Friday, April 19, 2013

100% Kyary Pamyu Pamyu World Tour 2013 in Singapore!!

Why hello there again! Today's post is to share with all of you out there that Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is finally coming to Singapore for her 100% KPP World Tour! YESUUUUUU!!!!!

Super excited to finally be able to see her~~ She's like a super huge fashion icon in Japan and all around the world! I love her cos of her quirky out of the world fashion sense and her songs that always ends up lingering in my head all day. Plus~~ she's uber cute!! KYAAA!!

I was super into her ever since I came across her MV for Tsukematsukeru~ And I ended up humming the tune almost every single day for a week XD

Big thank you to for organizing her concert in Singapore and extending the invite to me as a media to cover the concert that will be happening on 10th May at Scape Warehouse! Can't wait for that day to come~~

If you don't know who Kyary is, you're probably staying high up on the mountains or way down below in a well with no forms of transport to land right? HHAHA!! Just kidding on that, but you can go check out her music and random videos HERE ~~

And check out and "LIKE" her Fan Page on FB for her updates!

Back to her concert in Singapore, if you all have not purchased the tickets, here's how you can!

Here are some of the links that you can refer to if you have any enquiries or wanna check out more~ 

(Sozo Website for 100% KPP World Tour in Singapore)

(Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Official Web)

(Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Official Youtube)

Hope to see you all there too and let's have an awesome time together with KPP!!!



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  1. thats awesome :) njy !!
    Wish you could join my celebration :)

    1st Blog Anniversary giveaway (international) !!

    1. Yea! I know!! Can't wait for it!

      Sure!!! I'll join soon! ^^

  2. hooooohhhhemmgeeeeee~ you are soooo lucky~! i wanna go and watch too waaahhhhhh any ticket giveaway? imma fly there if i won =)) weeee~!

    1. hehehe~~ Where do you live?? I think she is travelling to many places around the world to have her concert!! You can go check her website out!

    2. hhaha i live in the philippines :) yeah imma check her website... hmmmm.... but i doubt she'll land here. ohwell hoping~ XD