Sunday, April 28, 2013

[Food Spam] Todai Buffet at MBS!


So guess what~ both my posts for Friday and Saturday that I posted through my phone's blogger app didn't get updated on my blog. -_-

But I'll have the formatting done nicely again and re-uploaded so please do go read k~~

Anyway, today's post is about my experience at Todai @ MBS!

Le BF decided to have our 1st anniversary dinner there cos he heard the Alaskan King crab legs were good~ 

So we both went with a very very high expectation.

The buffet costs about SG$80 / pax? I think it is around that price.

It is an international buffet, but if you ask me how I find the food there? Well, the only thing I liked was the Alaskan King Crab legs. It is awesomely sweet and juicy!! And the meat is sooooo good~
I mean.. look at how huge the meat came out to be!

The staff will refill the crabs, but not very frequent so you gotta act fast!
And they have other kinds of crabs as well put together, choose the ones with the biggest "spikes" ~ Those are the Alaskan crab legs~ Crazy nice la!

The steamed crabs were mehhhh.. Not juicy and sweet anymore.

They also had, tempura, sushi, pasta, pizzas, Laksa etc.. but I didn't really take any pictures of them cos my hands were busy peeling crabs!! XD

I took some dessert photos though~ hehe
Girls' favourite!

Not fantastic, but looks good~ =D

From left clockwise: Strawberry Macaroon, Cheesecake, Custard Puff, Apple Crumble, Passion fruit *sth* haha! , Chocolate rasberry cake and.... softie ice cream!!!! I used the Fondue fountain thingy to dribble melted chocolate on my softie~ So gooddddd~~~

If you're a crab lover, I'd definitely think Todai is for you~ But I guess this would be the first and last time for me.. SGD$80 person is too expensive for someone like me who can't eat much~ >.<

Last photo with Le BF! Happy anniversary bby!! LOVE YA!!

See you lovelies!!!



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