Monday, March 11, 2013

SCANDAL is here in Singapore!


Can you believe it?! Yes!!! Scandal is finally gonna be here on this sunny island Singapore this week!!

As an avid fan of theirs since their debut, I really can't wait to see them perform live!

Just in case you don't know who they are, you should have watched the animes Bleach or Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood? Well, yes! They were the ones who sang the OST for both! Shōjo S (Bleach) & Shunkan Sentimental (FMA: Brotherhood)

Also, they did the cover of Don't Say "Lazy" for the anime K-ON! with Nakagawa Shoko which is one of my favorite animes!

Here are the 3 songs!

Shōjo S (Bleach)

Shunkan Sentimental (FMA: Brotherhood)

Don't Say "Lazy" (K-ON!)

Just in case you don't watch animes and is now scratching your head still about this awesome girl group, here's a short bio of them~

SCANDAL was formed in August, 2006 with four high school girls who went to the same vocal & dance school in Osaka, Japan called Caless.

They started performing as SCANDAL with an aggressive sound coupled with pop characters. After the band was formed, they often performed on the street known as Shiroten in Osaka Castle Park. After a while, they began performing at a live house located in the Kansai area until they were noticed and signed to the indie label Kitty Records. In 2008, they released three singles and a mini-album while performing shows in the United States, France, and Hong Kong. That October, Scandal released their major debut single, "Doll", under Epic Records Japan.

You can read more on them at

There is also one common thing that you will notice in their outfits, they always have uniforms!! Super cute!!

Getting excited yet?! Quickly go get your tickets!!! Cos there's an early bird discount!
Original / tix purchased on that day itself is S$168 for VIP and S$118 for General Admission... 
But with the Early bird discount...

I'm probably gonna go for the VIP ones cos I get to stand in front!!! Plus!!
There will be a High Touch with the band after the concert + A2 Sized poster of them!!!

They will be performing for 2 days~ 16th & 17th March!

What are you waiting for?! 



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