heading there~

  4. it was interesting to read ^.^ and you look nice with this cap i would say! =D

    1. Thanks! You're so nice~ hehehe~ I guess I should start sporting this look here in SG~ XD

  5. kyaaa~ wish i could visit madame tussauds too!
    i've visited way back when i was small & i cant remember anything. luckily theres photos.

    nice props girl! :D

    from gina,

    1. Hi Gina! You should probably go back for a holiday soon! I went last year as well but before that the last time i went was when I was 12! Everything has changed!
      Yes and it was a great experience for me at Madame Tussauds! Wish I could go back to BKK to do shopping now XD Hhaha~

  6. I was googling bellabox and came across ur blog. Thanks for sharing. And just to make ur day - you are pretty! Ha! Have a great weekend.

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