Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My hand just died + Candy Crush Saga Cheat!

Not literally, but yea..my right hand is in intense crazy pain now for I don't know what reason.

Gonna have to go see the Tie Da doctor to solve it most likely, western doctors will most probably just give me muscle relaxants which doesn't really help.

Despite the pain, I still decided to at least blog a bit since I've not been updating this space a lot lately and I feel guilty XD

Hopefully updating on what's going on in my boring life will help fill the gap, kinda. HAHAHA!

Aside the painful hand, which is an ass really. I've had my hair dyed again! After much procrastination. =D  Which is why you always see photos of me only from middle forehead down recently. Cos I NO WANT TO SHOW BLACK ROOTS! =X

This was taken just 2 days before I had my hair dyed~

And if you follow me on Instagram (@golly_locks), you'd probably know by now what my hair color is..

Yep! Looks like black in photos but it's dark brown. Still not very used to it and I am really praying to God it would kinda fade off by this Sunday. 

Speaking of Sunday, I'm super nervous about it. I'm not gonna say what it is yet * Chinese superstition: divulging something good beforehand and it will not happen -_-*  but I'll definitely update if I receive any good news!


And my recent addiction? Candy Crush Saga. WAHAHAHHA! FML. I'm currently only at level 60 =( 

As much as it gets me sooooo frustrated when I can't pass the stage, it's really addictive! I see almost everyone playing it on the train, in my office etc! 

And and and! Since I'm at this topic, anyone of you playing it too?

If you do, you should know there is only a maximum of 5 lives you can "accumulate". Once you run out of them, you have to ask your friends or wait it out right?

Well, I've found a cheat recently and it helps regain your 5 lives back whenever you need it. This cheat however, only works on Android phones cos I only play it on my S2, so it only makes sense if I tried my best to find a cheat for Android phones XD. But I'm sure there are cheats out there too for Iphones/ Ipads!


One thing you need to note which is REALLY REALLY IMPORTANT!

Make sure you are logged onto your Facebook account when playing Candy Crush Saga! This cheat only works if you link your Facebook account to play the game. If you don't when you apply the cheat, you have to start from Level 1 again, doesn't sound good eh.

So here is a step by step guide for easier reference:

1. Double/ triple check if you are logged in to Facebook from the start to play CCS

2. Press "HOME" button. Go to "Settings"

3. Click "Applications"

4.Click "Manage Applications"

5. Find Candy Crush Saga app and click on it

6. Click on "Clear Data" then "OK"

7. Go back to Candy Crush Saga Game and log in to Facebook again and TADA! You have 5 lives again!

You should be back at the stage you last stopped at if you did the first step.

Hehehe~~ Hope this helps for CCS addicts like me!


And last update will be... I AM HEADING TO JAPAN IN 23 DAYS!!!!!

I really can't wait to go back!! Shopping shopping eating eating and enjoying!!
But most importantly, I'll be spending my 24th birthday there! On 3rd April! This is the first time I'm spending my birthday overseas~ thus the excitement!

I'll be heading there with le boyfriend but if any of you would like to meet up, please do let me know! I'll be more then happy! I'll be there from 28th March - 5 April~~ Hehehe~

And since I've not been there for 2 years now, any suggestions where I should shop, eat etc?

Do let me know by commenting below or emailing me at gollylocks@gmail.com or twit me also can la!

Love ya all!!!! 




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  1. Great Tips indeed!

    For not-android players i would suggest that you have a look here: http://www.crushingcandies.com/find-candy-crush-saga-friends/

    its a good solution to get extra lives!

    and as for level 60 i will paste a few walkthroushs for you:

    No need to memorize movements, just elaborate the tactics :)

    Hope these helped :)

    1. Hey there!! Thanks so much for the tips! I finally passed that stage and I'm stuck at level 65 now. T^T hahaha! But thanks again!!

  2. Dude I am super addicted to Candy Crush too! My coworkers told me that jailbroken phones can purchase things in app for free.. So I increased to 8 lives max! LOL also you can move your clock forward a couple hours on your phone and when you go into the app it gives you back full lives! Then just move your clock back and it will not take away the lives. I don't know about droids though but seriously this game is consuming my life...

    1. Nyagagag!! I know right?! Everyone around me is addicted to it too!
      And wow! 8 Lives?! Maybe I should use it on my Ipad too~ XD
      I read a few comments online that the forward the hours trick might not be the best though. At least for android~

  3. Helllo!

    Your so gorgeous! I'm a inspiring girl who love japanese fashion and everything!
    Nice to meet you, happen to tumble over your blog through the tsubasa gyaru competition! Can i know what products you use to take care of your hair? it look damn healthy and gorgeous!

    1. Hi Tiffany! Hehehe~ Thanks for the compliment! But I deeply believe it is all about making up and the passion about looking beautiful! So glad I found someone who has a strong interest in japanese fashion too!

      Hehe~ Did you go to the Tsubasa event? She's super cute right?!

      Ah~ My hair... is actually.. not. that . healthy =x Well, butit was worst last time when I bleached it. Now I usually use the shampoo and conditioner from Mucota which is awesome really. But it might be a tad expensive. If you're looking for a drugstore product, I love the Pantene Clinicare conditioner and mask! Shampoo is really important too~ So it's probably best if you go to your salon to let your stylist suggest! I might do a post on the different kinds of products to use for different types of scalp and hair, hopefully it will help! <3

    2. OH gosh, thanks so much! Yes I went to the event and Kelly chan is so kawaii, like practically -nosebleed- , while you give off those gorgeous sophisticated style!
      And tsubasa chan is just pure cuteness! Make me want to pinch her cheeks! >w<

      I was also finding for japanese lovers blog, and so glad that I found yours. It's like practically a really awesome guide to japanese fashion to makeup, and japan itself!

      I want to go Japan sometimes too. It look like paradise to me, hopefully i have the chance to go! Gambatte, and I will be a fan of your blog from now! (ノ・∀・)ノ